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- What is Rubella Skin Rashes?

German measles (Rubella) is caused by the rubella virus and spreads among humans through contact with fluids in the respiratory tract. The development (incubation) period of German measles is 14–21 days before starting to feel ill, and a rash accompanied by fever appears 1–7 days later. German measles occurs more commonly in the spring and summer months. However, if a pregnant woman becomes infected, German measles can cause severe damage to the unborn baby.

- Who’s at risk?

In confined situations such as military bases and schools, in young adults who have not been vaccinated. Most people are vaccinated against rubella as children at 12-15 months of age. A second dose is required before age 11

- What are the signs and symptoms?

  • Irritability, fatigue, headache, fever, and minor respiratory symptoms 1–7 days before the rash appear. Areas in the neck and other areas (lymph nodes) may become swollen.
  • Pink, flat spots begin to appear on the face. Within one day, the rash fades from the face  and spreads to the trunk and arms and legs.
  • Peeling often occurs later in the rash areas.
  • The rash may itch, and it is usually gone in about 3 days.
  • The affected child is contagious to others from a week before to a week after the rash appears.

- What is the treatment?

German measles is generally mild, and an affected child can be cared for at home. Avoid contact between the child and any woman who might be pregnant. Antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs are sufficient to take care of the malaise.

- How much would the treatment cost?

There is no effective treatment available for rubella. The treatment can be in the form of plenty of fluids and analgesics for relieving pain. Paracetamol can help reduce pain and fever. In general, a single consultation with Dr. Rinky Kapoor will cost about INR 1000/-.

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- Facilities at The Esthetic Clinic:

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