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Alveoloplasty Surgery

Best Alveoloplasty Surgery in India

Alveoloplasty is recommended to reshape and smooth jawbone. Alveoloplasty is a medical surgical procedure to reshape, re-contour and smooth your jaw bone where a tooth may have been extracted or lost. This is also used as a standalone procedure in preparation of denture implantation. Our doctors at The Esthetic Clinics commonly use this procedure in dentistry to facilitate removal of teeth, and to reshape or smooth your jawbone for fitting denture, and for other prosthetic and cosmetic purposes.


Why do you need alveoloplasty?

You can visit Dental Clinic nearby your location for alveoloplasty if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Extraction of tooth: In many cases, jawbones get damaged during tooth extraction procedure or after tooth or teeth are extracted. This mostly happens when more than one tooth are extracted. After tooth extraction, alveoloplasty is done to shape a jawbone to facilitate healing process.


In case you have multiple teeth extraction, the dentist may prepare your alveolar ridge. Alveolar ridge is usually prepared for smooth acceptance of removal denture or fixed dental implants in your jawbones.


  • Denture and dental implants: Our surgeon would do alveoloplasty to ensure that your jawbone is smooth to accept denture and fixed dental implants.


  • Reconstructive surgery: You may need reconstructive surgery for cosmetic purposes or other purposes like for making jawbone smooth for fitting denture. In many cases, jawbone reconstructive surgery is required after major/minor accidents or injuries. Alveoloplasty is done to make your jawbone smooth so that reconstructive surgery can be performed.


  • Thinning jawbone: Sometimes, your jawbones naturally start thinning which impede fitting of denture. Your jawbone may also begin to thin if you have missing teeth for over a period. Our surgeon will do alveoloplasty to ensure that your jawbones have sufficient denture settling place.


Preparation for alveoloplasty procedure in India

Alveoloplasty is a dental surgical procedure. In most cases, this procedure is done with tooth extractions. However, there are cases, where alveoloplasty is done as a standalone procedure to prepare jawbone for further dental implants etc. Like many other surgeries, the doctor would advise you to prepare for alveoloplasty. These advices depend upon pre-existing conditions of individuals but, usually, the surgeon suggest the following:

  • Personalized recommendations: Like fingerprint and iris pattern, our jawbone is unique. Our jawbone’s thickness, shape, size, bump, ridge etc depends upon our genes, general health, dental health, etc. At The Esthetic Clinics, our doctors would use personalized approach to ensure smooth alveoloplasty. You need to discuss all your pre-existing medical conditions with our surgeons, and they would accordingly personalize their approach and treatment.


  • Food and drink: Generally, the doctor would recommend no water or food after midnight just before alveoloplasty. This is recommended because most patients are usually given intravenous (IV) anaesthesia for alveoloplasty procedure.


  • Rest and relax: The doctor would always advise you to relax, de-stress and rest before alveoloplasty. It is always good for you to have a good sleep a night before alveoloplasty procedure.


  • Preparation advices: If you are more susceptible to infections, then the doctor may suggest appropriate antibiotics to you. In many cases, the doctor may ask you to mouthwash with appropriate anti-microbial substance.


What happens during alveoloplasty procedure?

Alveoloplasty is either performed at the time of your tooth extraction or after your tooth extraction - when your jawbone site has healed. It is common to give local anaesthesia to patients to ensure that alveoloplasty is painless and smooth.

Dentists at The Esthetic Clinics will make a small incision at the gumline and create flaps of gum tissue to expose the target jawbone. The targeted alveolar bone is contoured, adjusted and reshaped as planned using medical chisel or burr, dental drill etc. This procedure is very much personalized hence sometimes our doctors would do minor work like filing bone etc. Sometimes, as per individual case, the dentist would remove sections of bone to bring it to desired shape.

The dentists, commonly, use saline to regularly clean the dental surgical site during the procedure and remove the debris from the site throughout the procedure. It is common that your bone gets heated from dental drill during alveoloplasty procedure hence the dentist uses saline to cool the bone while cleaning it and save it from any potential damages.

After the procedure is completed, the dentist will thoroughly clean the wound and site with saline solution or water and close the gum tissues with proper stitches. Then, the dentist allows the wound and surgical site to heal properly.


Is alveoloplasty really painful?

At The Esthetic Clinics, our experienced dentists endeavor to make your alveoloplasty painless. Alveoloplasty is generally conducted under local anaesthesia or intravenous (IV) anaesthesia. We work on your pain management and alveoloplasty itself is usually not painful. You may hear the sound of various dental equipment and feel little pressure of these equipment during the procedure but it will be painless and you will not feel the pain.  


What are alveoloplasty post op instructions?

After successfully completing alveoloplasty, the dentist may suggest personalized post-op instructions to you so that the surgical site and wound heal smoothly. The dentist, usually, would suggest following instructions:

  • Anesthesia impact: You may go home after the alveoloplasty procedure. Anesthesia has different impact on different individuals. Hence, you would be advised to stay at home with your head elevated for few hours. You have to look for drowsiness as it is normal to have drowsiness after you are given anesthesia.


The surgeon would advise you not to drive vehicle for next 24 hours. You would also be advised not to use equipments like gas stove, electrical equipments etc. Some people have anesthesia impact for little longer than 24 hours, hence you should be careful till the impact of anesthesia is completely over.


  • Bleeding: It is normal to bleed after alveoloplasty procedure. The dentist may suggest you to keep gauze close to the surgical site with good pressure for 2 hours after the procedure. You can remove gauze after that to check that bleeding has stopped or not. The dentist may ask that you should check after every hour that bleeding has stopped or not.


  • Eating and drinking: The dentist may recommend you not to eat or drink anything till the oozing stops completely at the surgical site. You may resume eating and drinking after the bleeding completely stops.


You may eat regular food that is neither too hot nor too cold. You cannot take spicy and crunchy food for few days. You have to take plenty of fluids but no fluid with caffeine.  You cannot chew over surgical site for few weeks. You will have to rinse with salt water after you take food and before you go to bed.


  • Brushing: You may brush softly next day after the alveoloplasty procedure. You may gently rinse your mouth with salt water few times a day to keep your mouth clean and hygienic.


Cost of alveoloplasty in Mumbai, India:

Alveoloplasty cost depends upon individual cases. Alveoloplasty cost depends upon the size of surgical site, complexity of alveoloplasty surgery, pre-existing medical conditions, anesthesia given etc. At The Esthetic Clinics, you will be treated by best dentists and doctors at world class facilities. We can confirm you that our alveoloplasty costs would be quite competitive with high quality dental services. You can contact an Dental Clinic near to your location for first consultation and alveoloplasty price assessment.


Are there any risks of Alveoloplasty?

Alveoloplasty is a common procedure done to reduce tooth replacement, denture fixing, and dental implant complications. Our experts would ensure that you may not face any risk during and after alveoloplasty procedure. There are a few risks associated with alveoloplasty which rarely occur:

Excessive bleeding: This rarely happens but excessive bleeding is a serious side effect or risk associated with alveoloplasty. Even with excessive bleeding, it reduces over time.

Infection: Infection is a possible risk with all types of surgeries. Our dental surgeons would take all precautions to ensure that you should not get any infection during alveoloplasty procedure.

Anaesthesia effect: Anaesthesia has different impact on different individuals, some individuals come out of anaesthesia effect sooner than others. It also depends upon health and pre-existing medical conditions of individuals. You should discuss in detail with our dental surgeons about your health and pre-existing medical conditions to ensure this risk is minimized. 

Stitches: The doctor would advise you to avoid chewing on hard food items to avoid any opening of stitches. But, there are patients that have not paid serious heed to the doctors and chew on hard items that caused opening of alveoloplasty stitches.

Why to choose The Esthetic Clinics for Alveoloplasty?

Alveoloplasty is done to support dental implants or fixing fixed or removal dentures. Sometimes, it is also done for cosmetic purposes. We have extensive dentistry department where we provide almost all types of dental treatments including cosmetic and regular surgeries.

Our teams of medical experts are led by Dr Debraj Shome. He is a very well know celebrity surgeon who has provided excellent plastic and cosmetic surgeries to good number of celebrities. He has also been awarded the best plastic surgeon in India.

Our experts at The Esthetic Clinics would be able to offer you full range for dental services and treatments, including first visit/initial consultation, various types of dental surgeries including alveoloplasty.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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