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Butt Implants & Buttock Augmentation - Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Butt Implants & Buttock Augmentation - Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Buttock augmentation is also popularly known as Brazilian butt lift. A well rounded and shapely buttock area is a symbol of attractiveness. However not everybody is blessed with the will shaped bottom because of genetics or other reasons such as lifestyle choices. Some people try hard at exercise but it does not work. A flat bottom or a square one can prevent you from wearing tight clothing with confidence. A Brazilian butt lift is an answer to the problem.

Buttock augmentation is a process that can help you reshape and enhance the gluteal area. A buttock augmentation surgery in Mumbai India will give you an uplifted and shapelier buttock profile. One big enemy of the firm backside is the natural ageing process. A Brazilian butt lift surgery can help you turn back the clock and give a more youthful shape to the backside. Buttock augmentation is a very popular procedure in Mumbai because the shape of the buttock is often associated with femininity. Buttock augmentation uses the natural fatty tissue to reshape the buttocks of if there is not enough of the tissue present buttock implants are used.

Buttock implants are soft silicone implants that are inserted in the buttocks. They add volume and create the shape befitting to the body. Brazilian butt lift surgery is the most preferred method because it is a less invasive procedure and gives the buttocks a more natural look. Also the Brazilian butt lift surgery can slim down some areas when collecting the fat for the buttocks.

- Buttock augmentation procedure in Mumbai India

These procedures are performed under general anaesthesia and can take up to two to five hours to complete.

Brazilian Butt lift: The first step to the butt lift is liposuction that is done to collect fat for the buttock reshaping. This fat can be taken from abdomen, flanks, thighs and even lower back. Once the fat is collected it is processed for fat transfer and then injected in the areas of buttocks using cannulas and syringes. Small incisions are made for injecting the fat but they are not very noticeable. The grafting is done in layers so that the transition is smooth and the shape is attained in a natural way.

- Buttock implant method

If the patient does not have enough stores of fat in the body to use in the autologous fat transfer method then implants become necessary for contouring the buttock. Or if the buttock is too flat then also shaping it become difficult. In this method two incisions are made at the crease of the buttock and the surgeon creates some space under the skin and muscle to place the implants. Care is taken to place the implants under the tissue so that the outline is not visible on the top. A surgeon might use some small amount of fat harvested from other parts of the body to shape the edges of the implants to give them a natural look. This process is not suitable for people with sagging buttocks who have recently lost a lot of weight.

- Are you a good candidate for butt lift in Mumbai?

  • A good candidate for buttock augmentation is someone who is healthy and emotionally stable.
  • If your buttocks are too small for your body frame and you want a balanced look
  • If the weight loss and ageing has left your buttock loose sagging or flat
  • You just desire for more curves
  • You are a non-smoker. If you smoke then you will have to quit at least two weeks before the surgery.

During your first initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon for the butt lift surgery he will evaluate you as a candidate and discuss with you about what buttock augmentation can do for you. Discuss your expectations with the surgeon clearly. Your surgeon will also consider the current shape and size of your buttock, the quality of the skin, and whether Brazilian butt lift or butt implant will work for you. If you had any previous surgeries or have any chronic medical conditions then the first appointment is the time to tell your doctor about it. The surgeon will also talk about your weight and you might need to stabilize your weight before you go in for surgery.

- Based on the examinations and your physical characteristics and the surgeon's training and experience the surgeon will brief you on:

  • The kind of approach he will use for surgery and the combination of the procedures.

  • The outcome that you can anticipate

  • The cost of the augmentation process

  • Risks and complications associated with the process

  • Show you before and after photos and answer all your questions

- Post-surgery recovery

After the surgery the buttocks will feels bruised, swollen and uncomfortable but not much of a pain should be there. Some feeling of numbness is normal.

In case of Brazilian butt lift surgery you should take a minimum of the two weeks after the surgery, limit your activities after the Brazilian butt lift and just rest. Staying quite for the first week will actually help speed up the healing.

After the implants you should avoid putting any pressure on the buttocks and that means no sitting. You can do some normal activities but absolutely no sitting on the implant area.

You can see results of the Brazilian butt lift and the buttock implant are immediately visible. Buttock contouring can make a different in your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself and improve the quality of life.

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