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Normal Skin

- Skin Care Tips - Normal Skin

  • Cleaning twice a day with a mild face wash, with pH same as that of the skin, and water and toned with something mild, like rose water. Avoid face washes with strong fragrances and agents like salicylic acid. Face washes containing very mild amounts of alpha hydroxyl acids can be used.
  • At night, to keep your skin's normal moisture- balance, apply a thin film of light moisturizer.
  • Any time your skin becomes slightly oily or slightly dry in any area correct these tendencies by following the advice given regarding these types of skin.
  • Cleansing may be followed by a mild freshener to keep pores tight and to remove traces of cleanser clinging to the skin. Use an astringent with a low alcohol content.
  • Avoid direct heat on the face-including that from blow dryers.
  • Guard against the drying, aging effects of the sun by using a sunscreen daily with a high spf and UVA protection factor and makeup products that contain a sunscreen.
  • Once every two weeks, stimulate the circulation and smooth the surface of the skin by using a exfoliating scrub and a nondrying mask. Exfoliate the skin to remove clogging of pores, and to remove dead cells which give a dull look to the skin. Don't exfoliate everyday since the skin may become more sensitive.
  • Monthly facials and regular dermatological treatments such as light peels and microdermabrasion are very effective exfoliating tools, and are widely used for skin polishing, skin glow and to prevent sagging and loose skin

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