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Skin Care and Dermatology: The Esthetic Clinics

The Esthetic Clinics ™ are a group of world-class centers, dedicated to plastic surgery & skin care of the entire body. We practice evidence-based medicine & perform cosmetic surgery for beauty, plastic surgery for birth abnormalities, plastic surgery for fractures, trauma & cancer induced facial deformities, provide laser surgery & many cosmetic solutions for skin cosmesis, as well as provide therapy for many skin diseases.

We understand that the decision to visit any doctor & to undergo treatment is an important one. The Esthetic Clinic ™ is currently located at the Nova Surgical Centers, Mumbai, India and other reputed hospitals in Mumbai, India, which are JCI accredited top-class facilities & combine the best plastic surgeon & the best skin care doctor (dermatologist) as well as the most advanced laser equipments anywhere in Asia, to provide the best possible care to you. Our physicians are involved in cutting-edge researches well & strive to give you a personal, caring, safe & positive experience.

Hospital Attachments of Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Debraj Shome & Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Rinky Kapoor

Top facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Shome is currently a Consultant at the best Mumbai hospitals like Saifee Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Holy Family Hospital & Nova Specialty Hospital in Mumbai, India. He was the co-founder of the Esthetic Clinic at Apollo health City, Hyderabad. Best Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Rinky Kapoor is currently a consultant at one of India's top hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai. She was the co-founder of the Esthetic Clinic at Apollo health City, Hyderabad.


No. 15/17, Maharshi Karve Road, Opp. Charni Road Railway Station, Mumbai – 400004, Maharashtra, India



60 A, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai – 400026, Maharashtra, India



S. L. Raheja Hospital, Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (West), Mumbai – 400016, Maharashtra, India



T. S. No. 653/7. Plot No. 2B/W, Off Sion-Trombay Road, Deonar, Chembur, Mumbai – 400088, Maharashtra, India



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The Esthetic Clinic,Aesthetic Solutions,1st floor, Kohli Villa,Next to Shopper’s Stop,S V Road,Andheri West,Mumbai 400058.


Shraddha Bldg No. 3, Thakur Complex, Kandivali (E), Mumbai – 400101, Maharashtra, India


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