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Chin Implant Surgery

Chin Implant Surgery

  • Do you have a long chin that you wish to reshaped?
  • Are you bothered with the way your chin looks?
  • Is your confidence being affected by the size of your chin?

Are you having issues with your chin which is not prominent and which completely damages your profile photographs? Or maybe you just want to enhance your looks and become more handsome or beautiful? Well, Chin Augmentation is definitely for you. Chin augmentation enhances your looks and changes your facial esthetics & shape. It will boost your confidence, and help you achieve the facial beauty you have been aiming for.

- What Is Chin Implant/ Augmentation?

Chin implant, which is also known as chin augmentation, is a procedure that aims to enhance and reshape the size of your chin. Chin implant is performed by inserting an implant – The other option to change your chin shape is via Orthognatic surgery, which involves reshaping and moving bones. So, in general, a chin implant is much less invasive & less risky method of chin enhancement. If you are having a nose surgery, your surgeon may recommend you to have chin surgery, to make the face proportionate, as the size of the chin can minimize or as well as magnify the perceived size of your nose. Think of your face as a triangle with the nose and the chin being the two legs of the tripod. So, a chin which is not prominent can actually make even a normal shaped nose appear larger. Therefore, sometimes just altering your chin shape can dramatically make your nose look more defined & aesthetic.

- What Is The Process?

Chin implant, or Chin augmentation can be performed by using medical grade silicone or "goretex" implant approved by the US FDA. The silicone implant can be placed through an intra-oral incisiom, or though the face skin (submental incision), approaching under the chin region. Chin augmentation, can also be done by subtracting bone from the chin region along with sliding your bony chin to either decrease or increase the facial height – bony parts are secured with screws and titanium plates – A type of Orthognatic surgery.

- What Is The Material The Implants Are Made Of?

Chin implants can be made of bio-nonintegrable (bio-inert) material like silicone or bio-integrable material like porous polyethylene. Silicone is softer and contours to the cheek bone better. However, chances of implant extrusion may be higher. Porous polyethylene implanes like MEDPOR are stiffer, give a higher contourto the chin and gets integrated with the body tissue, but are more expensive. In general, it depends on the surgeon’s choice, as all types of implants have pros and cons.

- Recovery

It is normal to feel some soreness and discomfort, which can easily be controlled by medication. Usually patients will feel some numbness in the chin area for up to 3 months, and may feel as stretching- like sensation in the chin area for a week. There may be swelling, but it will vanish in the span of 6 weeks or it may also depends on the type of procedure you had. For at least a day or two, your doctor might advise you to stick to liquids or be on a soft diet. The outside bandage will probably be removed within a week of chin implant surgery, you may be asked to wear braces when sleeping for around 4 to 6 weeks after the chin augmentation surgery. Light activities can be resumed on the same day of surgery; however it will take 7 to 10 days before you can return to your work and normal activities.

- FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

A weak chin will make a nose look bigger than it should be and it also creates an overall look of facial weakness. Weak chin can be viewed in a lateral view.
Some of the chin augmentation surgeries may only require local anesthesia with sedative, however, more often, a general anesthesia is given to the patients who will undergo chin implant. The recommendation will be based on your overall health condition.
The surgery may take anywhere around 45 minutes to an hour.
Infections’ following a chin implant is rare, but may occur. Implant shift may also occur, however, the implant can be repositioned to improve the shift. External scarring may also occur.
In most cases, patients who went through chin implant are quite satisfied with the results. However, in cases that the implant is too large, it can be shaved down to the right size or if the implant is too small, an additional "wafer" can be added.
Usually bruising, swelling and movement of the implant are the most common complications following a chin implant. Other complications such as loss of feeling and damage to the teeth are also possible. Infection, blood clots, permanent numbness or changes in feeling to the skin and a pain that doesn’t go away are very rare side effects. Even though most patients are very happy with the result of the chin implant, poor cosmetic results may call for more surgery such as; irregular contour of the skin, unevenness of the face, scarring, collection of fluids under the skin or even wounds that do not heal well.

- Chin Implant Surgery Before After Photos

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- What Is The Cost Of Chin Implant Surgery?

Nothing in life comes free, except the love of our near and dear ones. In the course of our busy lives, we may become aware of flaws and imperfections in our own features and appearances. Cosmetic surgery, however, is one way to change our appearance and achieve the looks we have always desired. A chin implant is one such procedure that can help you attain the looks you have always wanted.

As a person set upon undergoing a chin implant surgery, you must be concerned about how much does the chin implant surgery cost. The cost of the procedure varies from patient to patient, and depends upon the extent of reconstruction required. Be sure to choose a state-of-the-art medical centre and experienced surgeon for your surgery for the best possible results.

At The Esthetic Clinic, we believe in providing you the best quality care for your cosmetic surgery and recovery period. Our head surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome, is a highly skilled oculoplastic surgeon well known in Mumbai, India. Our well-trained staff uses only the latest techniques and the most advanced equipment to ensure excellent results for all cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

The Esthetic Clinic is a world class facility dedicated to skin-care treatment and cosmetic surgery. Its founder, Dr. Debraj Shome, is a highly accomplished facial cosmetic surgeon who specialises in reconstructive and plastic surgeries. If you have decided on undergoing a chin-implant surgery, you can be confident that The Esthetic Clinic is your best option.

- Getting Chin Augmentation Surgery Done In India

India has now woken up to the joys of plastic surgery. Many people in India are now considering plastic surgery seriously. In India, getting plastic surgery done is not a taboo anymore. If you are in India, then The Esthetic Clinics are the right place to know about plastic surgery. If you are thinking of getting chin augmentation surgery in India, finding a great plastic surgeon, like Dr. Debraj Shome, is of importance.

Getting chin augmentation surgery in India is not a problem, but who do you trust? Well, when we are there, you don’t need any other place for chin augmentation surgery in India. We are specialists in chin augmentation surgery in India. Our experienced doctors have performed many chin augmentation surgery in India procedures already. So when you choose us for chin augmentation surgery in India, you choose the best.

Finding the right place for chin augmentation surgery in India is essential. If you want a job done well, then choose us for chin augmentation surgery in India. Our chin augmentation surgery in India will help you improve your appearance. Having realistic expectations of chin augmentation surgery in India is important. Getting chin augmentation surgery in India means that the look of your chin will be enhanced. Chin augmentation surgery in India is possible in case one wants it done for cosmetic purposes. It is a great idea to get chin augmentation surgery in India, if you are not satisfied with your natural chin.

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