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Thigh Lift Surgery – Thigh Reduction

Thigh Lift Surgery - Thigh Reduction

The upper legs especially the thighs are a problem area for both men and women. As we age it become very difficult to get rid of the fat on thighs, as the fat becomes resistant to diet and exercise, even if you exercise too much. The problem with the fat on thighs is that it make you look fatter, older and weaker at the same time. The reason behind is the stubborn fat cells and cellulite and the excess skin that stretches to accumulate these. Even if you lose the weight, the excess skin remains there and it can make you very self-conscious about your appearance.

If you too have been having difficulty in keeping your thigh toned, even after losing a lot of weight and following a healthy lifestyle, then a thigh lift surgery can be the ideal solution for you. Thigh lift surgery or thigh reduction is a sure shot way to achieve the firmer and attractive upper legs that you always dreamed about. Thigh lift surgery or thighplasty is especially helpful for those who struggle with the loose and extra skin on the thighs.

There are many techniques that are available with surgeons in Mumbai India to make sure that the thigh reduction gives you the desired result. The thigh lift surgery needs to be customized so that precise needs of each patient can be addressed. Since each patient is different your surgeon in Mumbai India will work with you to create an exclusive and personalized surgical plan that will fit in your expectations for the beautiful legs.

- Are you a candidate for Thigh lift surgery in Mumbai India?

Unwanted skin and soft tissue along your thighs: The plastic surgeon will be able to remove the thin layers of stubborn fat from the thighs.

If you are able to maintain a stable weight then you are a candidate for thigh lift surgery. However if you are still trying to lose weight and read your ideal weight then it is a good idea to weight for a while for thigh lift surgery. Because loosing further weight can further cause the skin to droop. Also if you gain weight after the thigh lift surgery then it can affect the results of the surgery. You can work with your surgeon in India to work out the ideal weight.

You need to be in good health for the thigh reduction procedure. Any kind of chronic conditions such as diabetes can hamper the recovery process and can even make it dangerous for administrating anaesthesia.

Non-smokers and non-drinkers are good candidates for thigh lift surgery. Even if you do smoke you can still be a candidate for thighplasty if you stop smoking for a prescribed amount of time before the surgery. Keep in mind that you will off smoking for some time even after the surgery.

Plastic surgery is a psychological and physically taxing process and you have to make sure that you are ready for the same and keep your expectations realistic. The surgeon will give you the information about the results of the process.

You an idea candidate for thigh lift surgery if you can maintain and commit yourself fully to regular diet and exercise after the surgery to maintain the good looking thighs.

- Thigh lift surgery in India Procedure

The first step will be for the surgeon to evaluate you for the procedure. This will be done by examining your body, reviewing your medical records and discussing your goals in the initial meeting.

The surgeon will then talk about the areas of thighs which need work and can be corrected with surgical attention. There are many types of thigh lift surgery for example if you have fat on your inner thigh then an inner thigh lift will be done and if there is a lot of excess tissue on the other thigh that appear as saddlebags then an outer lift will be ideal for you.

Once both the surgeon and you are satisfied with the meeting of examination and expectations. The surgery date is set. On the day the procedure you will be given general anaesthesia and thigh lift surgery takes about two to four hours. First the surgeon will make an incision in the groin crease because this is a place where scars are not noticeable much. If the fat is at the back of the thigs then the incision is continued to the crease under the buttocks. The surgeon then removes the excess fat and skin using various methods such as liposuction. The tissues are then tightened and the skin is pulled toward the incision. The excess skin is trimmed near the groin area where the incision is made. The result is a smooth, tight skin that appears to be perfectly contoured.

The recovery from the thigh lift surgery and thigh reduction process will be about six months. You will be required to wear bandages for a few days till the sutures are removed. With proper care and following the surgeon’s instructions you will able to recover beautifully and enjoy the results for a long time and receive compliments for your toned thighs.

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