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Management Of Tongue-Tie Surgery

Best Management Of Tongue-Tie Surgery in India

Healthy tongue and mouth functions are crucial for oral health right from the time babies are born. Tongue-tie is one condition that can impact breathing, dental health, and sleep health. Undiagnosed tongue-tie condition can worsen and result in mouth breathing, poor sleep, neck pain, digestive problems, sleep apnea, etcetera. Management of tongue-tie in babies right from the start can prevent problems from happening in the future.

What Is A Tongue-Tie?

A tongue-tie is a congenital condition in which the tongue tissues are too short and attached to the tip of the tongue. This condition results in decreased mobility of the tongue and can cause variou

Malignant melanoma is one of the deadliest types of cancer that can become life-threatening over time and if not diagnosed or treated in time. Almost every human being on earth knows about cancer and its deadly outcomes. Consult for more information on skin cancer at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. Malignant melanoma is one such cancer form that can prove to be a deadly condition. Melanocytes are responsible for producing pigments in the skin. These are also responsible for the mutation and growth of cancerous melanoma on the skin. 

What Is Malignant Melanoma?

Malignant melanoma is a cancer form that grows out of an existing mole on the skin by materializing over the surface. Sometimes the malignant is also seen occurring in the eyes and other body parts. Melanocytes that produce melanoma might mutate and become a complex series of growth and transition on the existing mole's skin resulting in skin cancer. More often ignore symptoms or fail to identify them in the time leading to the severity of the condition.


Malignant Melanoma Symptoms 

Melanomas or moles on the skin can develop on the skin anywhere, to say the least. Mostly they are seen more prone to occur in areas that get more exposure to the sun. However, in some cases, these can also occur in areas that do not get much sun. Almost everyone has some form of spots, moles, or freckles on the skin to begin with the symptoms. These age spots or growth can be harmless but they can be alarming if there is any abnormal change associated with them.

Mostly found on the face, legs, arms, back, these can occur anywhere. Malignant symptoms can be diagnosed better at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai as well. Here are some common symptoms to read malignant melanoma signs:

  • Change in the shape and size of an existing mole.
  • Change in the color of the moles and growth. 
  • The asymmetrical shape of new growth on the skin.


What Is The Cause Of Malignant Melanoma?

Melanin is produced by melanocytes cells responsible for giving color to the skin. In most cases malignant melanoma causes include exposure to sun or genetical factors leading to cancerous cells growth. Normally skin regenerates cells in a fixed order and process where new skin pushes the older skin towards the surface of the skin. These old skin cells die coming towards the surface and form dead skin to give way to newer skin cells underneath. This way the skin cells form. However, when there is some abnormality in the growth and control, these cells might start growing abruptly to begin forming cancerous cells on the skin.

There is still uncertainty about why such genetical changes happen in the first place. But, expert cosmetic surgeons and skin doctors believe the primary cause is sun radiation followed by the genetics of a person. Ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun and tanning lamps are known for causing melanoma. However, there are cases where patients are diagnosed with cancerous cells at body parts with no exposure to the sun. Therefore, pointing towards other factors also being the root cause of the problem. 


The Treatment Plan Of Malignant Melanoma

Malignant melanoma diagnosis requires a visit to our clinics in Mumbai or a clinic nearby. Many patients are not aware of their treatment possibilities and disease progression. The treatment plan starts with diagnosis and weighing down the severity of the condition of the patient. PET scan as suggested by our experts at The Esthetic Clinic in India will ascertain the progression of the disease to help route plan the treatment. Once scanning, diagnosing, and consultation is made, following treatment plans are taken into consideration: 

  • Lymph nodes with cancerous growth are removed in case the malignant melanoma is spreading to nodes surrounding it. 
  • Radiation therapy sessions are based on the severity of skin cancer.
  • Chemotherapy sessions of various types are used to treat malignant melanoma like Carboplatin, Dacarbazine, Temozolomide, Paclitaxel, etc.
  • Biological Therapy is another course of action that can help with the treatment of malignant melanoma where a patient’s immune system is made to attack the cancerous cells.
  • Target therapy is another treatment option for malignant melanoma that has advanced to a certain stage. Also, target therapy for malignant melanoma treatment must have certain genetic conditions. 


What Are The Risk Factors That Can Cause Malignant Melanoma?

Here are several factors that can cause malignant melanoma in India:

  • Fair complexion

Lesser pigments of color or melanin in the skin mean lesser protection from the harmful UV rays. This grows manifold if the fair-complexioned person is with blond hair or for that matter red hair. People with light shades of eye color have more chances of getting malignant melanoma. Especially if a person is prone to getting freckles or sunburn easily. 

  • Exposure to UV

History and research done on malignant melanoma or skin cancers reveal that people who are more exposed to sun or UV lights can have an increased risk of getting cancer of the skin. So much so that the tanning beds can increase the probability of getting skin cancer by great numbers. 

  • Living on high grounds or close to the equator

People who live closer to the equator are more prone to getting skin cancer because they live in a condition where the sun’s rays are coming more stronger and direct. Also, the same goes for people living on elevations higher than plains or close to sea level. 

  • Moles or unusual growth

Almost everyone has some sort of moles or freckles on their skin. However, people having 50 or more moles on their skin are often at more risk to get skin cancer or melanoma. Unusual moles can have irregular edges and size difference that tends to have a mix of colors as well. Such moles or dysplastic nevi can become a significant reason for skin cancer.  

  • Immune system weakness

A weak immune system attracts various health concerns, one of them is the increased risk of malignant melanoma or other forms of skin cancer. Many attributes can cause a weakened immune system like strong medication or use of steroids, organ transplant, chronic ailment, etc. 

  • Family history

Skin cancer and other diseases might run in families based on similar genetics and DNA designs. Siblings and blood relatives with skin cancers can pass on the chances of getting malignant melanoma to the next generation as well. 



What is better than the cure? Prevention. There are several lifestyle changes and prevention tips that might help to lessen the chances of getting malignant melanoma or any type of skin cancer. Here are some prevention tips:

  • Stay Sun Safe

It is paramount to note the sun's share of causing skin cancer in people. Many people are not aware that they are under the sun’s harmful radiation even if it is a cloudy day. To prevent getting harmful rays to touch the skin, try and schedule the daily activities in such a way that sun time is as less as possible.

Be vary of cloudy and wintertime as the sun is equally shining and radiating UV rays. It is crucial to avoid sun exposure and getting suntans or sunburns, as they increase the chance of getting skin cancer. Even an accumulated sun exposure of over a year can turn into skin cancer.  

  • Protection from sun

Keeping skin safe from the sun and harmful radiation is of utmost importance, to stay safe from getting skin cancer or malignant melanoma. Sunglasses, hats, scarves, etc are extremely helpful in getting sun protection and thus diminishing the chances to get skin cancer.

  • Sunscreen

Using a heavy sunscreen with even heavier SPF numbers can help a lot to stay safe from the sun. Expert dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons at our clinics in Mumbai advise putting sunscreen year-round to safeguard the skin from the sun. Using it generously and repeatedly, even on cloudy days is what can save skin from the sun. 

  • Avoid tanning

Tanning is harmful to the skin and can play with the skin’s natural colors myelocytes. Tanning booths and lams have UV rays that can cause skin cancer. 

  • Examine regularly

One crucial thing to prevent any serious damage to health is to be aware of your skin. The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai have the best possible team to help people assess their skin and any new changes they might experience. Early diagnosis can prevent any critical damage to health or life. 


What To Expect From The Treatment And Doctor?

While looking for malignant melanoma treatment in India, make sure to visit our clinics in Mumbai to get more information on skin cancer. Our expert cosmetic surgeons are well versed in the severity and stages of skin cancer. Dr. Debraj Shome has done some remarkable work in treating various forms of skin diseases. His unparallel work in the field of skin and aesthetics is world-famous. His team of staff at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai are well equipped to diagnose and understand various stages and mutations of malignant melanoma in India. 

Malignant melanoma is one such form of skin cancer that can become a deadly disease for a patient. Early diagnosis and awareness are key to combat this form of skin cancer in India. Proper diagnosis at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai can help get early identification and malignant melanoma treatment in India

s related functions. This condition is known as ankyloglossia, coming from a Greek word. Management of tongue-tie surgery in India can make it possible to solve mild to severe tongue-tie cases.

Tongue-tie condition is present at the time of birth. This is why it is crucial to give attention at the right time. Management of tongue-tie in babies can help avoid future problems and discomfort. Although in some cases, the tongue-tie becomes free when the baby is developing and tissues are separating.


How To Identify Tongue Tie?

Most of the time tongue-tie is very mild making it difficult to diagnose without a professional. Tongue-tie becomes noticeable when the infant tries to protrude the tongue forward in such cases. On the other hand, severe cases are easily identifiable as the tongue will appear notched or shaped like a heart. Management of tongue-tie in India is now possible at our clinics. Making it convenient for patients to go ahead and consult.

Doctors use a tool to screen the tongue at the time of birth to diagnose any abnormalities in the tongue and its function. Tongue-tie in most of the cases needs to be diagnosed through a physical exam. The thickness of the tongue can also become significant in the diagnosis and management of the tongue tie. Doctors at The Esthetic Clinics are well versed with the diagnosis procedures and due treatment for the management of tongue-tie.

What are the symptoms of tongue-tie:

  • The patient has difficulty in lifting the tongue to touch the upper teeth.
  • Difficulty in moving the tongue from one side to another.
  • Inability or difficulty in protruding the tongue out.
  • Thick tongue.


Why Do I Need Management Of Tongue-Tie?

Tongue-tie is a condition where it is largely unknown why the condition arises. Normally the lingual frenulum, the soft tissue below the tongue separates before birth. This allows the tongue to have a free range of movement. Tongue-tie condition appears when the tongue remains attached to the lingual frenulum or the bottom of the patient's tongue. It is not known so far why and how such a situation happens. Although some cases in the past studies point towards genetic factors to be responsible for tongue-tie.

Treatment of tongue-tie revolves around the severity of the condition. Many patients are diagnosed with severe tongue-tie situations and should be given medical interventions right from the start. Ideally in infancy age. It is crucial to consult a doctor or get management of tongue-tie from the best surgeon.


What To Ask Your Doctor?

Like in any other health condition, patients should make sure to consult their doctor well. Preparing a list of related questions in advance can help save a lot of time and confusion. Here are some of the things to ask that can help to make list:

  • How serious is the tongue tie?
  • What treatment is needed?
  • Is there any other treatment option?
  • Can I avoid surgical intervention?
  • What is the recovery time?
  • How long will it take to heal completely?
  • Can this treatment improve my baby’s ability to suck more milk while breastfeeding?
  • Anaesthesia is necessary?
  • Can the procedure for the management of tongue-tie be done in a single visit?
  • Do I need to consult any other specialist?


Complications Of Tongue-Tie

In case of poor management of tongue-tie, patients can have poor oral development. More so when the tongue-tie situation is since the babies are born. Tongue-tie can lead to many related problems while growing, eating, speaking, and other functions.

Tongue-tie can lead to several problems such as the following:

  • Breast-feeding

Every baby needs to protrude their tongue on the lower gum while breastfeeding. Unable to freely move the tongue can make the baby chew the nipple instead of sucking. Poor breastfeeding problems can lead to inadequate nutrition and growth. Speech Problems. Tongue-tie can prominently alter certain sounds and speech like letters like s, z, t, d, etc.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene can cause even severe problems and infections of the mouth. Inability to move the tongue freely inside the mouth can lead to tooth decay and inflammation of the gums. Management of tongue-tie symptoms can help with the related problems.

  • Restricted Oral Activities

Tongue-tie can hamper babies and adults with activities like licking, kissing, etc. Eating an ice-cream cone can become a difficult task with tongue-tie. Management of tongue-tie surgery can help with improving restrictions caused by tongue-tie.

  • Tongue-tie in adults

Tongue-tie is one condition that is present at the time of birth. But in some cases, patients can fail to diagnose the conditions and have problems later when they become adults. Adult tongue-tie can have several symptoms in the absence of management of tongue-tie for adults.


How To Treat A Tongue Tie?

Management of tongue-tie requires medical intervention by the best hands in the field. The Esthetic Clinics allows the patient to access the best treatment for tongue-tie conditions at any age. Dr. Debraj Shome ensures that his team of doctors is best in their fields to assist patients in the best way possible. Patients can contact and make an appointment at our clinics in Mumbai to get an accurate diagnosis for an apt procedure.

A most common treatment for mild to severe tongue-tie cases is a minor surgery that releases the tongue known as frenotomy. More severe cases require frenuloplasty. A doctor at the clinic would be able to diagnose and evaluate the severity of the tongue tie. In some cases, the doctor can suggest waiting and see the condition based on their evaluation of the patient. The minor surgery takes a few minutes to perform for management of the tongue tie. A doctor can also suggest laser treatment for the management of tongue-tie in India.

Surgical treatments and laser interventions both depend on the patient’s age and other factors. It is crucial to consult a doctor beforehand to understand the procedure and recovery time. The cost of management of tongue-tie varies from patient to patient.


Types of tongue-tie treatment in India

  1. Frenotomy

Frenotomy is a very simple surgical procedure for the management of tongue-tie by surgery. Frenotomy is done under an expert’s supervision and typically requires very little time. Most of these tongue-tie procedures are done in the hospital nursery or doctor’s clinics.

A doctor will examine the patient’s tongue and tissues joining the tongue to evaluate. The doctor will then snip the lingual frenulum using sterile scissors to free the tongue. This whole procedure is done in minutes, without any significant discomfort. The pain and bleeding are lesser because there are only a few nerves in the lingual frenulum. However, in rare cases, patients can develop scarring or infection. This is why it is critical that the procedure is done by an expert cosmetic surgeon only.


  1. Frenuloplasty

Frenuloplasty is a more extensive procedure involving additional repair to the tongue tie. Doctors will suggest doing a frenuloplasty where the tongue is too thick for performing a frenotomy. Frenuloplasty procedure will ensure management of tongue-tie surgery for adults. The procedure is done under the influence of general anaesthesia to treat tongue-tie. This often involves sutures to close the wounds of the tongue-tie. Similar to frenotomy, frenuloplasty too has rare chances of complications.


How To Prepare For The Surgery?

Frenotomy or minor surgery for the management of the tongue-tie is a fairly simple procedure. Laser treatment on the other hand results in less invasive methods and less bleeding to treat tongue-tie. Simply contact our clinics in Mumbai to get started with the process to get management of tongue-tie. Dr. Debraj Shome ensures that every patient is treated with utmost care and expertise at The Esthetic Clinics.


What To Expect From The Doctor?

Management of tongue-tie in all ages requires early detection to ensure the best possible treatment. While most of the time the treatment is done right after the babies are born and diagnosed with tongue-tie. Adults might also need to get treated for tongue-tie conditions if they have problems. Management of tongue-tie specialists at The Esthetic Clinics are one of the best in the field.

Dr. Debraj Shome, a name world-famous for being the best plastic surgeon, is undoubtedly the best for the management of tongue-tie in India. He has over 17 years of experience in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Connect with The Esthetic Clinics to get the best medical attention for the management of tongue-tie in Mumbai. Their exceptional care and attention will ensure you get the best treatment without spending zillions anywhere else to treat tongue-tie.

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