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Why The Esthetic Clinics for Skin Care Treatments?

Cleansing. Toning. Moisturising. That's the regimen we know to maintain the best skin. But, sometimes, those efforts just aren't enough. You need to take a few extra steps to retain your radiance and complexion. At the Esthetic Clinic, your skin is in the hands of the best specialists that will help you retain your confidence and beauty with our variety of skin care treatments.

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Over 20,000

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Types of Skin Care Treatments

Dark Circles Treatment

Dark Circles Treatment

A variety of approaches for treating dark circles include mesotherapy, chemical peels like, but not restricted to, Arginine peels, lactic peels, pigment reduction laser treatments and other such treatments.

Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery

Reduce those fat deposits in your body with the liposuction cosmetic process. The most popular liposuction treatments include ultrasound lipolysis, Laser Liposuction, and Lipolysis that are completely non-surgical treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

A long-term solution to unwanted hair all over your body, the laser hair removal treatment can permanently reduce hair growth with minimal side-effects.

Laser Scar Reduction

Laser Scar Reduction

A non-invasive treatment to reduce scars is through a laser scar reduction treatment. Laser treatment options include ablative and non-ablative lasers depending on the nature of your scar.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion Treatment

A treatment that cleans your skin by removing the outer layer of your skin, vacuuming the dead cells thereby leaving behind a smooth texture and facilitating the regeneration of new and healthier skin cells.

Liposuction Surgery

Spider Veins Removal Treatment

This treatment can help reduce the appearance of tiny dilated blood vessels that usually appear on the surface parts of your face and legs. The most common approach to combating this problem is through Sclerotherapy.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Acquire the type of skin that you've always dreamed about through the skin rejuvenation treatment. Another form of laser treatment, the results of skin lightening are very promising.

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Face Anti Ageing

Fractional Co2 resurfacing treatment eradicate wrinkles from the skin and gives a younger looking complexion. This is an impressive treatment of facial and non-facial photo damage. The fractional CO2 is a latest laser rejuvenation technology.


Yes. There are both non-surgical treatment procedures like the non-ablative or ablative laser, fractional radiofrequency techniques such as derma rollers, cryo rollers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Surgical treatments include acne scar revision surgery. In the end, the type of procedure depends on the skin condition to be treated.

There are two main types of laser treatment provided at The Esthetic Clinics - ablative and non-ablative laser. Ablative fractional carbon dioxide laser is considered as the best option for laser resurfacing. Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinic has specialized in laser treatment for skin problems who will help solve your problems.

This depends from person to person, on the skin ailment, and its treatment method. Most laser treatment procedures have 4 to 6 sittings with spread across at least 6-week intervals in between them. It is important to have realistic standards when undergoing any kind of treatment.

Largely, there are no side effects to current skin care treatment procedures. If any side effects are seen then it depends on the medication being taken and the treatment method. Side effects of drugs taken may include dry skin and irritation, dizziness. It can also affect pregnant women negatively. Most of these side effects are temporary but one should always make sure that they are being treated by a team of credible doctors like those at The Esthetic Clinics.

With good skin care and a healthy lifestyle, most skin care treatments can last a lifetime. This may differ in individual cases or if a person has a complicated skin problem. It is important to communicate your problem to a doctor such as Dr. Rinky Kapoor who takes the time to completely understand your problem and present a solution which can last a long time.

Awarded as Best Dermatologist & Best Cosmetic Dermatologist in India

Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist, and Skin Laser Expert, Dr. Rinky Kapoor, MBBS, DDV, MD, Fellow – National Skin Centre (Singapore), Fellow – Stanford University, USA, is one of the most well-renowned dermatologists in India today. Currently, Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a Chief Coordinator, organizer of the core committee of the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India.

Rink Kapoor

Dr. Rinky Kapoor

Expert Cosmetic Dermatologist in India

  • Experience in a variety of areas within skin care and dermatology like Microdermabrasion and dermal fillers, Mesotherapy for cellulite reduction, fat reduction, hair regrowth, Cryotherapies, and Skin-grafting Chemical Peels and various laser treatments, Scalp disorders, Scar revision surgeries, Dermatologic Phototherapy, Tattoo removal, Non-
  • Innovator and contributor behind the revolutionary QR678 Mesotherapy solution for hair loss treatment.
  • Mentor to STRAUMANN (World’s No. 1 Implants), a Speaker at OSSTEM Implants, & a Mentor to ADIN Implants.
  • Awarded the 'Best Dermatologist in India', 2015-2016, and The Most Valuable and Admired Cosmetic Dermatologist in India, 2015.

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What our patients have to say

" I began to feel very uncomfortable in public gathering because of birthmark on my face even people were making fun of me. One of my friends suggested me to visit The Esthetic Clinics, one of the best cosmetic surgery hospital in India. I visited the clinic and consulted about my skin problem. The clinic was neat & clean and the staff was very caring and attentive. After taking their complete treatment, I am happy with the result. I am very thankful to Dr. Debraj Shome for doing a wonderful job on my face. I would recommend everyone to visit there. "

" I have been suffering from a skin infection from the past few months and due to which I used to feel uncomfortable in front of the people. I was recommended by a friend to visit The Esthetic Clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery. At the clinic, I consulted Dr Rinky Kapoor. She was terrific in explaining the whole process. Due to her treatment, my skin problem is now completely cured. She also advised me on how to take better care of skin in future. She also ensured if I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I will suggest other people visit her clinic for all the skin problems. "

" I used to feel very uncomfortable in my appearance when I began noticing a lot of spots and wrinkles on my face due to sun exposure. Then, one of my friends suggested me to visit Dr. Rinky Kapoor’s Clinic. When I first visited Dr. Rinky Kapoor, I felt very easy to dReconstructiveiscuss my skin problems with her. The entire staff has always been courteous, professional, caring and friendly. I am exceptionally pleased with the results of the procedures I have experienced. Thank you, Dr. Rinky Kapoor. "

About The Esthetic Clinics

A conglomerate of clinics all over the country, The Esthetic Clinics are world-class facilities, with an aim to transform you into a better version of yourself.

The Esthetic Clinics takes pride in offering facilities rivaling the very best that is available in world class aesthetic care. This center which is currently located at the most reputed hospitals in Mumbai, India, is founded and headed by a renowned internationally trained expert Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome and a top internationally renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Rinky Kapoor.

  • Clinical labs equipped with the latest technology for any type of surgery.
  • Won and been nominated for multiple awards for several years.
  • Proud owners of our own QR678 Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss which has proven to be more effective than other procedures.
  • A multi-specialty clinic with highly-qualified and experienced doctors.

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