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Fixed Dentures Treatment in Mumbai

The mouth is one of the most versatile organs of the body. It helps us chew, is the reason of our smile, we talk with our mouth and also express our love with our mouths. The teeth are the crown of the mouth i.e. they have a far reaching impact on the quality of our lives. Having the perfect set of teeth means easy chewing and easy speaking and avoiding the horrors of tooth ache should be one of our primary health concerns.

We often take our teeth and gums for granted and the worst part is when we lose our natural teeth. This can happen because of various reasons such as tooth decay, ageing, gingival diseases or accidents and injuries. Missing tooth are not good for your dental and overall health and neither are they good for your appearance. The use of scientific advances and the outstanding dental expertise at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai can correct the missing tooth problem with the help of fixed dentures. 

Fixed dentures procedure in Mumbai makes it easier to speak and eat better than you could do without teeth. Dentures can be fixed or removable. Fixed dentures are used to replace the missing tooth or if you have lost all teeth in the upper or lower jaw line, or if the teeth have to be removed because of a diseases or any other reasons. Fixed dentures look, feel and work just like the natural teeth and prevent bone loss in jaw.

Who is a good candidate for Fixed Dentures?

How well you look after your teeth i.e. the upkeep of your oral health and the family history are two prime reasons of teeth loss.  Teeth loss can be age centric too and some people suffer from premature teeth loss because of poor gum health.  Fixed dentures treatment procedure in Mumbai is a restorative rehabilitation treatment that is recommended and done to restore the jawbone and other related issues and restore functionality to the mouth.

If you too have lost one or more teeth then you should also consider consulting one of the top dental surgeons in Mumbai for fixed dentures. Fixed denture is suitable for you, when:

  • You have enough jawbone structure.
  • You have healthy gum tissue/supportive tissue.
  • In the same arch, one, two, or more teeth are missing.
  • Healthy abutment teeth are present.
  • You are in good health ( i.e. have a good medical history)
  • You have the desire to have that prosthesis placed.
  • You are facing functional problems because of mixed teeth.

How exactly do fixed dentures treatments help?

Fixed dentures, as the name suggests, are non-removable dentures i.e. they cannot be removed. They are a denture device, which consist of acrylic teeth connected to a framework that is held in position by dental implant.

Fixed denture is prescribed for replacing the lost single tooth or complete set of teeth in the arch. These dentures are secured in bone with titanium screw. Dental implants act as roots of the natural teeth and help in anchoring the replacement teeth to jaw bone.

A fixed denture is multiple dental implants, which are attached to bridge. This prosthesis gives the results that are aesthetically pleasant, look and feel exactly like natural teeth and give improved functionally. Fixed dentures do not slip when you talk and eat. Most importantly prevent they loss of the jawbone.

Advantages of Fixed Dentures

Fixed denture treatment in Mumbai is the most affordable procedure among the rehabilitation of the full mouth procedures. Followings are some of the advantages of the fixed denture:

  • Aesthetically they appear better, because it look like natural teeth.
  • They allow the patient to eat and speak freely, because it will not slip.
  • It delivers even distribution of biting pressure.
  • It preserves the natural jaw line.
  • It helps to prevent the loss of bone from jaw.
  • They are long lasting because they are made of sturdy materials that are capable of handling daily wear and tear.
  • They are easy to maintain; no need to remove for cleaning.
  • Reduces the requirement of dental implants.
  • It supports the facial muscles and prevents sagging to maintain the youthful look.
  • They are more comfortable than the removable one.

Preparing for Fixed Dentures Procedure

When the dentist recommends fixed denture prosthesis, there is a determined course of action to be taken before the procedure, which is called preparation:

  • Appointment: At The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai we take appointments as an opportunity to provide care that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of dental services i.e. instead of just saying fixed dentures we will take great care in evaluating the condition of the patient’s mouth and then our top fixed dental surgeons in Mumbai will explain the entire procedure in great detail to you.
  • Counseling: The counselling stage of the preparation includes counseling regarding the patients expectations, and explaining the post rehabilitation procedure, which is a crucial part of the procedure. There must be synergy between the patient and the dental team regarding the perception of outcome. Patient is made aware of the number of visits that will be needed for the complete procedure and duration of fixed dentures procedure in Mumbai.
  • Evaluation: Oral examinations for dentition and then scanning of the jaw bone to determine the location for implant placement is done at every stage of the treatment.


What are the types of Fixed Dentures?

There are mainly three kind of fixed dentures that are used by best fixed denture surgeons in Mumbai:

  • The Ball-Socket fixed dentures, which require two dental implants.
  • The metals bar supported denture, which need four dental implants.
  • Hybrid fixed dentures.
  • Metal bar supported denture with immediate Implant loading.
  • Mini dental implants fixed denture without operation


Fixed dentures are also known as implant supported dentures. Dentures are permanently affixed to the jawbone. They are usually attached to roots of the natural teeth or dental implant. For the support from natural teeth, dentist must prepare the teeth for abutment and then place the bridge or denture. In case of implant gives support to abutment, the prosthesis is called implant supported denture. If one or more teeth are missing, fixed partial denture will be placed.  So basically fixed dentures are:

Full denture: These are suitable for the edentulous arch. It could be implant supported.

Fixed partial denture: These are used for one or more missing teeth. It could be tooth supported or implant supported bridge.

Implant supported bridge can replace one or several teeth and is needed to keep the prosthetic teeth in place. Two or more dental implants are needed for support.


Fixed denture procedure

Fixed denture procedure in Mumbai is a multiple sitting procedure. Our team of expert Prosthodontics in Mumbai clinic will guide you through the entire procedure in the counselling sessions of consultation.

The type of fixed denture and implants and the type of bridge, which will best suit your condition, will determine the length of the fixed denture procedure in Mumbai. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and after every sitting, you will be able to go home to rest and recoup.

The procedure begins with cleaning of teeth and nearby areas and preparing the area for receiving dentures.

The next step is fixing the implants. These ensure that the fixed dentures do not shift during and after the procedure.

Once the surgeon is satisfied, that the implants are secured properly then the artificial bridge is placed on the top of the implants, which connects the permanent denture to various caps placed around the jawbones.

How long do they last?

Fixed dentures are made of robust materials and they will last for about 5-10 years in most cases. With regular care and dentist recommended care, you can go without worrying about teeth related issues. However, with age, they will need replacement or repair. This is because with the age bone degeneration and muscle loss generally happens.

Fixed Dentures Treatment Cost

Fixed dentures treatment cost in Mumbai is primarily dependent on the number of teeth that need replacement. If you need only one teeth replacement then the price will be very low. When looking for the price of fixed dentures procedure in Mumbai do factor in the advanced dental technology available at the dental clinic and the dental surgeon’s expertise.

Fixed dentures are very viable option to restore your self confidence in your speech and smile. Many factors will affect the fixed dentures cost in Mumbai  which includes, the complexity of the denture required, the number of additional dental procedures needed like the number of tooth extractions, bone grafting, implants required, and the types of implants used and making of the bridges along with a aftercare.  The price of fixed dentures treatment in Mumbai will also include the cost of the facility.

Why choose The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai?

A beautiful smile and a healthy mouth are of great asset. We at the Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai provide our patients with the best and latest in world-class dental technology for fixed dentures procedures.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is a patient centric organization, which has the best experience in denture prosthodontics, includes the basic fundamental sciences, biomaterials, and occlusion. We deliver the technological perfection that delivers the perfect esthetics each and every time.

We have multiple dental specialists across every field that relate to patients and follow their needs to devise an individualized dental treatment plan that gives excellent and painless results. We use the latest technologies that use exact analysis of the oral problems before starting with the fabrication of the fixed denture.


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