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Retinal Tumors

Retinal Tumors

  • Have you been to an eye examination recently& been told that your retina has a mass or a tumor?
  • Have you discovered anything unusual about your eye, like bleeding or floaters within the eyes or unclear vision for a while?
  • Have you had a type of cancer, unrelated to the eyes, before? Have there been any cases of eye cancers in your family?
  • Are you aware of the types of cancer that can exist, but do not show almost, until they become too serious?

Among these kind of cancers, there are the retinal tumors too.

- What Are Retinal Tumors (Retinal Cancer)?

Retinal tumors are very rare diseases – tumors of the most important part of the eyes, the retina. It isn't frequent to find someone with a tumor grown on its retina, and even in those, the tumors are usually benign. All the tumors, however are treated and diagnosed by ophthalmologists, retinal specialists & treated by ocular oncologists, in specialist centers, such as The Esthetic Clinic. One of the most common retinal tumors is the retinoblastoma, which affects about 5000 to 8000 children every year. It is a very serious disease, and at times, it can affect both the child's eyes. There are other tumors, which may not arise from the retinal layer itself, but may mimic retinal tumors. One of these tumors is the choroidal melanoma, which can grow within the eye. It is malignant, and it starts from the choroid, the layer of blood vessels right beneath the retina, and it can, unfortunately, spread in the whole body. Another tumor, which can unfortunately come from another cancer, usually breast cancer in women and lung cancer in men, is the choroidal metastasis. A biopsy is needed each time in order to find out the type of tumor it is, but also to find out the cause of it, although, when it comes to choroidal metastasis, the cause can’t be found that well.

- How Can These Retinal Tumors Be Treated?

The tumors can be treated, or at least, kept under control, with the retinal tumor surgeries or interventions. Through these interventions, the most used ones are the eye removal surgery like enucleation, or the removal of the eye, the eye-sparing radiotherapy and systemic chemotherapy. The last type of therapy however is still being considered, although it’s safer than the external beam irradiation, which may even cause another cancer later, during the life. In case that the tumor has not destroyed the center of the retina, the radiation therapy can preserve the vision, but in other cases, it can’t. The eye removal surgery basically consists of removing the eye completely, with a large stump of the optic nerve, to prevent any chances of recurrence. It is a very complicated surgery. Obviously, enucleation surgery means that the patient will neversee again, therefore this needs a lot of strength of the patient. The eye that has been affected needs to be removed, the place needs to heal, and only after that, an artificial eye can be placed in its place.

In some benign tumors, there is no treatment.

- Recovery After Treatment

The recovery depends on the type of the surgery and the tumor. If the eye needs to be removed, then the recovery time is a lot longer than in other cases. If only one eye has been affected, then the vision can be preserved, if the central portion of the eye is not affected. If the eye is removed, after the removal of the eye, another artificial eye can be placed. With an artificial eye, which looks almost like your real eye& even moves like the other eye, your appearance won’t change too much. If both of the eyes have been affected and need to be removed, then of course, the recovery time will last a lot longer, although these operations are not needed very often, Specialist help is always provided during these recoveries, beside the post-operation treatment from the doctor. Other medication will also be required during the recovery. You need to take extra care of yourself to avoid any further infection.

- FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

The symptoms of the retinal tumors include pain, white pupil, misaligned eyes (squint), loss of vision, displacement of the eye and more. Anything wrong with your eye or vision is usually a sign that there’s a disease developing there. At the same time, however, there are tumors which do not show any symptoms. In these cases, the medical history of both you and your family is very important; if you’ve had already a type of cancer, you may get another type too.

- What Is The Cost Of Retinal Tumors Treatment?

It can be devastating to find out that you or someone in your family have a rare ocular tumour. Early diagnosis is of course key in cancer treatment. Ocular surgery, in the form of retinal tumour removal surgery is one such surgical procedure which can excise the cancerous tissue and prevent the cancer from metastasis.

First and foremost, you must be anxious to find out the cost of retinal tumour removal surgery. Procedure costs vary from patient to patient depending on the specific features of the tumour and the type of surgery needed. Discuss all the surgical options and costs with your surgeon in detail before embarking on the surgery.

The Esthetic Clinic is a very specialised medical facilitator which has treated several patients in cosmetic and skin care treatments. We have a highly trained and reputed staff who will help you in every step along the way.

Dr. Debraj Shome is a professional ocular oncologist, oculoplastic surgeon & oculoplastic surgery expert, trained in the best institutes in the world. He can diagnose and consult you by giving you the best treatment options for your medical condition. The Esthetic Clinics provides you with everything you need in order to fight your disease, and is the best option for you when it comes not only to retinal tumors, but also to other cancers & eye diseases.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Dr. Debraj Shome

Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgery in Mumbai, India

Dr. Debraj Shome is Director and Co founder of The Esthetic Clinics. He has been rated amongst the top surgeons in India by multiple agencies. The Esthetic Clinics patients include many international and national celebrities who prefer to opt for facial cosmetic surgery and facial plastic surgery in Mumbai because The Esthetic Clinics has its headquarters there.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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