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Choroidal Melanoma

  • Are you experiencing distortion or loss in your vision?
  • Do you see flashes of light or a sudden burst of floaters in your vision?
  • Do floating objects appear in front of your eye?
  • Do you sometimes havesevere pain while moving your eyes?
  • Do you want this condition to be diagnosed and cured?

The symptoms may correspond toan eye cancer calledchoroidal melanoma and can be diagnosed and cured by The Esthetic Clinic.

Choroidal melanoma eye cancer

Choroidal melanomaeye cancer is a tumor that occurs in a part of the eye called the choroid. Choroid exists between the sclera (white portion of the eye, which you can see) and the retina. Sclera is the white part of the eye while the retina exists at the back of the eye and acts as a light-sensitive structure and sends visual signals to the brain. Choroid is a pigmented sponge-like membrane of the eyeball and is rich in blood vessels, thereby provides nutrients to the retina. Some of the risk factors contributing to the development of this disease are family history, sunlight exposure, light colored irides and genetic diseases like Xerodermapigmentosum.

Choroidal Melanoma eye cancer Treatment

The choice of treatment is dependent on the size of the tumor. While the tumor is still in a small size, it is just simply monitored. Treatment of choroidal melanoma canceris preferred, if the tumor has been grown to an intermediate or large size. Therapy is performed by surgical treatment (enucleation) or radiation therapy.

The most widely used form of radiation therapy is ophthalmic plaque radiation therapy (brachytherapy). This treatment is based on delivering a radiation dose (also called radiation implant) in high concentration into the cancer area. The amount of dose is also determined by the size of tumor. Under the action of a local anesthetic, the plaque (in the form of tiny plates) is placed at the site of the tumor (after incision in the conjunctiva, on the outside of the eye) and is left there for some days (depending on size of the tumor), while the radiation kills cancer cells. The radiation does not penetrate more than 6-7mm from the source, so does not damage other parts of the eye. Some examples of radioactive sources used in this therapy are: Iodine-125, Cobalt-60 and palladium-103.

Choroidal melanoma surgery by enucleation of the eye entails surgical removal of the eye leaving other parts (e.g. Eye muscles) in their respective positions.Enucleation is preferred when the tumor is too large to be treated by radiation therapy and it causes permanent loss of vision from the removed eye. The removal of the eye can be later compensated by the implantation of a prosthetic eye, post the insertion of an orbital implant (constructed from silicone or acrylic or porous polyethyleneor hydroxyapatite) into the eye socket to give a similar cosmetic look. This makes the artificial eye look and move like the normal eye, however obviously vision will not be restored.

Recovery after treatment

Recovery, after the treatment, may take from several days to months, depending on the treatment applied. Some precautions may be recommended after therapy such as avoiding washing eyes with very hot water, preventing friction, and using any ointment for preventing inflammation.

FAQs (Frequently ask question):

How choroid melanoma is diagnosed?

Diagnosis of choroidal melanoma eye cancer is performed by a dilated eye exam. This involves examination of the back of the eye, by an ophthalmologist or an ocular oncology expert, after pupil dilation. For confirmation of diagnosis, some specialized tests can be conducted. The tests include ultrasound (detection of tumor using high frequency sound waves) and fluorescein angiography (using fluorescent dye and taking photographs through the pupil). Magnet Resonance Imaging can be performed for further evaluation of the characteristics of this eye cancer& determine whether it has spread.

What are the symptoms of choroidal melanoma?

No symptoms can be observed in early stages of this cancer, yet the symptoms become noticeable after the tumor has grown for some time. Common symptoms of choroidal melanoma include blurry vision, critical eye pain, visible spots in front of the eye and flashing lights. These symptoms, however, can occur due to some other conditions.

Can choroidal melanoma cause loss of vision?

Yes, if choroidal melanoma cancer enlarges over time and detach the retina it can lead to blindness.

Can choroidal melanoma metastasize?

Choroidal melanoma eye cancer has a high metastatic potential most commonly affecting the liver. Other body parts where this cancer can spread include bones, lungs, skin and nervous system (central).

What are the side effects of using radiation therapy for choroidal melanoma treatment?

Radiation therapy, although targeted to the tumor cells, can affect normal cells, the effect of which can occur after the radiation treatment. Effects of radiation therapy include loss of eyelashes, fatigue, soreness in the eye and cataracts.

What is the cost of Choroidal Melanoma Treatment?

More and more cases of rare cancers of the eye are being diagnosed of late. Early diagnosis can be a huge blessing, encouraging early treatment, preventing cancer spread as well as vision loss. Choroidal melanoma treatment is on such form of cancer treatment which can be carried out by an oculoplastic surgeon.

Finding out that you or a loved one has cancer is a life-changing circumstance. One of the most important questions you must be facing is the cost of the choroidal melanoma treatment. Procedure cost depends upon what mode of treatment is used: radiation or surgery, and the extent of reconstruction necessary after the surgery.

The Esthetic Clinic is a highly specialised medical centre that is equipped to perform a wide variety of cosmetic, skin care and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Debraj Shome is a highly skilled oculoplastic surgeon who has a wide experience with carrying out several orbital and eye surgeries.

The Esthetic Clinics were established to cure abnormalities related to the face & eye cancers. Whether caused by birth, induced by cancer or due to fractures, The Esthetic Clinic has the solution for several medical conditions through the availability of qualified, trained staff and latest technology. Dr. Debraj Shome can perform medical examination of your eye in the case of choroidal melanoma and conduct the appropriate diagnosis and perform choroidal melanoma eye removal surgery for choroidal melanoma cancer.

The Esthetics Clinics were established to cure abnormalities related to the face & eye cancers. Whether caused by birth, induced by cancer or due to fractures, The Esthetic Clinic have the solutions for all problems through the availability of qualified, trained staff and latest technology. Dr. Debraj Shome is a top Oculoplastic surgeon & ocular oncology expert & can perform medical examination of your eye in the case of choroidal melanoma and conduct the appropriate diagnosis and perform choroidal melanoma eye removal surgery for choroidal melanoma cancer.


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