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Mucocele Removal Surgery

Best Mucocele Removal Surgery in India

Be it small bumps or sores, growth forms in the mouth or around the skin all the time. Mucocele removal surgery has become a common line of treatment for treating such growths or a mucocele. Mucocele surgery involves a small surgical procedure to remove the cyst. Mucocele treatment requires minor surgeries and is easily accessible in Mumbai. Mucocele removal Mumbai cost is also not generally on the higher side making it perfect to look for the right mucocele removal treatment in India.

Mucocele's impact can be significant if they are larger in size. Generally, these mucocele cysts range from tiny one mm to two centimeters. Children or young adults often may develop mucoceles without mucus. Most of these are a result of lip biting or trauma. Older ones are more susceptible to mucus retention mucoceles without any dominant history of preceding trauma.

What Is A Mucocele?

Mucus-filled oral cysts are mucoceles present in the mouth. Mucoceles are common lesions of the mouth that form on several sites around the mouth post salivary glands trauma. Growths or lesions form anywhere on the body in general. Mucocele is no different. Mucoceles are now responsible for affecting every 2.4 people out of 1000. However, now there are simple surgeries and minor mucocele removal procedures available nearby to help get rid of these cysts instantly. Before deciding on what to do, make sure to get all the information by visiting mucocele removal clinics.


What Does A Mucocele Look Like?

Mucoceles are painless blisters or growths that form on the mouth’s surface. They are also known as mucous cysts or simply oral lesions. Mucoceles are like any other skin blister or bumps. Mostly these mucoceles are blue or clear in appearance. The smooth and soft surface makes their round shape appear more prominently. It is highly unlikely that these mucoceles would cause any trouble in terms of pain. But consider mucocele removal in case these blisters become a reason for uncomfortable chewing, speaking, or breathing.

How To Spot A Mucocele?

Mucoceles are easy to spot and identify. In most cases, people can spot a mucocele with its bumpy appearance alone. Visit a mucocele removal clinic to get an expert opinion on mucocele removal treatment. A doctor or a surgeon can diagnose the mucocele easily and can guide on how to get rid of it as well.

A doctor would be able to identify the cyst by looking at the mucocele in most cases. If not, they might ask to do a biopsy, ultrasound, or CT scan. Mucocele or cysts are often tiny round bumps that may appear anywhere inside the mouth. A mucocele varies from common skin color to be slightly blue in appearance.

Common traits of a mucocele:

  • Painless and moveable.
  • Round dome-shaped and soft to touch.
  • Pearl type or semi-clear or blue in color.
  • 1 mm to 2 cm in diameter.

Mucoceles often appear on the lower lip or the inner soft part of the cheeks. Many times these heal on their own and do not require any medical attention. However, there can be times when these cysts may cause difficulty in chewing, biting, or speaking. Such a situation might require medical attention for mucoceles removal. A mucocele can turn up overnight or all of a sudden. It is important to consult with an expert or mucocele removal surgeon to decide on the treatment and removal procedures.


What Causes Mucoceles?

Why and how these cysts form in the first place? Here’s how mucocele happens. Mucocele formation revolves around small salivary glands, responsible for producing saliva in the mouth.  Saliva travels from the salivary glands to the mouth from tiny ducts or tubes. These ducts can get blocked or damaged when trauma to such tubes or ducts happens repeatedly. Trauma like biting lips, sucking on lips or the inside of cheeks, or any other abrupt injury. Yes, even a hit from a football can cause damage and result in a mucocele. The sudden trauma causes the duct to get damaged and mucous build-up to become a cyst-like dome-shaped swelling.

Other common causes are:

Gland Tear:

Salivary gland tear can cause inflammation leading to mucus build-up is a mucocele.

Lip Piercing:

Lip piercing can cause infections if not done by professionals. Certified experts will always ensure clean and sterile instruments for such procedures.

Oral Hygiene:

Not taking care of the pearly whites can cause numerous damages to the mouth. Mucocele build-up inside the mouth is one of them. Make sure to keep bacteria away from the mouth as the bacteria can block salivary glands leading to cysts.


When To Visit A Doctor?

Mucocele is a harmless cyst mostly and would require medical attention seldomly. A cosmetic surgeon can decide on the course of treatment or mucocele removal procedure. Laser surgery or a minor procedure can get rid of mucocele cysts in no time. Make sure to follow the guidelines of an expert to discuss the procedure, mucocele removal cost, and aftercare.


How To Treat A Mucocele?

Mucoceles are mostly harmless until and unless they are causing any difficulty. Most of the mucoceles would disappear on their own in less than two months. Some might even go away in a couple of weeks too. A mucocele is not going to cause pain or much trouble. But, might become irritating and annoying. Give much attention to mucus-filled cysts to avoid any infection or bleeding.

There is no self-treatment as such. Also, there is a possibility of worsening the cyst if trying to treat it at home. Resist from touching the mucocele. Do not puncture or try to open a mucocele. Make sure to visit our clinic for mucocele diagnosis, mucocele removal surgery, and treatment. A doctor will help with the right treatment and steps to take.


What To Expect In A Mucocele Surgery?

Mucocele surgery or laser treatment to excise a mucocele are mostly single-day procedures. Some might even take as little time as 20 minutes. Search for mucocele removal nearby to find out more details about the available procedures and treatments. The mucocele removal procedure will typically be done under local anaesthesia for both traditional surgery or even mucocele removal laser treatment. A doctor would use a scalpel or laser to remove the mucocele and salivary gland. Mucocele removal recovery time is also less and patients can resume their daily routine shortly after the procedure.

Here are the important steps:

  • The doctor will disinfect the mucocele site.
  • Give local anaesthesia to numb the pain.
  • Remove the mucocele and saliva.
  • Follow up with the medication to alleviate the pain.


How To Get Ready For The Mucocele Removal Surgery?

It is nothing new to get scared of a surgical procedure or operation. However, mucocele removal haling time is very small, to say the least. Get an appointment at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai to get a consultation in place. Feel free to ask all small and big details like, mucocele removal price, procedure types, and what all to expect while dealing with a mucocele removal procedure.


What Are The Different Procedures To Remove A Mucocele?

Mucocele removal in India now has various treatment options to get rid of unpleasant mucoceles thanks to The Esthetic Clinics. Patients can choose their type of treatment after discussing with their doctor to ensure the right treatment.

Here are the common treatment options for mucocele removal in India:


Cryotherapy involves the deliberate destruction of the mucocele tissues by applying an extremely cold agent to freeze the mucocele.


Laser therapy removes the mucocele completely from the site in the mouth with minimal discomfort and scarring.


Mucocele surgery involves scraping off the mucocele from the mouth using surgical tools along with local anaesthesia.


What Does The Mucocele Removal Cost?

Like any other treatment and procedure, mucocele removal cost India is going to be based on the conditions of the patient. Everyone has different health conditions and requires treatment based on their conditions only. Mucocele removal surgery is not often very severe and requires minimal attention. But many other factors would allow only an expert to reveal how much mucocele removal nearby will cost.

Pre-existing conditions and post-evaluation requirements of treatment can alter the average cost for treatment. Ensure to discuss the implications and possible complications to get a heads-up of the cost of the treatment when searching for mucocele removal near me. Rest be assured of quality treatment given the popularity of The Esthetic Clinics and Dr. Debraj Shome in the mucocele removal plastic surgery field in India and abroad.


Do I Need To Follow Up For Post-Evaluation?

Mucoceles can reoccur if not removed completely along with the corresponding salivary gland. Make sure to follow the treatment steps as per the professional’s advice for mucocele removal recovery and aftercare. Most of the surgeries and treatments ask for follow-ups to rule out any adverse effects of mucocele removal. Celebrity surgeon Dr. Debraj Shome and his team have the best mucocele removal surgery and treatment plans for their patients at The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai. It is not news anymore that Dr. Debraj Shome is India’s best mucocele removal cosmetic surgeon with his years of experience and vast recognition.

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