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Latest advancements in treatment of in facial bone fractures

Accidents that involve the face can be an absolute nightmare for anyone. There are 29 bones in the head out of which 14 of them build the face. These are bones with various moving functionalities making it the most complex bone structure in the body. Any damage to the facial bones may impair many functionalities and cause tyranny. Fortunately, minimally invasive endoscopic surgery coupled with technological advancements in optics and associated instrumentation has made it easy for the maxillofacial surgeons in Mumbai to mend the bones with least discomfort and healing duration. Some of the advancements to treat facial bones are explained below.

Reconstructive surgery advancements – It is a surgery practice suggested by most expert maxillofacial surgeons in Mumbai. Reconstruction, as the name suggests, involves treating by shifting the tissue from healthy parts of the body to the affected areas.  Some reconstructive surgeries are secondary construction of facial fractures, traumatic enophthalmos with or without osteotomy, Frontal sinus revision etc

Bone tissue engineering – This involves creating bio artificial tissues and organs by combining attributes of biochemical and biomaterial engineering with cell transplantation. These are advanced surgical methods that can be performed by highly experienced surgeons.

Computer assisted facial bone surgeries – Computers and automation play a significant role in treating facial bone fractures. Computers and enhanced software technology help in segmentation procedures, planning and simulation, Intra-operative imaging, postoperative evaluation of the individual etc.

Robotic surgery – Robotic surgeries involves using surgical robots that are built exclusively for these surgeries. These surgery robots are pre programmed to deal with the fractured bones and are also programmed to revise the surgery execution in respect with individual’s facial profile.  As facial bone treatments are complex, deploying robots for surgeries can ensure precision and high quality of treatment.

These are some of the latest advancements in the treating the facial bone fractures. Mumbai is one of the advanced cities in India and is in line with medical advancement of treating facial bone fractures with the western countries. Lot of research is being conducted in India to provide these advanced treatments at affordable costs. Though there are many breakthroughs in this field, plastic reconstructive surgery is still the most preferred treatment by the expert maxillofacial surgeons in India.


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