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Intimate Area Lightening Treatment

Best Intimate Area Lightening Treatment in Mumbai, India

Women talk freely about cellulite, firmness of breasts, and no to taut and flat tummy as they would like and more often than not consult a cometic surgeon for remedies. There is one insecurity though that most women shy away from talking about and that is the intimate areas, but they are often concerned about the visible skin colour difference between the rest of the body and the intimate areas. Slight discoloration is normal but often not desirable.  Intimate area lightening or vaginal bleaching treatments in India help increase the self confidence of men and women in these intimate areas and thus give them an increased feeling of attractiveness and empowerment. These treatments are also called as genital bleaching.

The vagina and the pre anal area are a very sensitive part of the body and issues with it can have a serious impact on life. Though dark vaginal skin is not a health issue it is still an emotional issue. Dark or pigmented skin at the intimate area quite common are caused because of hyperpigmentation due to increase density of melanocytes that darken the skin. There is no one factor that contributes to vaginal darkening, top intimate area lightening doctors in India list the following main factors that cause intimate darkening

  • Age: It is quite natural for the skin to turn dark as a person ages. This happens because of hormonal changes, changes in the skin elasticity and texture etc. Older men and women have a darker intimate area skin than their younger self.
  • Lack of ventilation: Wearing tight clothes and undergarments that don’t let air circulate freely around the intimate regions are another major cause of darkening of the skin and affecting its texture and tone. Therefore, top cosmetic gynaecologists in India always recommend wearing well fitter undergarments that allow free circulation of air and don’t let the sweat clog skin pores.
  • Friction: The main cause of skin darkening of the intimate areas is constant friction. This can be cause of walking, obesity, exercising and even intercourse. Wear G strings for long periods of time, or wearing nylon clothing can also cause friction and change in skin tone of the vaginal and pre anal areas. Use of shaving creams and waxing the intimate areas also increase friction and cause lacerations leading to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which makes the skin dark.
  • Sweating: Some sweat is good for the vluva as it keeps a check on its pH balance, however it can be major contributor in darkening of skin if it washed or cleaned properly. Sweat is composed of biochemicals which can affect the skin and hence it needs to be taken care of properly.
  • Skin infections: Infections, tears in the intimate region can cause itching and dry skin. this in turn darkens the skin tone and can even result in pigmented patches on the skin.
  • Heredity: In some men and women dark skin areas are a heredity trait. This does not mean that it cannot be treated or resolved.
  • Bad eating habits and smoking: Imbalance in body because of use of narcotics etc. reflects on the skin tone and increases pigmentation. This coupled with some of the above mentioned factors result in tone difference in skin.

The process of lightening the skin of intimate area or the intimate area lightening or vaginal  bleaching or genital bleaching in India are simple non invasive and no pain procedures that have become increasingly popular because of the use of new and more effective techniques. There is no idea or average vulvar skin colour but instead just like the size and shape it varies from person to person, therefore intimate area lightening doctors in India customize each treatment according to patient expectations. Vaginal bleaching treatment gynaecologists in India help men and women around the world regain their self confidence by using their expertise and knowledge in vaginal bleaching.

Type of Vaginal Skin lightening treatments

Vaginal skin lightening treatment surgeries in Mumbai are mainly of three types

Chemical peels of skin lightening

 This is one of the oldest methods used by intimate area lightening doctors from around the world. In women chemical peels on the intimate area can used from the pubic area to the pre-anal area and in men the peel is applied from groin to anal area. Vaginal skin lightening clinics in India use high grade chemical peels that lighten the skin without causing any damage. The results of chemical peels as intimate area lightening treatments in Mumbai give the same results as the facial peel.

How does chemical peel lightening work?

Chemical peels are specific mixes of chemicals that when applied in the skin burn or exfoliate the upper most layer of the skin and reveal the fresher, even toned, lighter and younger looking inner skin. the skin cells are rejuvenation and new cell production is stimulated. Chemical peel can be made of one or mix of chemicals such as trichloroacetic acid, and lactic acid. There are three types of chemical peels

  • Light chemical peels that work on light pigmentation and works only on the top most layer of skin.
  • Medium chemical peels that work on the upper and middle layers of skin. they require multiple sessions.
  • Deep chemical peels are very strong and used under local anaesthesia only. They remove he upper and middle layers of skin. the effects last for a long time.

Chemical peels for intimate area lightening in Mumbai are light or medium peels.

Chemical peel process

  • The whole process lasts for about 10 minutes.
  • Vaginal lightening doctor will first clean the area and dry it
  • Then the product is applied and left for 8 minutes and then clean the area

It is normal to feel some burning or stinging in the treated area. For the first few days’ post treatment the skin might appear to be crusting but it is just peeling off.

To get the best results of chemical peels the patient should not have sex for a week after the procedure, avoid laser and wax treatments and do not try and shave the treated area. Chemical peels are not suitable if your skin as lacerations.

Vaginal bleaching creams

Vaginal bleaching treatments in India use topical creams to lighten the skin around the intimate area. it des not involve any treatment to the internal vaginal canal and works only on external genitals and the inner thigh. The cream is applied on the vulva and anal exteriors, left for a few minutes and then wiped off. This treatment is temporary and requires frequent reapplication which can sometimes make the skin sensitive.

Vaginal bleaching creams are not the same as the regular bleaches and one should never use a regular bleach on intimate areas. Best vaginal bleaching treatment doctors in India use specially formulated creams and serums that are gentle on the intimate area skin and do not cause harsh reactions.

Laser Intimate area lightening procedure

Lasers are in high demand in cosmetic gynaecology. The reason being that they are safe and highly effective treatment method in various genres of cosmetology. Lasers do not cause any cuts and wounds and are minimally invasive.  Lasers give fast and permanent results which can be seen from the first session itself. Laser vaginal treatments include laser hair removal, vaginal tightening, vaginal bleaching, vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation and regeneration.

Laser vaginal bleaching surgery in India as long lasting results with less chances of recurrence and gives more uniform colour around the genital area than any other treatment method. Lasers can be safely used for anal bleaching too.

How does laser vaginal bleaching work?

Top vaginal skin lightening doctors in Mumbai use the new age non-ablative lasers for vaginal bleaching. Lasers remove the thing layers of the pigmented skin gently by burning it and thus reveal the lighter skin under it. Lasers stimulate the skin cells in rejuvenation and the resulting cell development is less pigmented. There is more collagen regeneration and apart from noticing visible lightening of the skin the patient also notices a firm and smoother skin.

Laser intimate area lightening procedure

If you are suitable candidate for this procedure, then vaginal skin lightening doctor at the clinic in Mumbai will set up an appointment for the procedure.

  • On the day of the procedure the will first use a local anaesthetic to numb the area
  • Then the laser is moved carefully on the affected area

The duration of treatment is short. The number of sessions is depended on the amount of darkening in the area. these can be anywhere between 2-5 sessions every 30 days. Laser vaginal bleaching treatment in India also reduces the problem of ingrown hairs in the pubic area. There is no downtime required after laser vaginal treatment in Mumbai. There can be some mild sensitivity and temporary redness which will go away in few days.

After care of vaginal bleaching treatments

Once the treatment sessions are over, the patients need to undertake some after care to maintain the results. Some basic points to keep in mind include

  • Keep the treated area clean and moisturized. Best vaginal bleaching clinics in India will suggest gentle products that can be used safely
  • Wear loose underwear to avoid friction and redness
  • Skin sexual activities for up to 48 hours post treatment
  • Avoiding using hot water for bathing
  • No strenuous exercises for 48-72 hours post treatment
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure on indicate areas. You can also use a SPF of 30 or higher to reduce the sun damage.

Vaginal lightening treatment costs

Vaginal lightening treatments or the intimate area bleaching procedures in India are customized treatments and therefore the cost various from individual to individual.  Intimate area lightening costs In Mumbai also vary from clinic to clinic. They also depend on

  • Level of pigmentation
  • Type of treatment option
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Number of sessional required.

Vaginal skin lightening cost in India is not covered by insurance and most clinics offer affordable plans for the treatments.

Post intimate area lightening treatment in Mumbai you will

  • Benefit from a cohesive skin tone all through the body
  • Have an improved sex life
  • See an increase in your self confidence


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