Conjunctival Cyst Removal Surgery

Conjunctival Cyst Removal Surgery

  • When was the last time you went for an eye examination?
  • When was the last time you consulted a doctor when it came to problems of the eye?
  • Have you noticed anything unusual in your eye?
  • Is there a small mole or brown discoloration on the white portion of your eye (sclera)?
  • Is there a mass next to your cornea?
  • Did you think of having an eye check-up, just in case?

If you haven't yet, you might want to reconsider your choice. Although you may not know it yet, you might have a very serious conjunctival tumor – a disease that doesn't let itself show until it’s already too serious.

- What Are Conjunctival Eye Tumors (Malignant Conjunctival Tumors)?

The malignant conjunctival tumors are masses that could grow on the conjunctiva, the red membrane which covers the eyes. Among the conjunctival cancers that are found, most common are the squamous carcinoma, the malignant melanoma and the lymphoma. The squamous carcinoma is also called the Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia or OSSN. The Squamous carcinoma can spread all over the surface of the eye, or it could form an eye nodule. This kind of tumor stays usually only on the surface of the eye, but it can affect all of it.

The malignant melanoma could start as a conjunctival nevus (black spot on the white portion of the eye), just as a tumor inside the conjunctiva or some pigmentation which is named Primary Acquired melanosis (PAM).

Lymphoma looks like red patches on the eye& can sometimes also mimic conjunctivitis. With a biopsy, you can find out what kind of tumor it is, also if it is malignant or benign.

Another disease of the conjunctiva is a benign cyst, however, that is not dangerous. It just causes a feeling of irritation, as it is a small bump on the surface of the eye, which rubs against the lid as you blink.

- How Can These Conjunctiva Eye Cancer Surgery Be Treated?

There are different ways of treating these tumors, and some of these ways are still being studied. The most often and used way to treat this are the conjunctiva eye cancer surgeries, through which the tumors are being removed from the eyes (excision biopsy, with taking a wide margin of normal tissue). In addition to that, the cryotherapy may also be required. The cryotherapy basically freezes the malignant portion of the eye, since, at extreme temperatures, it can destroy cells through crystallizing the liquid inside the cancerous cells, cytosol. Mitomycin C is another agent which is used to treat the cancerous cells. Another way to treat the tumors is through chemotherapy eye drops. This way, although it’s still being studied, it causes less scars and it can be used on the whole surface of the eye.

The eye cyst, can be treated with artificial eye tears, or with a conjunctiva eye cyst surgery, through which it is drained completely.

- Recovery After Conjunctiva Eye Cyst Surgery

The recovery time depends on the kind of surgery you've had, but always, after a surgery, you need to follow another treatment therapy, such as radiation therapy, cryosurgery or alpha 2 interferon. You will need to go for several checkups after the surgery, and you will have to give some time to the scars to heal that appear after the surgery. Although the scars will be hidden very well by the ocular oncologist & the oculoplastic surgeon, they will need some time to heal.

- FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

This kind of tumors doesn’t really show itself or make itself seen. Only when it extends in the cornea it shows itself, or when it causes a discoloration of the eye. Initially, some of them may just appear like nodules, phlycten or pingueculae. They may also mimic conjunctivitis of the eyes. Barely then, people can notice the tumor and seek for medical assistance. In case they don’t notice it, it can be seen in a regular eye examination.

Swelling, bruising or bleeding can be noticed after the conjunctival tumoursurgery, but they will not last for a long time. There are no further risks of this surgery, however, as the surgeries are safe.
It’s been shown that these kind of conjunctival tumors appear to middle-aged men the most, and to people who have smoked a lot during their life, or who have been exposed to the ultraviolet rays.

- Conjuctival Tumor / Conjunctiva Eye Tumor Surgery Before After Photos-

Conjuctival Cyst Removal Surgery, Eye Tumor Treatment before after photos in mumbai india
Conjuctival Cyst Removal Surgery, Eye Tumor Treatment before after photos in mumbai india
Conjuctival Cyst Removal Surgery, Eye Tumor Treatment before after photos in mumbai india
Conjuctival Cyst Removal Surgery, Eye Tumor Treatment before after photos in mumbai india

- What Is The Cost Of Conjuctival Eye Tumors Surgery?

Rare tumours of the eye are increasingly being diagnosed among people. The cause of these is not completely understood and has been associated with UV exposure. Fortunately, if diagnosed at an early stage, cosmetic surgery to remove these conjunctival tumours can be carried out. This can treat the cancer and prevent its further spread.

If you need conjunctival tumor removal surgery, you would be interested in finding out the costs associated with the procedure. The cost of the surgery depends upon the method is used to remove the tumour tissue and other factors. In India, high quality medical care is available for a fraction of the cost incurred in countries like USA, UK and Singapore.

We, at The Esthetic Clinic, are responsible for providing high quality care during cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Our head surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome is a highly skilled oculoplastic surgeon who specialises in face and eye surgery.

In case you might ever find out that you have a conjunctival tumor, and you are in need of treatment or a conjunctival surgery, the best place for you is The Esthetic Clinic. Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the best doctors in the world, super specialty trained in ocular oncology. The Esthetic Clinic can ensure that your conjunctival disease is treated and kept under control in the best conditions.

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