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An overview of warts and moles removal treatment in India

  1. Warts are horrendous skin growth developed by an impact of human papilloma virus (HPV). Actually HPV stimulates the unsightly and rapid outgrowth on the skin which can commonly appears on hands, fingers, and feet and also rarely develops on other body parts.

Moles can be said as the common type of skin growth that appeals to be brown or black pigmented, flesh-coloured. Sometimes it seems to be elevated or flat and it may either develop alone or in groups. Moles are termed as nevus which does not cause any pain unless it is rubbed or being hit by something. Here is what you need to know about treatment for moles and warts in India.

  1. Causes of warts and moles – Warts are the viral infection caused by human papilloma virus or from HPV family which is formed in the top layer of skin. Usually through a tiny scratch the virus enters the outer layer of the skin and it overruns the skin layer thus creating the warts.

Actually moles are caused when cells in the skin that grows in a clustered form instead of equally spreading throughout the skin layer. Melanocytes are the cells that produce the excessive pigment when accumulated. Moles can be either light coloured or it may gradually become darker when excessively exposed to sun.

  1. Wart and mole removal treatment – In present day cryotherapy has been proven to be effective and reliable for wart removal treatment. Mainstay of the cryotherapy treatment is to destroy the wart and the human papilloma virus (HPV).Initially the doctor will clean the wart and the surrounding skin area. Next the cryogen a freezing agent such as liquid nitrogen will be applied and in another few minutes the wart turns white which actually indicates that the cells are dying. Then blisters are formed and it is protected by bandage. Cryotherapy treatment may takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes and the blister turns to be flatten after a couple of days thus it is replaced by the new skin cells. Frequent sessions may fetch the best end result.

Moles are removed by simple and effective skin mole removal treatment which utilizes the scalpel or surgical blade to snip off the mole and the surrounding skin. On removal of the moles the wounds are closed by small stitches. In case if cancer is been suspected, the removed mole is sent to the histopathology lab for diagnosis. Only by the highly-renowned and board certified dermatologist the best warts and moles removal can be performed in order to deliver the aesthetical end result

  1. Laser treatment for wart removal – Carbon dioxide laser treatment for warts removal is performed by sending out an intense beam to vaporize the affected tissue. The laser beams are used as scalpel in order to remove the skin in circular pattern around the wart and also to vaporize the base of the warts. It is really reliable and guaranteed laser surgery used to destroy the abnormal growth of warts.

Some may really strive hard to get rid of the warts and moles through too many homely treatments but none could have fetched the desired result. With minimum homework one can find well-trained dermatologists to suggest super-specialized treatments for swift removal of warts and moles.


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