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5 reasons to go for treatment for dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes are a cause of agony for many. They give an overall dull appearance to a person’s face and can also make a person look weak. There are two types of dark circles; blue and brown/black. The blue under-eye circles have a bluish appearance due to the visibility of veins through the skin.  Dark circles can be caused due to hereditary reasons, anemia, improper diet, inadequate sleep, professions which require use of computer screens for long hours etc. fluctuations in weight and hormonal imbalance may also cause under eye circles.

Under eye dark circles may or may not be associated with puffiness or bags under the eyes. The puffiness under the eyes may be due to hypertension, water retention, excessive salt intake, thyroid disorders etc.

There are many treatment options available to treat the condition. But the type of treatment which is suitable for a patient depends on the underlying cause of the condition.

Under eye dark circles are often due to the tear trough deformity and the depth of sunken eyes. Using filler injection treatments like Juvederm injections to treat these depressions, can lead to the under eye tear troughs being treated appropriately.

Laser resurfacing treatments may be recommended in the case of extreme pigmentation. They are considered to be extremely effective and in cases where the pigmentation is extreme, a pulsed light laser treatment is recommended. For blue eye circles, laser vein therapy may be recommended.

But why laser treatments are now a more sought after option for the treatment of under eye circles? Here are five reasons why one should think about getting laser treatment for dark circles:-

  • The laser technology is a skin rejuvenation technology, which means that not only is the condition treated but the quality of the skin becomes better.
  • The laser treatment triggers the production of collagen hence improving the elasticity of the underlying skin.
  • The recovery time is shorter.
  • The results are seen sooner.
  • The difference can generally be seen within one session only.

The laser treatment for dark circles is a new age treatment which can enhance one’s appearance and therefore increase a person’s confidence. For those who want to achieve quick and precise results, laser treatment is an ideal option.

It is also possible to use skin creams to rejuvenate the skin below the eyes and treat the under eye dark circles. A combination of fillers, skin creams and laser rejuvenation treatments can completely treat the dark circles and rejuvenate and make your eyes beautiful.


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