Oculoplastic surgery Hyderabad

Oculoplastic surgery Hyderabad

Eyes are the windows of a soul and they show the expressions even when you are not saying anything. Therefore, the way the eyes look matters a lot and also they are one of the five essential elements and they help you see and perceive things. Therefore at The Esthetic Clinics® Hyderabad we understand how important it is that the eyes function properly at all times and our expert oculoplastic surgeon Dr Debraj Shome is amongst the best surgeons in the country to solve the problem related to ‘look of eyes’

Dr Debraj Shome from The Esthetic Clinics® is one of the few plastic surgeons in the world who is trained in all four sub specialities (oculoplastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, head & neck surgery and maxillo-facial surgery).

Dr Shome has received the Colonel Rangachari award & Hanumanth Reddy Award in the year 2010 for his study on carboplatin a drug for treating various cancers of eye, face and nerves.

Dr Shome has received the Colonel Rangachari award & Hanumanth Reddy Award in the year 2010 for his study on carboplatin a drug for treating various cancers of eye, face and nerves.

The Esthetic Clinics® Hyderabad offers the following treatment services to the patients:

Blepharoplasty: One of the most common problems that most people face with eyes is the droopy eyelids. Droopy eyelids can impair the vision and also cause strain to the eyes and nearby muscles. Droopy eyelids occur when the muscles controlling the normal movement of the eyes have fat deposits around causing them to fall on the eye. Blepharoplasty can remove the problem of droopy eyelids by removing the fat from the upper eyelids and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty can also be done to remove the bags from under the eyes.

Ptosis: Ptosis is a condition that causes the upper eyelid margin to fall over the pupil of the eyes when the eyes are open. Ptosis is also known as droopy eyelid and the surgery for it is done by tightening the muscles and tendons, which normally raise it. Thus, ptosis surgery helps in correcting the upper eyelid issues and aids in the natural function of the eyes. We perform levator plication & resection surgery & tarso frontal sling surgery using fascia lata & silicone rod to correct the ptosis & cause eyelid lifting.

Orbital fractures: The Esthetic Clinics® Hyderabad is has an expert team of surgeons who treat orbital fractures successfully. Orbital trauma surgery can remove the bone fragments from the eyes free the trapped and pressed eye muscles underneath the bones, cure the double vison problem. If the eyes have sunk then the orbital trauma surgeon restores the normal architecture of the eye socket and repairs the deformities in the eye rim in an effort to make sure that the overall appearance of the eye is as close to normal as possible.

Treatment of Grave’s disease: Thyroid is a common problem in men and women today and Grave’s disease of the eye is one of the most neglected effects of thyroid. Grave’s disease affects the eyelids, eye muscles and soft tissues around the eyes. Eyelid retraction, bulging eyes and double vision are the common indications of Grave’s disease. Different eyelid and orbital surgeries are needed to correct the orbital damage. Oculoplastic and orbital surgery experts at The Esthetic Clinics® Hyderabad have experience in treating Grave’s disease successfully.

Abnormal tearing surgery: It is not normal for the eyes to be constantly tearing or being dry at all times. This problem is usually because of the malfunctioning of the lacrimal duct in the eyes. Wet eyes, dry eyes, congenital tear duct obstruction, tumours in lacrimal system and Dacryocystitis are some of problems associated with lacrimal ducts. Dacryocystorhinostomy is the medical name of lacrimal surgery, which is an outpatient procedure to clear the tear sac. At The Esthetic Clinics® Hyderabad, we can successfully solve this problem of abnormal tearing for you and you can go back to your normal work in a day.

Eyelid lesion excision and reconstruction: Eyelid lesions can be in the form of small bumps on the eyelids to cancers. Whether the lesions are benign or malignant (basil cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and sebaceous cell carcinoma), At The Esthetic Clinics® Hyderabad we have an expert team working under Dr Debraj Shome and use the new age techniques like the Mohs surgery to completely remove the tumour from the eyes and make sure that there is no infection left.

False eye fitting: The Esthetic Clinics® has a number of successful cases to its name in which the prosthetic eye has been fit in to a patient’s eye socket and the result is an appearance that is very close the natural eye. Our expert team includes oculaists, oculoplastic surgeons, Ophthalmologist and plastic surgeons that work together to make the fitting a success.

The Esthetic Clinics® at Hyderabad can be reached easily through flights, buses and trains from the nearby cities and other capital cities. Direct international flights from Sri Lanka, Dubai etc. make Hyderabad a very easy location to reach and get treatments at The Esthetic Clinics®. You can reach us at our Hyderabad center easily using flights from Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru & Chennai:


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Dr. Debraj Shome

Dr. Debraj Shome is Director and Co founder of The Esthetic Clinics. He has been rated amongst the top surgeons in India by multiple agencies. The Esthetic Clinics patients include many international and national celebrities who prefer to opt for facial cosmetic surgery and facial plastic surgery in Mumbai because The Esthetic Clinics has its headquarters there.

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