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Hair Treatment in Chennai

Hair treatments in Chennai

Who does not want to have beautiful hair beaming with shine? Everybody. However, changing times have now made having good hair days a thing of luxury. An increase in pollution in the environment, stress, aging, etcetera can cause the hair to become weaker. Hair fall is common for young and older people now. Hair fall treatments in Chennai can save your hair with an early diagnosis of the root cause at The Esthetic Clinics. Book your appointment today to get your hair analysis and begin with your hair regrowth journey.


Hair is made up of dead cells but is a prominent feature of one's personality. Hair fall can cause the hair follicles to become dormant and diminish the overall hair growth with time. Having beautiful healthy hair is everybody’s desire. However, most people struggle to maintain healthy hair because of various factors such as falling hair, alopecia, baldness, etc. Getting a cosmetic hair treatment at the best hair clinic in Chennai can be the perfect choice for all those people going through hair troubles. 


What Is A Hair Treatment?

Hair treatments are procedures aiming at improving the hair condition of a patient. Various factors such as stress, pollution, heredity, etcetera can cause a person to lose hair before time. Aging factors are known to make hair fall. However, these hair-related problems can cause them to vanish sooner. Hair treatments in Chennai such as medication, surgical, and non-invasive treatments can help a person regain their hair. 


Hair treatment in Chennai is now available at The Esthetic Clinics with the best hair doctor in Chennai. People do not have to worry about their falling hair anymore as Dr. Debraj Shome & Dr. Rinky Kapoor are here for their rescue. The best cosmetic surgeon in Chennai along with the best trichologist in Chennai has been working on the hair fall issue for a long time. They have now achieved successful treatment procedures that can help them to put hair fall to stop. 


Hair Treatment Procedures

Several problems are linked to hair such as hair fall, frizzy hair, hair thinning, baldness, bald patches, etcetera. Based on the condition of the hair and other factors, a patient can discuss their possible treatment options with the best hair doctors in ChennaiThe Esthetic Clinics have the best trichologist in Chennai who might be able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a patient with hair problems successfully. Here are the common hair treatments:


  • Medication

Losing hair can be gloomy for everyone. Having constant demotivation about how one looks with significantly losing hair or baldness can impact the well-being of a person. Hair fall treatment in Chennai includes medication treatment as well. In many cases, early hair fall diagnosis and taking medication in time can help a person have faster positive results. Visit any hair treatment clinics in Chennai to get the diagnosis. However, make sure to consult the best hair doctor in Chennai to get started with proper treatment. 


  • Cosmetic Procedures

Hair loss treatment in Chennai would allow a person to find out more about their hair types and the severity of their hair loss. Most people delay the hair loss symptoms and focus on the significant hair falling only when it is too late. However, people should not worry as they have the best cosmetic surgeon in Chennai to their rescue. Dr. Debraj Shome & Dr. Rinky Kapoor has done remarkable work in the field of hair loss treatment. Make sure to visit the best trichologist in Chennai to get started with the hair regaining journey. Following are some of the common hair loss treatment in Chennai available at The Esthetic Clinics:


  • Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a procedure available at hair treatment clinics in Chennai that involves the transplantation of hair at the bald spot of the patient. The best hair doctor in Chennai would take hair from the donor site with healthy hair and transplant them to the hair-less area. Excessive hair fall can break the confidence level of any human being as the aesthetical value drops with bald patches on the scalp of a person. But people in Chennai do not need to worry anymore, as they can get hair transplant treatment at The Esthetic Clinics in Chennai to get shiny new hair on their scalp.


Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction are two variations of hair transplants. Both hair transplant treatments target the hair follicular level to ensure the best results after transplant. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is the process of transplantation of the hair follicular cells into the scalp of the patient. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a term used for the extraction of the healthy hair follicles from the donor site of the patient. 


  • Stem Cell Transplant

Stem cell transplant is a majorly less invasive type of hair loss treatment in Chennai. A person can opt for this treatment to treat hair loss conditions with much greater results. Our hair specialist in Chennai at The Esthetic Clinics would make sure to evaluate the hair of the patient based on various factors. After the diagnosis stem cell harvesting is done by taking the stem cells of the patient to inject them into the area that needs hair. Stem cell therapy is an effective type of therapy that can successfully grow hair naturally on the bald site of the patient. Choose stem cell therapy as this is a minimally invasive treatment and does not require the patient to stay in the hospital or interfere with their routine life.


  • Platelet Therapy

Another similar therapy to stem cell treatment for hair fall treatment in Chennai is platelet therapy. Platelet therapy is known as the Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP treatment. The best hair specialist would inject separated plasma platelet taken from the patient's body to the bald spot or hair fall site. In most cases, platelet-rich plasma therapy is known to induce hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles of the scalp. A patient can notice significant changes in a single treatment setting at The Esthetic Clinics. Being a minimally-invasive treatment PRP therapy is one of the safest procedures available at the clinic.


  • QR678

Our best hair clinic in Chennai is proud to announce the availability of FDA-approved hair loss treatment QR678. The QR678 is a revolutionary hair loss solution developed by Dr. Debraj Shome & Dr. Rinky Kapoor jointly at The Esthetic Clinics. A patient who has lost hair from chemotherapy, alopecia aerate, and dermatitis can get a significant result using QR678. The treatment involves a unique mix of polypeptides injected into tissues at the hair loss site. This mixture of medication is injected into the scalps of the patient in nearly various sittings to create a course of treatment.


QR678 is another non-invasive treatment that is based on the seven ingredients responsible for stimulating hair growth. The injectables work on the root level by promoting growth in the scalp of the patient. QR678 has now become a popular hair loss treatment in Chennai as the success rate is significant and patients do not have to go through the surgical procedure of hair transplantation. In fact, in most cases, people do not need to get a hair transplant after choosing to try the QR 678 treatment before surgical treatments.


Hair Treatment & Cost

Hair treatment cost would generally depend on the various factors related to the hair of an individual patient. Therefore, a hair specialist in Chennai would be able to help you understand the treatment and how many sittings would be required for the treatment. Hair treatment in Chennai would also depend on the expertise of the doctor. Choose the best trichologist in Chennai to see visible results from the first sitting at The Esthetic Clinics. Hair fall treatment in Chennai is not an ordinary procedure as the hair specialist should be able to diagnose the root cause of the problem causing hair fall. Therefore, it is critical that the hair doctor is well experienced and have expertise in surgical procedures. 


Hair transplant and other procedures require expertise as the invasive treatment cannot be done in any random facility. The Esthetic Clinics in Chennai are world-class cosmetic surgery centres with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment required for the treatment. Visit our clinic to discuss hair fall treatment with a hair trichologist in Chennai. The severity of the hair fall and the duration of the suggested treatment would help the patient understand the basic hair treatment cost in Chennai. 



What To Expect From The Doctor?

Hair fall and baldness can seriously diminish the level of confidence and lower self-esteem of a person. The best hair doctor in Chennai would help you understand the degree of hair loss a person is facing. Make sure to find out more about the treatment and associated implications before choosing any cosmetic treatment at a hair treatment clinic in Chennai. Ask your hair specialist in Chennai about the surgical and non-surgical solutions for your hair loss. Choose a hair treatment in Chennai that would suit your hair loss needs at The Esthetic Clinics.


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