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Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

Inverted nipple correction surgery corrects the constricted and flat nipples and enhances the shape of the breasts. Both men and women can suffer from inverted nipple or nipples. By nature, some variation in nipples is very common but nipple inversion results in an appearance of incomplete breast. Inverted nipple happens because the external muscle has poor strength and cannot sustain the powerful pull of inwards.  Inverted nipple can also occur because of short ducts in the nipple.  Inverted nipple surgery is a simple outpatient procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of your breasts.

Inverted nipples can make you feel insecure, self-conscious, and uncomfortable with your appearance. Most women face problems in breastfeeding with an inverted nipple. An inverted nipple points inward instead of outward, which means that the nipple ducts are too short to allow the nipples to point upwards. There are two types of inverted nipples: nipple retraction in which only the part of the nipple, generally the very tip, turns inward and gives the appearance of a small slit and inverted nipple in which the entire nipple is pulled inward and in some cases even below the surface of areola.

If you were born with an inverted nipple then it is not generally a medical concern and inverted nipple surgery can help correct the position of the nipple and restore the naturally correct look. However if the inverted nipple is developing slowing or if you suddenly see the inverted nipple then it is time to consult the doctor immediately. In some cases, the nipple can stick out after some stimulation but that is not a permanent solution to the problematic inverted nipple. 

Nipple inversion types

There are mainly three levels of nipple inversions and they are classified on the basis of their severity

Level 1: This is the most mildest stage of nipple inversion in which the nipple springs up to stimulation and remains protruded for some time before returning to the inverted position. The nipples look flat in appearance. No milk ducts are compromised and simple finger pressure around the areola can pull them out.

Level 2: In this level the nipple remains inverted at all times but can be pulled out without much resistance

Level 3: The nipple remains inverted despite stimulation or local treatments.  Milk ducts are constricted and need surgical intervention to correct inverted nipples in level three. Infections, rashes are common problems with level three inverted nipples.

Top plastic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics can assess the nipples to gauge the level of inverted nipples to determine the most suitable treatment.  Mild to moderate levels of inverted nipples can be corrected with non-surgical measures but for severe case of inverted nipples, top plastic surgeon in India will suggest Inverted nipple surgery for correction. 

What causes Inverted Nipples?

There can be many causes behind inverted nipples such as

  • Heredity or genetics
  • Lactation
  • Pregnancy
  • Trauma
  • Ageing
  • Male breast enlargement
  • Injury to the breast tissue leading to scarring in the nipple
  • Breast cancer
  • Medical conditions such as mastitis, duct ectasia and complications of breast surgery 

Inverted Nipple treatment

If you are concerned about the shape of your nipple because of problems in breastfeeding or for aesthetic reasons the best plastic surgeons in Mumbai will suggest various inverted nipple treatments:

Hoffman’s Technique:  These are specific exercises that you can do at home to draw out the inverted nipples. Place the thumbs on the either sides of the nipple, do no go outside the areola, and press them into the breast tissue while pulling your thumbs away. Do this on sides of the nipples.  Regular exercise (once a day) will help the nipple point outward. However with this type of inverted nipple treatment it is not clear how well it will work for every person or how long will it last. 

Suction devices: For mild and moderately inverted nipples, suction devices are the non-surgical method to correct the nipple. You will need to wear the suction devices under your clothes for long period of time. They are available in the market with the names like nipple retractors, nipple extractors, shells, and cups.  Suction devices work by pulling the nipple and loosening the nipple tissue. 

Nipple piercing to correct inverted nipples: Inverted nipple piercing is a slightly invasive way to keep the nipple in an upright position using jewellery. Nipple piercing is often done in cold rooms to that the nipple can be easily drawn out. Once the nipple is erect, the piercer will use a needle and thread to add a piece of jewellery to the nipple.  A stainless steel ring or a barbell is generally a preferred choice to correct the inverted nipple. You will need to change the piercing every six months. 

Nipple inversion surgery in India

When any of the other options do not work the cosmetic surgeon, will suggest a surgical procedure that will change the shape of the nipple so that it points outward and stays that way after recovery. Inverted nipple surgery is a permanent minor surgical procedure that will give you the normal looking breasts and nipples.

There are two types of Inverted Nipple surgery in India

  • Inverted nipple surgery in Mumbai to preserve milk ducts: For women who want to breastfeed in future this type of inverted nipple surgery in India can help by partially preserving the milk ducts.  This type of inverted nipple surgery in Mumbai is known as the parachute flap technique. Inverted nipple repair with this technique is done under local anaesthesia and you will be given a sedative before surgery. The plastic surgeon will make a small incision around the areola and lift the nipple and the tissue and stich it in new protruding shape. This way the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai are able to preserve the milk duct and there is generally no changed in the nipple sensation.  After closing the incision, the surgeon will place gauze over the operated area.
  • Inverted nipple surgery in Mumbai with detached milk ducts: This type of inverted nipple surgery is suitable for women who are not planning to breastfeed in future.  In this treatment method, the plastic surgeon will remove the milk ducts. This procedure is done under anaesthesia. Best plastics surgeons in Mumbai do this type of inverted nipple correction by making an incision in the base of the nipple, detach the milk ducts and tissues, and then reshape the nipple to the extended shape. The surgeon will then close the incision and apply medicated gauze.

Both type of inverted nipple surgery in India do not take more than one hour to complete and top plastic surgeons in India perform this treatment as an outpatient procedure. The goal of the cosmetic surgeons is to make sure that the nipple becomes erect, does not lose sensation, there is minimal scarring, and the inverted nipple surgery improves the appearance of the breast.  Nipple correct surgery in India can also be done with other procedures such as breast augmentation, gynaecomastia and breast lift surgeries in India.

The type of inverted nipple correction surgery that will be suitable for you will depend on many factors, which the plastic surgeon will explain to you during the consultation period.

How to prepare for inverted nipple surgery in India?

Top plastic surgeons in India will guide you on how to prepare for the surgery. Make sure that you follow the instructions and clear all your doubts with the surgeon before the surgery.

  • The choice of surgical or non-surgical approach will be decided by the surgeon depending on the severity of the inverted nipple
  • You will have to share complete medical history with the surgeon
  • The surgeon will conduct a physical examination of the breasts
  • You will need to give some blood tests for medical clearance.
  • You should stop smoking and avoid taking any blood thinners
  • On the day before the surgery, do not eat or drink anything for at least 12 hours before the surgery.

How soon can I see the results of Inverted nipple surgery in India?

 You can go home few hours after the surgery but you might have to wear the medicated gauge for a few days till your plastic surgeon gives a green signal after a detailed regular check-up, which happens five days post the surgery. You can return to work in two days after inverted nipple correction surgery. You can ask your plastic surgeon in India for pain medication if you experience discomfort in the operated area.

  • After the plastic surgeon removes the dressing, your nipples will be sensitive and sore for a few days. It is normal and this sensation will go down in few days.
  • Avoid doing any strenuous workout for up to one month after the surgery
  • The recovery time takes up to two weeks and the skin around the nipple will feel tight for few more days
  • The scar will subsidize in due time and if it itches you can ask your cosmetic doctor for a scar cream.

Inverted nipple surgery cost in India

The Esthetic Clinics has the most advanced apparatus, and state of the art amenities that are expertly used by top plastic surgeons and doctors in India to ensure that there is no compromise in patient’s expectations, health, and comfort.  Best plastic surgeons in India are known for their skill and expertise in cosmetic and plastic surgery like inverted nipple correction surgery, breast augmentation surgery, bread lift surgery in India.

The cost of inverted nipple surgery in India depends on

  • Cosmetic surgeon’s fee
  • The type of inverted nipple correction
  • Length of surgery
  • Anaesthesiologist fees
  • Hospital stay fees
  • Post-surgery follow ups
  • Medications

The inverted nipple surgery in India price also depends on the top cosmetic surgeon’s skill and expertise. The Esthetic Clinics surgeons have delivered hundreds of happy patients with superb results.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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