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One Wall Decompression Surgery

Best One Wall Decompression Surgery in India

One wall decompression is corrective surgery for a particular eye condition available at our clinics in India. The eyes are the most sensitive organ for any surgery and treatment of a human body. Especially when conditions are affecting eyesight due to certain factors. The eyesight of a patient can be affected due to pressure on the optic nerve or optic neuropathy. Therefore, it may be necessary to perform urgent orbital wall decompression surgery by top cosmetic surgeons to prevent any further loss of vision. 

Orbital wall decompression surgery in India involves the removal of the bony walls of the eye orbit, and this removal creates extended space for the inflamed orbital tissues. In many cases, the process can help relieve the throttling symptoms of the optic nerve and may allow recovery of eyesight.

Mild eye proptosis or bulging on the eyes can be treated with lateral wall decompression, creating extra space by removing part of the outer (lateral) wall of the eye orbit. Removing the eye orbit wall has the lowest rate of complications. One wall decompression or two or more wall decompression in most cases can provide a useful reduction in the signs of thyroid-related diseases. 

What Is The Need For One Wall Decompression?

Thyroid-related eye disease can cause orbital congestion in the eyes. If the symptoms of proptosis are minimal, one wall decompression surgery is not suggested, instead, squint surgery or eye muscles surgery may be used to improve any double vision. Eyelid surgery is another option that can improve the appearance of eyelid closure.

For mild proptosis cases, one wall decompression alone can treat by taking advantage of the adjacent ethmoid sinuses at The Esthetic Clinics in India. Patients at our clinics in Mumbai are educated about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the one wall decompression procedure including bleeding, infection, loss of vision, double vision, and need for any other surgery.

Why Does Thyroid-Related Eye Disease Occur?

Inflammation of the tissues of the eye socket of a patient can cause the signs of thyroid-related eye diseases in the eyes. Inflamed tissues of the eyes can become swollen and congested causing the proptosis or sore/red eyes of the patient. Swelling of the eye muscles reduces the ability of the eyes to shorten and lengthen eyelids which affects eye movements. 

What To Do To Prevent One Wall Decompression Surgeries?

At present, there are four factors known to affect the outcome for thyroid eye diseases which is why one wall decompression is needed. Two of the reasons are age and sex which are hard to change or control. The other two factors that can be controlled are thyroid gland activity control by regular checking by taking blood tests at clinics nearby and no smoking. In recent years it has become evident that smoking can seriously worsen thyroid condition-related diseases carrying a significant risk of blindness. Smoking is injurious for everyone, patients can visit clinics in India to get help which in turn may help avoid one wall decompression surgery as well.

What Is One Wall Decompression Surgery?

One wall compression surgery is a surgery that involves the removal of one wall of bone kind of muscles surrounding the eye orbit to allow the eyes to have space for excess bulging orbital inflammation. Surrounding muscles of the eye including nerves and other tissues of fat all fit inside the skull’s eye orbit. This orbit further has its corresponding organs, the brain and sinuses in place in the front and below. Between both orbits for eyes lies the space for the nasal cavity and sinuses.

Every part of the skull has a fixed fit of muscles and tissues to function perfectly. Most of the supporting muscles of the jaw and surrounding orbits have just enough space for them. However, when a patient is suffering from a thyroid disease that is affecting their eyes, these muscles can expand in size. The expansion can make the eyes have lesser space to suffice inside the walls of the orbit forcing the excess mass to protrude from the eye ahead. This can give way to a bulging of the eyes.

One wall decompression surgery by our expert surgeon at The Esthetic Clinics can help the patient with such condition to get better with surgical intervention to make space for the excess muscle mass. The decompression essentially means taking the pressure away from the eyes because of the enlarged and swollen tissue beneath the orbit. The surgery will gently remove the bony part of the eye from one wall and make way for the rehabilitation. Making way for the proptosis symptoms of the eyes.

What Are The Risks Of Orbital Decompression Surgery?

Like every surgical incident, one wall decompression surgery is a serious surgery that can have various risks and complications lingering with it. Patients are supposed to permanently alter the natural construction of the walls of the orbit. Therefore, the decision to go ahead with the decompression procedure should be taken into consideration only after a detailed and thorough consultation with an expert cosmetic surgeon

Here are some of the attached risks with the process of decompression:

  • Permanent loss of eyesight in the eyes with surgery or both of the eyes. However, the chances of loss of sight are rare but possible. A patient can choose to get one eye treated at one time to avoid the risk of losing sight in both eyes.
  • Blood thinners can cause critical danger to a surgical procedure. Therefore, most cosmetic surgeon would instruct their patients to stop regular medication used for thinning blood as early as 3-4 weeks before surgery. Heart patients would require a consultation with their cardiologist to make sure stopping the medication does not alter their health.
  • Bruising and swelling is a very common side effect of such surgeries especially when any sensitive organ is involved like the eyes. Swelling often subsides as time passes in the recovery phase.
  • Double vision can occur if it was not already a symptom or may worsen as an effect of this surgery in many cases. Again this is also a rare occurrence but is possible one wall decompression surgery complication. Scars resulting from the surgery will not be much visible as they melt into the laughing lines at the corner of the patients’ eyelids. 
  • Wobbling vision is another condition that can impact and irritate the patient a lot. In many cases, the patient might experience a wobbling sight whenever chewing or eating anything after the surgery. However, this condition would often settle soon in almost all cases.
  • Risk of losing a life. 

How Is One Wall Decompression Surgery Done?

After evaluation and assessment of the patient by an expert cosmetic surgeon, the surgery is performed under an anaesthetic. The patient might need to stay hospitalized for one night after the one-wall decompression surgery. The duration of the surgery depends on the severity of the case and whether wall decompression is needed in one or both eye orbits of the patient. The surgical operation can take around 3-4 hours depending on various factors. 

Eyes are covered with a padded bandage after the surgery which is removed the next morning. Patients are given an oral antibiotics course by their cosmetic surgeon. Prescription of steroids and eye drops is often advised with an appointment scheduled for a follow-up visit in two weeks’ time.


The Thing To Keep In Mind Before Surgery?

Our team at The Esthetic Clinics will discuss everything that a patient has to take care of before their scheduled surgery for one wall decompression. Here are some of the precautionary things to note:

  • Putting all courses of blood thinners on hold and prescription or non-prescription medication that might thin the blood significantly before the scheduled time of surgery.
  • Consultation with other doctors, such as a family doctor or patient’s cardiologist. 
  • Custodian arrangement and confirmation before the schedule of the surgery as the patient would need someone else to drive them home.


Aftercare & Recovery

  • Protective padded bandages are placed on the site operation. One of the best plastic surgeons would gently remove the pads before leaving for home.
  • The expert would also suggest suitable cleansers for face cleaning and maintenance following surgery.
  • Sleeping with an additional pillow might help to reduce bruising as well as swelling. 
  • Driving needs to be avoided, notably with double vision episodes of after-effects.
  • The patient should be careful of their sensitive eyes and schedule the appointment for a general follow-up after 2 weeks of the surgery with our team at The Esthetic Clinics.

Dr. Debraj Shome and his well-appointed team of cosmetic surgeons and staff will do everything in their capacity to evaluate and start the treatment promptly. Cosmetic surgeries require dedicated expertise and quality treatment at a clinic of trust. Consult with our expert cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for a better understanding of the surgical treatment and one wall decompression surgery cost. Dr. Debraj Shome, heading the team at our clinics in Mumbai has world-famous expertise in cosmetic surgery. Make sure to visit our clinics in Mumbai to get one wall decompression surgery treatment.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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