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Tooth Coloured Filling Treatment

Tooth Coloured Filling Treatment in Mumbai

One of the most dreaded words that we never want to hear is ‘cavity’. Treating cavities efficiently and with long lasting results needs regular visits to the dentist. At The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai, we use tooth coloured fillings to treat cavities. Tooth coloured dental fillings are the most common and quick treatment option to maintain the appearance of the smile on our face. Tooth coloured fillings in Mumbai are one of the most efficient means of fixing tooth decay, and chipped, broken, and fractured teeth. These fillings blend very well with the natural enamel of the tooth and give you the natural look to maintain the integrity of the tooth.

Tooth coloured fillings procedures in Mumbai follow an easy, painless procedure to treat cavities and maintain your natural smile. The dentist at The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai are the qualified experts that you need to treat and keep the tooth problems away forever. 

What are Tooth Coloured Fillings?

As the name indicates tooth coloured fillings are fillings are fillings that match the exact colour of the natural nearby teeth so that nobody can tell the difference. The primary function of the filling is to protect and preserve the decayed and deteriorating teeth to prevent further decay and chances of reinfection.

Tooth coloured restoration and fillings is the dental procedure to restore the tooth from decay or crack. It is actually the filling material, which gives the appearance of natural tooth. Other than tooth coloured filling material, there are silver fillings or amalgam fillings etc. Since they are of the natural colour, you can laugh, chew, and smile all you want without having to worry about the artificial look or metal fillings shining through.

The tooth coloured filling materials are often referred to as composite resin. These are used to fill the cavity and are used when the natural tooth disinfected and cleared of all infection. They are an excellent alternative to the sliver fillings and are preferred by top dentists in Mumbai as a conservative, safe, reliable, and long lasting method to preserve the original structure of the tooth. 

When do you need Tooth Coloured Fillings?

Tooth coloured or composite fillings are essential for the visible teeth, reshaping and refilling. They are part of the regular dental treatment in Mumbai for people suffering from cavities, tooth pain, or tooth decay. Tooth coloured dental fillings treatment in Mumbai are advised to patients, if they have been suffering from or are bothered about:

  • Decay tooth or cavity of the tooth, which are visible during smile.
  • Cracked and broken teeth because of injury or accident
  • Visible space between two teeth
  • Worn teeth.
  • Uneven or damaged tooth because of misuse or genetic and those that can be corrected with minor reshaping of the teeth.
  • Partial crown on single teeth.
  • Sharp pain and sensitivity to while brushing.
  • Visible hole and hallow tooth (cavity). 

What kinds of Tooth Coloured fillings are available?

At The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai, we offer tooth coloured restoration that not only look great but they blend well with the natural tooth structure and are wear resistant. Our dental composites help strengthen the teeth and also offer translucency. Dental restoration by tooth coloured filling procedure in Mumbai is categorized as

  • Temporary: This uses materials like zinc oxide, cavit, zinc phosphate cement, glass ionomer. These mainly act as sealants and last for about 30 days. They are generally used post the root canal treatment i.e. performed the final fillings and for emergency procedures.
  • Permanent: This uses materials like ceramic, porcelain etc. These are used after treating and disinfecting the tooth and removing the damaged pulp and parts. They can last for several years.

Types of tooth coloured fillings

There are different types of tooth coloured materials available, which material will be suitable for you is decided by the dentist according to location and severity of case.  

In our The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai all different types of tooth coloured fillings are available. The extent of tooth decay that you have determines the substance that will suit you. The cavities in the teeth can be fixed with gold and silver (traditionally used fillings) or porcelain, of ceramic resin materials (new age fillings). Glass particles known as glass ionomer are also readily available. Top aesthetic dentists in Mumbai prefer the following materials for filling:

Tooth coloured composite resins: These are also known as white filling. These composites are made of glass, plastic and ceramic. They are very safe and strong and don’t have the harmful effects of mercury. The colour and shade of the composite is closely matched to the existing teeth. They are well suited for front teeth or the visible part of the teeth, because it gives a very natural appearance blending with enamel. These are one of the most popular filling materials. It will last for 10 to 15 years.

Ceramics: This material is made out of porcelain. They are more resistant to staining and abrasion then the composite. They are durable as well as aesthetically attractive. It will lasts up to 15 years and the cost of this type of tooth coloured filling is little higher.

Glass ionomer: It is made up of acrylic and a specific type of glass. Most commonly used for children and below the gingival line. They release fluoride, which can help to protect the tooth from further infection or cavity. They are weaker than the composite material, and have a life span is 5 years or less.

Porcelain filling: When large amount of tooth structure is lost or the restoration is needed for heavily filled teeth, porcelain filling is the best option. They are also tooth coloured and bond with the enamel. They are durable and stronger then the composite.

Fissure sealant: Most of the times our posterior teeth like molar and premolar have deep pits and fissure, and difficult in cleaning by brushing, it may cause decay. For filling of these pits and fissure, there are the sealants available called fissure seals. They will act as a barrier against the plaque, bacteria, and food particles.

What is indirect filling?

Indirect fillings are same as tooth colour filling procedures in Mumbai in which top restorative dentists use fillings like the composite fillings, except they are made in dental laboratory. It requires at least two visits for permanent placement. In the first visit dentist would take the impression and then send it to dental lab to make indirect filling. For time being, he will put temporary restoration on it. In second visit, he will remove the temporary restoration and place the indirect filling with the help of cement. These restorations are used when tooth does not have enough structure and not severely damage for crown application.

Top restorative dentists in Mumbai use two types of indirect fillings: Inlay and Onlay.

Inlay: They are very similar to the filling but filling done on chewing surface within the cusp of the tooth.

Onlay: They are more extensive. It covers the cusp of the tooth, and is also called the partial crown.

What Steps are involved for tooth Coloured Filling Procedure?

Several steps are required for the tooth coloured filling. They are as following:

  • If required numbing of the area is done by local anaesthesia around the affected tooth.
  • Removal of the decayed tooth structure or the worn out area, and make the space for filling material.
  • After that, acid etching is done for proper bonding.
  • Now, the filling material is applied in layers to fill the empty space.
  • These materials are hardened with the help of the light cure (blue light).
  • Now the dentist will shape the filling material as the natural tooth and trimmed if required.
  • The last step is finishing and polishing to give the final shape to the tooth.

Dental Fillings post-procedure care

It is advised to the patient to take good care of the filling and the treated teeth. Good care will help maintain the appearance of material and avoid shrinkage, discolouration, and crack in the filled teeth. Here are things to keep in mind post dental fillings procedure in Mumbai:

  • Do not eat or drink anything at least for the 2-3 hours after procedure done.
  • Follow all the instruction given by the dentist.
  • Take good care of oral hygiene at all times
  • If you feel any discomfort consults your dentist. In some patients, the filling takes a few days to settle down.

How long does tooth fillings lasts?

Depending upon the kind of filling material and the location of the tooth, filling can last 10-12 years. If the tooth located in a position, where constant pressure and movement from eating and grinding happens, it will lead to wear and tear of the filling.

When filling is no longer in good condition, it may cause crack, fracture, or decay of the treated tooth. Therefore, it is important to visit your dentist regularly for cleaning and maintenance of oral hygiene. The fillings can be easily replaced as many times as you want.

What is the Tooth Coloured Filling Cost in Mumbai?

The cost of using tooth coloured filling for treating cavities in Mumbai may very clinic to clinic, and it mostly depends on various factors including the extent of tooth damage and the kind of material used for filling. Other factors that affect the price of tooth coloured filling procedure in Mumbai are expertise of your aesthetic dentist, additional procedures used along with, the equipment used, and additional facilities provided to you. At The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai we aim to give you the best and in spite of offering the best, our prices will only compliment your pocket!

Why Choose The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai?

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai has been the first choice for national and international patients seeking expert dental care. We offer the best treatment offering high-quality and long-lasting implant-supported dentures. We have a diverse team of top dentists, dental surgeons, endodontists, and hygienists who are all highly qualified and experienced in carrying out complex dental procedures without any complications. Our everlasting commitment to competence, care, confidence, and trust is the secret behind our success.

Call us today for an appointment with the confidence and knowledge of getting the best dental care and treatment care in Mumbai and the Greater Mumbai regionOur Team of professionals extend same attention to your post-procedure care as they do to the procedure so, if you looking for dental treatment or enhancement call us today!

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