Hair Treatment in Indore

Hair treatments in Indore

Hair loss and hair fall are becoming a struggle for almost everyone nowadays. Earlier, people coping with diseases and old age were the only ones to complain about falling hair or baldness. However, changing climate, atmosphere, lifestyle, and various other factors have given way to prominent hair loss problems in young and old alike. People are spending a lot of money on costly shampoos, oils, and dubious hair medicine products for hair fall treatment in Indore. However, not many results are visible even after methodical & careful application.


Hair fall or baldness requires meticulous assessment of the various factors based on the medical history and patient’s hair characteristics. A hair specialist in Indore at The Esthetic Clinics is now available to recure people from their hair problems. Visit the best hair clinics in Indore to discuss with Dr. Debraj Shome & Dr. Rinky Kapoor, both are renowned cosmetic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics. Thinning hair, lifeless hair texture, hair fall, alopecia, baldness, etcetera, be it any problem find the solution from the best trichologist in Indore.


What Is Hair Fall?

Hair fall essentially means excessive falling of hair from the scalp that might induce baldness or bald patches. There are several factors that can impact the degree of hair fall for an individual. However, in most cases, worrying about the excessive hair fall can further aggravate the condition. Hair fall can impact much harder on the self-esteem and confidence of a person as the hair are a crucial part of the appearance of everyone.


Thinning hair or hair fall can turn into more serious hair problems like bald patches or complete baldness. Therefore, it is crucial to visit the best hair doctor in Indore to discuss their hair issues. Hair fall treatment in Indore would depend on the individual’s lifestyle mostly.


What Is The Reason For Hair Loss?

Hair loss has become a problem of concern for almost everyone from young to old. Advance medical research and newfound treatments can help with hair fall problems. But every individual has different hair problems and the treatment is going to work only when factors affecting hair fall are kept in mind. Consulting with the best hair doctor in Indore can help a patient choose the most suitable hair treatment.


To understand why hair is falling, it is necessary to understand the root cause of the problem as well. Following are some of the common factors affecting hair in today’s time:


  • Underlying health conditions such as cancer.
  • Improper or unbalanced diet and nutrition.
  • Dealing with a high level of stress consistently.
  • Genetical or hereditary hair fall in the family.
  • Medicinal side-effects.
  • Sudden loss of body weight.
  • Excessive use of hair products & hair styling equipment.
  • Anemia


Hair Treatment Procedures

People now have access to the best hair loss treatment in Indore at The Esthetic Clinics. No need to travel to far-off bigger cities to get the hair care you need. You can get the best hair loss treatment in Indore itself. People residing in Indore and surrounding areas like Amravati, Ratlam, Bhopal, etcetera now have access to the best cosmetic surgeon in Indore for their hair worries.


Indore is a central location in Madhya Pradesh with very well connectivity to surrounding rural and urban localities. Choose the best hair clinic in Indore, The Esthetic Clinics for every hair problem to consult with the best hair doctor in Indore. Hair fall, frizzy hair, premature grey hair, dry hair, etcetera are various issues that one might be facing. Getting a hair loss treatment in Indore can ensure the problem is taken care of safely.


Following are the popular hair loss treatment available at the clinic:


  • Medicine

Oral and topical medications are readily available in the marketplace for the hair-related problem. However, every individual has different hair texture and hair fall causes. To ensure the hair fall medicine are suitable for an individual, it is important to consult with a doctor at the best hair clinic in Indore. Medicine courses can help in hair fall treatment as The Esthetic Clinics has the best hair doctor in Indore. There is innumerable hair medicine that can be used for hair fall treatments such as Minoxidil, Finasteride, Diphenylcyclopropenones or DPCP, or contraceptive pills, etcetera.


  • QR678

Dr. Debraj Shome & Dr. Rinky Kapoor both are notable names in the cosmetic surgery field. They have done a remarkable job in the hair loss field and jointly developed a treatment known as QR678 at The Esthetic Clinics. It is a non-invasive hair treatment that can significantly improve hair conditions. Being a non-surgical procedure there is no need to take leave from your work or get admission to a hospital. In fact, the treatment does not even need anesthesia as well. No breaks required from the routine life of the patient make this hair fall treatment in Indore one of the best.


  • Hair Transplant

Hair fall and excessive hair loss can create bald patches on the scalp. In such cases, a hair transplant is a popular choice of treatment to get rid of baldness and hair fall. Hair transplant is a procedure aiming at treating bald patches by transplanting healthy hair into the scalp. The procedure is done by the best cosmetic surgeon in Indore by taking healthy hair from the donor site of the patient to transplant them into the scalp. Hair transplant is available in two variations at The Esthetic Clinics:


  • Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE procedure that includes extraction or removal of the hair follicle from the donor site to the bald patch or recipient site of the patient. The method is used to take the unit of the healthy hair follicles that will be used for hair transplantation.


  • Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT procedure is a process that involves transplantation of the hair follicles taken from the donor site of a patient.


  • Platelet Treatment

Non-invasive treatments are the more preferred choice of treatment for many people suffering from significant hair fall problems. Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a non-invasive treatment that targets hair fall by stimulating new hair growth from the hair follicular area of the scalp. The doctor would take the platelet from the blood of the patient to get further treated at the lab to separate the plasma. The process is known to be significantly working for people going through severe hair loss. PRP treatment is a popular choice among people for hair loss treatment in Indore.


  • Stem Cell

Hair transplant is getting more advanced with new techniques and research in the field. Stem cell therapy is one such advanced hair transplant treatment. A patient can choose this treatment as this is one of the highly successful hair transplant procedures. One of the safest treatment stem cell procedures is available at The Esthetic Clinics in Indore. Talk to the doctor at hair treatment clinics in Indore for more information on stem cell therapy when discussing the possible hair loss treatment in Indore.


Stem cell hair transplant includes preparing the stem cells of the patient by reengineering them at a laboratory at The Esthetic Clinics under the guidance of Dr. Rinky Kapoor & Dr. Debraj Shome. The doctors take the stem cell to carefully inject them at the site of prominent hair loss or the bald area on the scalp of the patient. A stem cell therapy is known to activate the dormant hair follicles to regrow hair by stimulating the process.


  • Hair Cloning

Another advanced hair fall treatment in Indore is hair cloning by hair experts. Hair cloning is a process of multiplying the hair follicles taken from the scalp of the patient to transplant back into the scalp. The process requires the hair follicle cells to get laboratory treatment to get cloning of the cells. The hair from the cloned cells will grow naturally like the other hair follicles on the scalp of the patient.


Hair Treatment Cost

Hair fall treatment in Indore is not going to cost a fortune anymore. The cost is an important factor when deciding on the hair fall treatment in Indore. However, the prime deciding factor remains the consultation and treatment from the best trichologist in Indore. It is a good idea to fix a consultation with the hair specialist in Indore before getting started with the treatment. Earlier people had to spend a lot of money to travel to a different city in search of treatment but now they can get the best hair treatment in Indore too.


What To Expect From Your Doctor?

Hair problems can cause a lot of mental stress that can further induce more hair damage. Hair-related worries can seriously harm or trouble the peace of mind of a person. Therefore, early hair fall treatment in Indore can help alleviate the symptoms of hair fall right from the start. The best hair doctor in Indore is going to assess and diagnose the underlying cause of the hair problems before suggesting the line of treatment to the patient. Dr. Debraj Shome is undeniably the best hair specialist in Indore to get hair solutions.



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