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Hair Loss Treatment

  • Are you experiencing hair loss?
  • Do you have hair loss to the extent that you look bald?
  • Have you lost your self-confidence with the loss of your hair?
  • Do you want to re-grow and rejuvenate your hair?
  • Do you want to live your life with the same enthusiasm that you possessed when you had a scalp full of hair?

Then getting hair loss treatment should be your preferred choice.

Hair growth treatment process

The hair growth activity is initiated at the base of the follicle (i.e. the root of hair). Just beneath the root is the papilla and it contains the blood capillaries supplying blood containing nutrients to the growing hair. The three phases of hair growth are called anagen (the growth phase), catagen (the transition phase) and telogen (the dormant phase). The cells are continuously manufactured from the follicle base and as the new cells are being produced, the older ones are driven towards the surface. The cells grow, eventually die and are converted to keratin which compacts to generate hair. About 50-100 hairs are lost from human scalp (in another phase called exogen where the old hairs are lost from the scalp). On a healthy scalp, 10% of the hairs stay in the resting phase, while 90% are in the growth phase. Another phase that is prolonged in the patients experiencing pattern hair loss is kenogen (also called lag phase). Normal scalp hair has a growth rate of 0.3-0.4 mm per day. The hair growth pattern can be altered by various factors such as genetics, hormones, medications and any disease.

Hair loss treatment procedure

Before hair loss treatment, analysis of the type of hair loss and its cause is performed through the use of ultramodern imaging technology. If needed, the dermatologist and trichologistmay perform a skin biopsy for analysis. Then the type of hair loss treatment is decided for the patient and the decision is dependent on multiple factors such as the diet pattern of the individual, the cause of hair loss, diet pattern of the individual and any previous treatments applied. Oral tablets of vitamin supplements may be recommended or some other treatment (like laser treatment or hair regrowth treatment) may be preferred.

Hair mesotherapy is based on the administration of a series of injections containing growth factors to the scalp so that the medicine is delivered to the hair roots. The injections are very small and painless and are recommended in case of severe hair loss and for faster recovery. QR678 treatment (mesotherapy with the QR 678 hair growth factors) involves delivering the growth factors in 1mL injections on 8-10 sessions with 4-6 week intervals. Treatment for one session takes about 5 minutes.

Best Hair Loss TreatmentBest Hair Loss Treatment (Hair Fall / Growth Treatment) in Mumbai, India- Dr. Debraj Shome

Another facility for hair growth treatmentis hair transplant. Before the hair transplant procedure, some pre-operative assessment and planning is done for the treatment. For hair transplant, hair follicles need to be harvested and the two main methods used include strip excision harvesting (also called Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT) and follicular unit extraction (also called FUE). In the strip excision method, a strip of hair (with the hair follicular tissue) is harvested from the back of the head using a blade. The sites for receiving the grafts in the frontal and the vertex areas of the scalp are punctured and the hairs are grafted. In the follicular unit extraction method, follicular units (harboring 1-4 hairs) are removed from the scalp using tiny punches (0.6-1.0 mm in diameter). Punches are made in the sites for receiving grafts and the grafts are finally performed. This method of FUE excludes the need of excision of strips and thus does not leave scars (scar free technique of hair restoration surgery). However, this method costs more and requires more surgical time than the FUT.

Recovery after treatment

Getting a hair growth treatment through mesotherapy, hair growth may take up to 4 sessions to occur. Hair therapy through hair transplant may require up to 2 weeks for recovery. Some precautions may need to be taken during the recovery period.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

What is the number of hairs on a human scalp?

The hairs on normal human scalp may vary from 100,000 to 150,000 hairs.

What are the main factors contributing to hair loss?

A number of factors cause loss of hair in males and females, leading to male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Excessive or improper use of chemicals, hereditary factors, infectious diseases, hormonal imbalance, stress, thyroid problems and skin disorders are some of these factors.

What are different types of hair loss?

Different kinds of hair loss include Involutional alopecia, Telogen effluvium, Androgenic alopecia(also called male pattern baldness), female pattern baldness, Alopecia areata and Traction alopecia. 

What are the risks associated with hair treatment?

The side-effects of mesotherapy, using QR678, are minimal, if at all. The QR 678 hair growth factor injections are completely safe and a natural method of growing your hair back. The QR 678 hair groth factors are the result of the latest hair research and are more advanced than PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and stem cells for hair growth.With hair transplantation, the risks include bleeding, infection, scarring and loss of transplanted hair. Hair transplants and hair restoration surgeries are also very expensive.

Best Hair growth TreatmentBest Hair growth Treatment (Hair Fall / Growth Treatment) in Mumbai, India- Dr. Debraj Shome