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Mole/Wart/Tag Removal Surgery

Best Mole/Wart/Tag Removal Surgery in India

Mole/Wart/Tag is the most common skin condition that is mostly unsolicited and can cause embarrassment. Treating without consulting a specialist can result in poor results for Mole/Wart/Tag removal, to say the least. People often try to do Mole/Wart/Tag removal by using over-the-counter products. Such practices can cause the patients to face disappointing results like scars or worsening conditions of the Mole/Wart/Tag.

Mole/Wart/Tag removal in Mumbai at The Esthetic Clinics allows patients to get safe and effective solutions. Like any other health condition, skin treatments require due attention and care. The specialists at our clinics ensure that patients are always getting leading-edge technology and expertise to get rid of Mole/Wart/Tag. People often chose to remove Mole/Wart/Tag in India for cosmetic reasons mainly. However, in certain cases, medical attention leads to the intervention.

Experts can suggest opting for Mole/Wart/Tag removal in certain cases where Mole/Wart/Tag can cause other problems. Commonly Mole/Wart/Tag removal is a general cosmetic practice in Mumbai and other parts of India.


What Is A Mole/Wart/Tag?

Almost everyone suffers from a bump or lump on their skin once in their lifetime. These bumps or skin abnormalities are often classified as skin moles, warts, and tags. Here is an elaborated guide on what these skin abnormalities are really.



Moles and birthmarks are pigmented spots on the skin that vary from dark colors to reds and pinks. Moles can be brown, black, red, pink, purple, and tan. Moles largely vary in appearance based on the patient’s age and other related factors.  Most of these moles are harmless and will not cause any pain. However, these moles or birthmarks can turn cancerous with time as well. It is critical to keep a check on a mole behaving differently like growing or changing size and appearance.


How To Spot A Mole For Warning Signs?

Make sure to keep a regular watch on the moles for checking on any growth or change. Also, it is wiser to consult a doctor if you are in any confusion. Here are the warning signs:

  • Moles larger than 6mm.
  • Check if the mole is bleeding or itching.
  • A rapid change in color, shape, or size.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Unusual or hidden location of the moles.



Wart is the skin growths that are the result of a virus on the skin. Keratin protein and accumulated dead skin are responsible for the formation of warts on the skin. These warts are mostly dome-shaped but can be different in shape based on the skin. There are many ways to treat warts, as different warts would need a different line of treatment. Some warts can even go away with a cold compress or any other topical solution and some might not go away so easily.


Skin Tag

Like an id badge hanging from the neck thread, skin tags are skin growths hanging loose from the skin. Skin tags can appear anywhere on the skin, neck, underarms, eyelids, etc. Skin tags are harmless and will not become cancerous in the future. Patients can consult with our experts to choose a treatment that suits their needs at The Esthetic Clinics to get rid of skin tags seamlessly. In most cases, local anaesthesia is also not required to remove the skin tags. Other ways to remove skin tags:

  • Freezing the skin tag.
  • Burning
  • Removing the skin tag using a sharp tool.


Why You Might Need To Remove Mole/Wart/Tag?

Mostly these unwanted growths on the skin are unsightly and an eyesore for patients. Mole/Wart/Tag can decrease the self-confidence in patients to a great extent. However, it is not the only reason to opt for the removal of Mole/Wart/Tag from the skin. In many cases, our doctors ask patients to get them removed for medical reasons. Opting for Mole/Wart/Tag removal surgery or laser treatment depends on personal choice more than obligation.

Once decided, these procedures and treatments do not take much time to complete. Patients can opt for their choice of treatment and go home the same day in maximum cases for Mole/Wart/Tag removal. Patients are not likely to feel any pain or discomfort as these procedures are done under local anaesthesia. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team at The Esthetic Clinics will make sure the patients are looked after well.


What To Do Before The Treatment?

Patients often get confused on how to discuss and act on their plans to get rid of Mole/Wart/Tag from their body and face. Our experts are always there to make the patient's experience as relaxed and convenient as possible. It is crucial to talk to our experts in advance to know what to expect before the treatment. The formal consultation before the procedure will ensure everything is taken care of for Mole/Wart/Tag removal.

  • Discuss

Discuss in detail what all are the point of concern before selecting the treatment for Mole/Wart/Tag removal. The results are going to change how such a site will look after the removal. It is a good idea to write down all the questions to ask the doctor. Explain your symptoms and history in detail. Point out if there are any concerns regarding the Mole/Wart/Tag cost. Organize the details to understand the Mole/Wart/Tag removal treatment thoroughly.

  • Plan

Our experts are going to assess each patient based on their symptoms and other factors. It is critical to plan out the Mole/Wart/Tag removal procedure to gain a better understanding of the procedure. Discuss with our experts anything that patient has to say. Ask for the Mole/Wart/Tag removal cost, sittings, and total expenditure in advance. Ask for blood work or any other post-treatment requirements.

  • Execute

Once the initial consultation and procedure are discussed and decided with our experts, get onto the customization and execution. Our doctors will ensure they execute the procedures based on patient’s requirements and evaluations. Dr. Debraj Shome has mastered the cosmetic field with his expertise to give the best treatment possible for Mole/Wart/Tag in India.


Preparing For The Treatment?

Mole/Wart/Tag removal treatment often is over in a single sitting. However, at times there can be multiple sittings required for more resistant Mole/Wart/Tag. Our dedicated team will help you with everything the patient is required to do and bring for the treatment day. We at The Esthetic Clinics will have discussed with you our best technique for Mole/Wart/Tag removal beforehand.


What Is The Procedure?

Every skin condition has its line of treatment. Similarly, Mole/Wart/Tag have different treatment plans varying from lasers to surgical procedures. It is alright to get a little anxious about such treatments and medical procedures. Our experienced and extremely caring medical staff at The Esthetic Clinics will ensure that they are always there for the patient.

In most of the Mole/Wart/Tag removal procedures, the doctor will clean the target area and numb with anaesthesia. Feel free to discuss with our experts if feeling worried about the procedure or ask for a sedative to calm the nerves. The procedure will depend on the various deciding factors of the patient and the time of the procedure will vary accordingly as well. Moles and lesions are generally removed using surgical tools like a scalpel or with laser depending on the treatment choice. A larger wound will be closed with sutures or dressing. Warts often are removed with freezing procedures and skin tags are chopped off using surgical scissors.


What Complications Are Possible?

Although the utmost care and attention are given to every patient, there are possible complications in every procedure. Scarring and pain are common symptoms after the procedures. Some treatments can make the Mole/Wart/Tag resurface or regrow. Our team at The Esthetic Clinics will make sure that the patient is looked after even after the procedure. Keep the following things in check to ensure the Mole/Wart/Tag post-treatment recovery is also going as planned after Mole/Wart/Tag removal.

  • The site becomes painful.
  • The site looks inflamed and red.
  • Any unpleasant odor.
  • Any fluid formation on the wound.



What To Expect From Your Doctor?

Experts at our clinics are well trained and supervised by the best cosmetic surgeon in India, Dr. Debraj Shome. He is the heart and soul of the clinics in Mumbai. Leading healthcare technologies and advancements are key to The Esthetic Clinics. Get the consultation booked for discussing any queries related to Mole/Wart/Tag removal in India. The Mole/Wart/Tag treatment cost will vary from case to case.


What To Do After The Procedure?

Patients should ensure to discuss the Mole/Wart/Tag removal treatment and aftercare in detail. Most of the procedures will let the patient resume their daily routine life right away. However, it is wiser to discuss any complications that can happen with the painkillers after the procedures. Experiencing some numbness after the local anaesthesia is normal and should go away in few hours.


Scar development is normal on the removal site. Avoid getting in the waters for few days after the Mole/Wart/Tag procedure. Any inflammation or swelling will go away in a couple of weeks as discussed according to the treatment. This scar will fade away with time and will depend on the type of treatment mostly.

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Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgery in Mumbai, India

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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Dr Rinky Kapoor - Best Dermatologist, Skin Specialist Doctor in Mumbai, India

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