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Calf Implants

Calf Implants

The calf is the area which gives the legs the most definition. When the calves look defined, proportionate and muscular, the legs get a nice shape. Calf implants are a part of the process of calf augmentation in Mumbai India. These implants are used to reshape the lower leg, which in turn increases the definition of the muscle and adds some volume to the calves. Calf implants can be done on both men and women. Calf implants are done for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. The lower portion of the leg is enhanced with this method.

Calf implants in Mumbai India can help in many ways. People with a shrunken lower leg (because of injury or disease or birth defect) can have a normal appearance. However the actual leg function does not change with the implants. but the restoration of the normal appearance gives the patient some amount of confidence. Some people have naturally underdeveloped calf and it does not get any shape despite exercise and diet. The in these cases calf augmentation is done for cosmetic purposes.

Calf implants can be placed below the muscle and or above the muscle. For example women generally need only the inner leg filled out and in such cases the submuscular placement is the way to go whereas in case of body builders both inner and outer lower leg is filled out using the subfasical implants.

Calf implants in Mumbai India are made of many types and sizes but the most common ones are those made of solid silicone and silicone gel implants. Solid silicone implants sometimes leave an edge that you can feel if they are too close to the surface and hence they are generally preferred in submuscular implants in Mumbai India. However the newer implants are soft and pliable and give the appearance of very close to be of actual muscle. They can be customized in various shapes so that they can even fit the asymmetrical muscles.

Calf augmentation is sought by athletes who desire legs with muscular contours and are not able to achieve it with exercise. Patients who have lost calf tissues also make good candidates for calf augmentation and reconstruction. The ideal candidate for calf implant in Mumbai India is the healthy adult who does not have any complicated conditions and has realistic expectations with the outcome of the procedure. Ideal weight and muscular patients are also great candidates for implants in the calf.

The first step of getting a calf implant in Mumbai India is to fix up an appointment with the best and qualified plastic surgeons of The Esthetic Clinics for the process. The plastic surgeon at the time of the initial consultation will go over your health and discuss the surgery steps with you. You will also be measured to determine the size of the implants. Once the surgeon is satisfied you will be given a set of pre surgery instructions that you need to follow. If you are a regular smoker then you need to give up smoking for the surgery before and after period. Also you will need to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Make sure that you take a day off leave from work on the day of the surgery and have somebody drive you home and stay with you.

The entire surgery takes about two to two and a half hour to complete. Calf implants are performed under general anaesthesia. On the day of the surgery you will be prepped for the surgery by the clinic staff. The anaesthesiologist will then administer the local anaesthetic and the surgeon will mark the area where the implant has to be inserted. The incision is then made behind the knee because this is a place where the scars are very difficult to see. Pockets are created between the muscles and the front part of the skin to insert the implants. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the size and shape of the implants the skin will be smoothed over the implant and the incision will be closed.

After the successful surgery you will need to go through a recovery period to make sure that your leg heals properly. Rigours activity should be restricted for about ten days. There will be some amount of tenderness and swelling but that is normal. Any routines such as exercise that involves use of leg muscles should be avoided for about to forty days. Let your calves heal properly. You can get a prescription for any pain that you feel. Keep the legs elevated for two days to minimize the swelling. You might walk stiffly for a few days after the calf implant surgery in Mumbai India but the normal gait will return in a week. Have patience and let your calves heal properly to enjoy the best results for a long time afterwards.

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