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Digital Smile Designing Treatment in Mumbai

A powerful beautiful smile is something that is very difficult to say no too. A good smile can get you in places where nothing else can. Cosmetic digital smile designing in Mumbai is one of the most popular procedures of cosmetic dentistry in India. Digital smile designing is the latest and most innovative cosmetic techniques that is used to give you the smile that will help you conquer hearts and souls.

When should you go in for a Digital Smile Designing (DSD)?

You will probably find thousands of options to reconstruct your smile but none of them will give you the preview of the outcome like digital smile designing in India. If you feeling that you smile is lacking in something or you want to change the shape and colour of your teeth or you feel that you teeth have gaps that are making your smile appear unappealing then a digital smile designing tool with the top cosmetic dentists will give you a fair analysis of the corrections that can be done on the lips, gums and teeth to give you the smile that you want.

The use of DSD tool can also help you co-participate in the process of your smile designing and you are able to visualise your result after treatment. This means it helps in the aesthetic visualization of the problem and the options that can done to correct it. 

What is Digital Smile Designing?

The process of digital smile designing in Mumbai starts with digital photographs that are taken in high resolution for analysing the facial profile and dental structures; then the cosmetic dentist can plan your treatment accordingly.

Digital smile designing is innovative technical tools, which is used to design and modify the smile of the patient digitally and help them to visualize it before the treatment. It is a simple designing tool that takes into considering the relationship between your gums, teeth, and lip before suggesting a smile makeover plan. It has the planning protocol for analysis of patient’s facial and dental structures through videography and digital technology.

How does Digital Smile Designing work?

Digital smile designing is a progressively evolved tool for cosmetic smile design. It matches the patient demand and aesthetic expectation, and digitally shows the result before treatment.

We at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai offer you the best smile analysis designing treatment in Mumbai for your Digital Smile Design!

The digital smile designing doctor uses the high resolution detailed digital photographs to study the design and modify it accordingly on the digital medium and, visualizes it before even treatment actually starts.

The dentist will draw reference lines and shapes over your digital photograph in predetermined sequence. It helps to evaluate what all needs to be done in your case. It helps in effective communication between smile designing team and patient. These sketches are kept as reference to be used during the procedure steps and the cosmetic dentist and dental technician can refer to them for finishing the final stages.

What is the process of Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital smile designing in Mumba is is carried out by digital equipment; like computer with DSD software, a digital camera or a smart phone. Intra oral scanner is used for impression of mouth, and 3D printer etc. are the tool for workflow.

After taking the high-resolution photograph and marking them for references, the next steps are as follows: 

  • Making a cross: Cosmetic dentist in Mumbai will draw the two digital lines on the exact centre of the photo slide, making a cross. This line is known as reference line.
  • Digital facebow: Full face smile image will related to the horizontal reference line is taken using digital tools. This is the key process in digital smile design in Mumbai and reduces the workflow and post processing time for smile design.
  • Smile analysis: Best cosmetic dentists use this step to draw the most suitable smile for you. They do this by drawing on their years’ of experience in cosmetic dental aesthetics.
  • Smile stimulation: a digital smile stimulation is done, modifications are done, and different changes are tried like shifting of tooth, tooth proportion, and gum line.
  • Measuring tooth proportion: In this step checks are done for the length or width of anterior teeth, this helps in redesigning the smile.
  • Checking tooth outline: Digital outline is draw on the images to ensure a suitable tooth outline.
  • Transferring the data from computer to dental cast: All the measurements are transferred to the dental cast for study and final treatment plan.
  • The cast: This diagnostic cast is very important in the digital smile design process in India because it acts as a reference point for any possible procedures like tooth lengthening, crown, correction of gum line etc.
  • The clinical try-in: It is carried out using direct try or temporary restoration, depending upon the complexity of correction.
  • The final restoration: This is the final stage of digital smile designing and the aesthetic dentists use this step to do some fine attunement to the approved clinical try ins and final adjustments are done to complete the procedure.

That is it; the simple digital technology used by our top cosmetic dentists will give you a smile that will far exceed your expectations. 

What are the advantages of Digital Smile Design? 

Top digital smile design dentists in India highly recommend this procedure for anyone who desires to have smile corrections and want to avoid repeated treatments and experiments with smile modifications. DSD has its own advantages like:

  • It helps to patient to visualize the final expected result before treatment starts.
  • It improves communication between the entire dental team and helps them understand the plan better and make suitable suggestions.
  • Improve the communication between dental team and the dental technician.
  • It is an educational tool to explain the treatment plan and results to the patient.
  • It has high patient satisfaction rate then another other smile modification procedures.
  • Ensure the quality of the result.
  • It increases the participation of patient in their treatment.
  • It also helps in medico-legal functions, because patients already know the result of the treatment. 

What do we need to do after a Digital Smile Designing Makeover/ Reconstruction? 

Dental procedures like the digital smile designing need some basic after care to be done from the patient’s side. These are simple steps that will help heal the corrections faster and maintain perfect oral hygiene. You should do the following after a DSD procedure in Mumbai:

  • Follow the instructions given by the smile design dentist in India.
  • Do warm water rinses three to four times a day to reduce the pain and inflammation after the procedure.
  • Take the medications prescribed by the dentist if you feel pain or discomfort.
  • If you feel major difference in speech or looks; don’t panic, soon you will adapt and get used to it.
  • Salivation is due to the brain’s response to the new size and shape of the teeth. This will return to normal after few days.
  • Do not inspect the treated area with your finger.
  • Oral hygiene should be maintained throughout the treatment; but do not brush near the surgical site.
  • Regular oral hygiene appointment is must by professionals after procedure.
  • Avoid the hard and hot foods for few weeks after the treatments.
  • Do not bite or chew the hard object like pencil, nail etc. preferably have soft food for few days.
  • Avoid the foods or beverage causes stains to your teeth like tea, coffee etc. do not smoke and chew tobacco for certain time.
  • Do not spit or use the straw after surgery; may cause dislodgement of blood clot. 

In case of any query or problem consult to your smile design dentist, he will help you out. 

How much will the Digital Smile Designing Treatment Cost? 

The cost of digital smile design treatment in Mumbai or smile makeover will depend upon various factors. First, is the severity of condition and then comes the number of treatments required for the whole procedure in India. The technique and materials used are cost effective. It is slightly costlier than other cosmetic procedure in India. The cost of the treatment for digital smile designing in Mumbai should be discussed before treatment started. 

Why choose Digital Smile Designing The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai? 

Digital Smile Designing procedure in Mumbai  is an amazing multi-use tool that can assist the restorative dental aesthetic team  throughout the treatment, improving your dental team’s understanding of the aesthetic issues and increasing your acceptance of the final result, by showing you step-by-step changes! The ease of digital analysis widens the dental team’s diagnostic vision and helps to evaluate the most aesthetic principles, limitations, and possible risk factors of your case!


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