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Braces Treatment in Mumbai

Usually the word braces brings to mind the images of the unsightly metal trap of brackets and wires. The braces have come a long way than being a cause of social embarrassment in the teens. Orthodontic braces or dental braces as they are commonly known are essential orthodontic treatments that are done to align and straighten the teeth. Braces help in

  • Correcting teeth positioning
  • Improve bite and dental healthy
  • Fix gap between the teeth.

Modern braces are made with hi-tech procedures that not only makes them pain free but improve the esthetic appearance of the teeth.

When and Why do you need braces?

Braces are a part of cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. They help in smile beautifications and they become a necessary orthodontic treatment for correct the extended or de-shaped teeth. The best time to start this orthodontic treatment in India is from the age of 12 years when the child’s gums and teeth have begun to take shape. Also it is advisable to do the orthodontic consultation at 6-7 years of age. Top cosmetic dentist in India suggest that you should take your child for a consultation to determine the suitability of braces. Some common reasons for getting braces are:

Crowded teeth or crooked teeth: This is one of the most common causes for this type of orthodontic treatment. When teeth are overlapping each other, they not only give unpleasant an appearance but can also cause tooth decay for the lack of proper cleaning.

Spacing: Not enough or too much space between your teeth is an indication for braces dental treatment in India.

Overbite:  When lower teeth that bite too far behind the upper teeth or the upper anterior teeth overlap with the lower anterior teeth too much vertically then the condition is called an overbite. Overbite correction is easier for the orthodontist when age of the patient less, because their jaw have not yet completely formed.

Overjet: When front teeth overlap the lower front teeth horizontally or stick out is called as overjet.

Underbite: When the upper front teeth bite behind the lower one, is called underbite.

Openbite: When there is a space between upper and lower front teeth.

Smile reconstruction: For the aesthetic reason or appearance of smile.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is very well known for its Braces treatment in Mumbai. Our experts in orthodontics and braces in Mumbai can address the various teeth issues. Today the modern braces can be used for adults too and they give fantastic outcomes for smile correction and bring the much-needed dazzle in your beautiful smile.


Types of BRACES:

There are several types of braces available nowadays. The type that is suitable for you will depend on various factors such as, the patient’s concern, type of treatment, and condition of the mouth, teeth and lips. Some basic types of braces are:

Metal braces- They are traditional metal wire braces. They are made up of stainless steel and sometimes a combination with titanium. Metal wire braces are most common type of braces in India and the least expensive ones too. These braces have a metal bracket with elastic (rubber) ties holding the wire. The self- ligating braces do not require rubber ties. Because they are most noticeable brace, you will have to compromise with looks.

Ceramic braces- Ceramic braces are more or less the same size and shape of metal braces, only the difference is that the color of the brackets blends with color of your teeth. These variants help to solve the aesthetic disparity caused by metal braces.  It takes shorter length of time for treatment.

Lingual braces- These braces are the cosmetic alternative to traditional braces in Mumbai. These are custom-made braces placed on the back of the teeth (that is the lingual side). So that it will not visible at all. However, these are costlier than the traditional ones.

Invisalign- As the name suggests, these types of braces are almost invisible, because they are made up of clear plastic aligners. These are much costlier than the ceramic braces. These can be used only for teens and adults. These required replacement every two weeks for better results. Invisalign braces in India are not used for complex orthodontic cases.


Braces Procedure:

Braces are the orthodontic treatment, which can improve your facial appearance and bite. This type of orthodontic treatment in India takes almost two to three years to complete and see the results.

  • The first step of treatment is to determine whether the braces are suitable for patient or not. The dentist must consult with patient and inspect the teeth thoroughly, and then discuss the dental plan and options of the braces. Selection of braces is based on their suitability and affordability of the individual. Typical time of the treatment takes six months to two and a half years, depending on the complexity and the problem of the teeth.
  • Your dentist will take some digital photos, x-rays and impression of the dental arch. So that the plaster model of your mouth can be created for braces design.
  • After placing the braces on the teeth, the orthodontist will place a separator (spacer) on the back of the teeth to create some space for the bands after two weeks. Spacer could be elastic or metal.
  • After the placement of the separator, the cosmetic dentist will apply a bracket using the dental cement or a light cure.
  • In the next appointment, the arch wire is placed between the brackets and fixed with elastics.

Arch wires are tightened frequently for desire result.  Braces are typically adjusted every 3-6 weeks.  After the alignment of teeth, post care is required like practicing good oral hygiene and use of retainer.

How do braces work on your teeth?

The braces work by putting constant pressure on the teeth, and move them gradually to the desired position. The pressure works on for an extended period of time. The shape of the jaw slowly adapts to this pressure. There is a membrane called periodontal membrane, which is present underneath your gums, and it controls the position of your teeth and it responds to the pressure that is put by the braces. One side of the membrane will stretch out allowing the teeth to move. The bar and bends then push it from the other side to create the space for the safe shift of the tooth. The bone remodeling process helps strengthen the teeth.

The arch wire of the braces is the one, which puts the most of the pressure on the teeth, while other parts like the brackets etc., work to hold them in the position. Every time your orthodontist tightens your braces or adjustments, you will feel little soreness or discomfort for few days.


Maintenance of braces

After getting braces on, you will have to take care of the oral hygiene as well as the brackets and attachments. You will also need to avoid certain food that can get trapped between the teeth, gums and the braces. These foods are – hard candy, popcorn, chewing gums and sugary beverages like cola.  Sugary and starchy food may lead to decay or tooth caries.

You will have to visit your orthodontist every two to three week for adjustment, and he will check the maintenance of oral health as well braces condition.

Post care after the braces treatment done:

You have to take good care of your teeth after the braces are off. Adopt the proper post orthodontic hygiene habit and keep your teeth healthy and straight for the rest of your life.

After the braces are taken off the professional dental, cleaning is the best way to remove plaque and stain which accumulate during braces treatment. You can also opt for a tooth whitening treatment. Braces removal should only be done by the expert orthodontist under clinical settings. While removing the braces it is quite common to feel a little pain and soreness but your teeth and gums will adjust quickly to the pressure free environment.

Wear your retainer as suggested by the orthodontist in Mumbai. It will take week or so to get used to wearing your retainer. Take a good care of retainer, by placing in the retainer case.

Some important points to remember when going in for braces treatment

  • You must clean your teeth thoroughly before the procedure.
  • The whole process of fixing the braces can take up to one hour.
  • On an average, you might be needed to wear braces from one year to two years for best results.
  • The time period of braces is dictated by your age the condition of the teeth. The treatment period variations are very common.

Check with the expert orthodontist in India to know about the best line of treatment for teeth correction using braces. 

How much will it cost to get braces in Mumbai? 

Average cost of the braces and orthodontic treatments depends upon varies factors like treatment plan (personalized), type of braces you choose, the complexity of the case etc. It may vary with the location of the dental clinic. Orthodontist will discuss all the information with you in a very first visit. Cost may vary due to duration of the treatment. After care and retainers are, also include in the cost of the orthodontic treatment.

We believe in providing high-quality orthodontic treatment at a reasonable price. Do visit our clinic and meet the team of experienced dental and orthodontist experts in Mumbai and get treated for beautiful smile that you deserve.

Why choose The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai for braces treatment?

We are your guarantee to the best and highly satisfied dental treatment near you in Mumbai. Our team of Qualified Dental practitioners ensures personal care with the state-of-the-art Orthodontic facility and latest facilities. Our team is dedicated to providing best oral hygiene support system along with personalized guidance every step of the treatment.

We appreciate individuality and care for can we help you be the best dental version of yourself, not the obsolete social standards!

We encourage everyone to consult our team of experts on their minutest of the concerns to have courage, confidence and decisiveness towards going ahead for such orthodontic procedures for better health and a dazzling future.  


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