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Face Clean-ups are a wonderful intervention to help rejuvenate the skin and maintain a glowing tone. This cleansing protocol is particularly recommended for everyone whose skin is subjected to extreme or consistent sunlight exposure. It is not unusual to see people with markedly oily skin accumulate dirt which ultimately blocks the pores on their skin, and it is for this group of persons that Face Clean-ups are mostly recommended. Anyone with dry skin can also have a clean-up done. That being said, clean-up is specifically done to remove debris, skin dead cells, and dirt from the skin. Moreover, Face Clean-ups may yet suffice to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads that have spread over the skin due to the habitual picking of pimples.

So, are you looking to have a face clean-up in India? The Esthetic Clinics is the place to go as the facility has got the resources and expertise that would ensure the successful performance of the protocol, leaving you with a pleasing outcome of healthy, glowing skin. Settling for a top clinic like The Esthetic Clinics in India will eliminate the risks that could arise from having your clean-up at a local beauty parlor.

How do I prepare for a face clean-up in India?

The first port of call is a visit to the dermatologist who will subsequently access your condition and provide you with instructions on the things you need to do before and after the procedure. Face Clean-ups do not typically require any rigorous diagnostic session although the dermatologists at The Esthetic Clinics will run a simple check to know your skin type. It is after this that he/she can select the right products and/or techniques that will be suitable for you.

Once the date for your clean-up is fixed, you will be advised not to use retinol or any other products on the skin a night before the procedure. Anything, on the contrary, could complicate issues and cause serious painful sensations while the procedure lasts.

What does clean-up in India entail?

The process begins with cleansing whereby a (cleansing) product is patted on the skin and allowed to remain for a couple of minutes before being washed off. The skin is thereafter subjected to steaming for about 5 minutes; this prepares the skin for the next stage i.e. exfoliation. It is at the exfoliation stage that the blackheads or whiteheads are being addressed & removed. The dermatologist then applies a cold pack to the area.

What happens after a clean-up?

Very mild swelling in some individuals with sensitive skin can occur after a clean-up but this can be managed with the aid of ice packs. You will need to stop face washing on the skin that has been cleansed and avoid the use of makeup for the next couple of days after your clean-up. To sustain the result; you should learn to keep your skin appreciably hydrated. So, apart from regularly moisturizing the skin, you should take enough fluids/water every day. Another important handy piece to have around after a clean-up is sunscreen; this should be applied whenever you’re going out of the home.

How much does clean-up cost in India?

The cost of clean-up in India should not place a burden on your purse. But arriving at a precise price will require that you meet with a dermatologist to assess your skin and identify the perfect ingredients for you. You can contact The Esthetic Clinics’ customer support for this purpose.


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