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Orthognathic Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a type of corrective surgery which helps to change the facial shape. Since the concept of beauty has changed throughout the centuries, folks are readily accepting the idea of surgical and non-surgical augmentation of current features to look more beautiful. Facial symmetry is one the most essential parameters for defining facial beauty. While particular face structures are inherently considered more desirable, other people aren’t. A typical shape of the face is classified into 7 different categories, which are:

  • Heart shaped face: Face is widest at the temples and narrows down towards the chin; also called inverted triangle
  • Round shaped face:  Width & length of the face is equivalent with temples, cheekbones and jawline being same in measurement; smooth and rounded features
  • Square shaped face: Length and width of the facial skin is equivalent with temples, cheekbones and jawline being same in measurement; sharp and features which can be angular
  • Oblong face: The face width is 3 times the length of the face
  • Triangle shaped face: Narrow temple and eye-line, wider cheeks and jaw. The width is associated with the face across cheeks.
  • Diamond shaped face: The face is widest along cheekbones with slim jawline and temples
  • Oval shaped face: duration of the facial skin is one and a half times


In women, oval face shape is considered to be most gorgeous, while square shaped face is known as a mark of handsomeness in males. But since every person can’t have the same genetic makeup so as to have these proportions, people resort to orthognathic jaw surgery to improve their jaw structure and cosmetically improve the aesthetic appeal of their face.

Conventionally, orthognathic surgery discovered application in modification of jaw and face structure; effortlessly treating conditions like sleep apnea, TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint)disorders, malocclusion issues and other orthodontic issues. Nonetheless, in the previous years, cosmetic applications of orthognathic procedures were broadly looked into. Along with attaining better stability of face form, aesthetic issues such as toothy smiles, gummy smiles, lacking chin, underbite, overbite and crossbite may be corrected with orthognathic procedures.

Surgery can be carried out only in the lower or the upper jaw or both the jaws, depending upon the sort of correction needed. Most sought-after cosmetic jaw procedures are as follows:  

  • Genioplasty: Popularly known as chin surgery or chin repositioning, genioplasty is an operation that enables correction of medical problems like receding chin, exorbitant chin and misalignment of chin. In case of receding or weak chin, chin implants can be used for enhancing the way the chin looks so that the face becomes more balanced. The bone supporting the chin is repositioned in case there is exorbitant or misaligned chin. The incision for insertion of implants or repositioning is created either under the lip or under the chin. Genioplasty procedures are at time clubbed with rhinoplasty procedures, laser skin resurfacing and neck reduction procedures to obtain most desired results.
  • Le Fort Type 1: This is the most commonly carried out surgical procedure for correcting upper jaw alignment and structure. The upper jaw or the maxilla is taken from its original place and reinserted in its modified position with the help of titanium screws and dishes. Le fort type 1 osteotomy procedures can move the maxilla downward, upward, forward or even backward at times.
  • Le Fort Type 3: This cosmetic procedure is aesthetic modification and repositioning of midface, like the upper jaw, nose and cheeks. Cosmetic cuts are made inside the lips, below the lower eyelids and ear to incision of nose. The scalp can be raised forward to get past the nasal bone with separation of sensory nerves to the bony canals & the forehead.  This is a major surgical procedure which may involve bone grafting, suction drains & blood transfusions.
  • Mandibular Sagittal Split Osteotomy: As the title suggests, this orthognathic procedure built to correct and reposition the mandible or lower jaw. Underbite or overbite is effectively corrected through the Sagittal Split Osteotomy. The low jaw is cut and sculpted ahead or backward and post surgery, the jaw is closed for 4-5 days so as to ensure complete healing.
  • Bimaxillary osteotomy: this is certainly a complex procedure that is orthognathic needs bone grafting, blood transfusion and overnight monitoring by doctors. Bone graft product can be harvested from chin or lower jaw to make sure that the maxilla bone heals and union that is appropriate bone tissue cuts happens. This procedure is well known to provide extremely outstanding results and create a more improved aesthetics which are facial.


A significant change in the facial structure and overall appearance could be seen once a person has recovered from orthognathic jaw surgery. Since many of the procedures are complicated and require special medical attention, it is advisable to look for medical consultation from trained orthognathic surgeons and osteotomy professionals. A fully planned orthognathic procedure will help you achieve the best possible facial shape that will make you look your best.


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