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Tooth Coloured Braces Treatment

Tooth Coloured Braces Treatment in Mumbai

Remember the movies from 80s and 90s in which many children and especially the young heroine was shown wearing braces and was often mocked for it. Thankfully the dental technology has advanced so much that the metal braces have become a thing of past and have transformed into ceramic tooth coloured braces that are hardly noticeable but just as effective. These invisible tooth coloured braces are aesthetically more sound and give the same results as the traditional metal braces. Top dental surgeons in India use aesthetic transparent or tooth coloured wires in between the braces to improve the overall appearance.

What are Tooth Coloured Braces?

Tooth coloured braces in Mumbai are also known as ceramic braces or clear braces. They work the same way as the metal wire braces; used as orthodontic tool to straighten the teeth and fix the bite problem. They are consist of clear or tooth coloured ceramic brackets which attach to tooth surface and similar coloured wire or rubber bands, which provide invisible look or less visible braces look. 

Why Tooth Coloured Braces?

The tooth coloured braces treatment in India is recommended for most teens nowadays because this way they do not feel self-conscious while wearing them. Although the treatment method for both tooth coloured and conventional metal braces are same and so are the results. Tooth coloured braces are for the patient who wants orthodontic treatment but do not want to compromise with the looks.

This ensures the quick correction and a lower chance of brackets breaking due to the strain on the tooth movement. Ceramic braces are the good choice if you want your bracer to be subtle; because they are less noticeable from a distance. 

Are Tooth Coloured Braces right for me?

If you are in dilemma, which braces are right for you and which ones are not then the top orthodontists in India are the right people to guide you about your treatment and the requirements. You have the option to choose from the range of metallic to clear braces. Ceramic braces have some distinct advantages and disadvantages over the traditional metallic braces:


  • Ceramic braces are advised for patients who are have all of their permanent teeth i.e. teenagers and adults.
  • They are made up of translucent materials, so they are less visible. Adults and teens are keen to choose the invisible braces, because of looks.
  • Clear braces are more comfortable to wear than the metallic ones. They are made of high quality materials; and they don’t hurt the gums and corner of the mouth.
  • No discolouration of tooth.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are very durable and cost effective.


  • They are more expensive than the metallic braces.
  • They are less effective in some of the cases where major changes are required in teeth alignment.

When it comes to choosing the option between metallic or clear braces, it’s all depends on requirement and the cost. We at The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai, will be with you in every step of the way to make the right choice. Book your appointment and consult with our expert and experienced dental team.

How Is The Procedure Done? 

Just like the metallic braces, the tooth coloured braces are fitted in the front of your teeth. The tooth coloured brackets have clear metal wires running through them. The size and shape of tooth coloured braces differs from the metallic braces. The process of getting tooth coloured braces in Mumbai will last for about two hours. However, you will need to visit the best dentists in India for a few sittings before the start of the treatment to help them analyse your oral healthy and suitability of braces. If there is any requirement of any type of fillings or restorative surgery to be done then it is to be done before the start of tooth coloured braces treatment. Once everything is in place, the following steps are taken to install ceramic braces on your teeth. 


The orthodontist might put spacer or rubber bands between the teeth about a week before braces applied. It will create space for the band to fit around it. 


Cleaning and isolation:

Before putting, the braces the dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth and then isolate and dry the area completely. 


Bracket attachment:

Brackets are small ceramic devices, which placed on the teeth to hold wires. Tooth coloured cement is use to secure the bracket on the teeth. Then, blue light is used to cure the cement and make sure it does not slip or misalign.



To anchor the braces, the orthodontist will put bands around the back molar i.e. the metal bands, and also fix with adhesive. It will help to secure the wire.


Attaching the arch wire:

Once the brackets and bands are firmly in place, the orthodontist attaches the arch wire to bracket. The wires care carefully placed so that they do not hurt the gums.


The Esthetic clinics, Mumbai has a highly trained team of Tooth Coloured Braces Doctors in Mumbai who are specialized in performing the above procedure of installing tooth coloured braces using advanced technology incorporating latest hi-tech and state-of-the art equipment.


Duration of the Tooth Coloured Braces

Depending on the condition of your tooth the tooth coloured braces treatment in Mumbai can take about year to three years to completely straighten the teeth. Once your orthodontist in Mumbai is happy with your teeth alignment, he will remove them from the tooth and advice for you to wear retainers for some time.

What Happens After Tooth Coloured Braces are put?

Once your braces and arch wires attached, you should take care of it. Now you can return to your daily life almost immediately. Your teeth and jaw may feel pain and soreness for initial few days as your body gets used to this new fixture, the problems will resolve. However, there are few basic things that you must keep in mind post tooth coloured braces treatment in Mumbai:

  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential when ceramic braces are on. Brush your teeth twice daily. Interdental brush should be used.
  • Do not forget to rinse your mouth after every time you eat something.
  • Avoid some habits like; biting your lip, excessive breathing through the mouth, and pushing the tongue against your teeth.
  • Avoid the food items that causes discolouration of the braces or wire like tea, coffee, cola etc.
  • Initially eat the softer food items, as your teeth will be more sensitive to the treatment.
  • Your orthodontist will give you a list of food to avoid which are hard and sticky. For example- popcorn, nuts, sticky and hard candy, chewing gums, ice, chips, chocolates etc.
  • Avoid the hard food biting from front teeth, instead cut food items into small pieces and chew, for example the crunchy and raw vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.
  • Avoid smoking and taking any drugs as it can cause stain in braces.
  • Do not skip your regular orthodontic appointment.
  • If the ceramic bracket, band, or wire accidentally breaks; don’t panic, put some wax on the sharp edges, and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Mumbai for a repair. 

What is the Cost of fixing Tooth Coloured Braces?

Tooth Coloured Braces are very effective and offer discretion when getting your teeth straightened. The cost of tooth coloured braces treatment in India is slightly more than the metal braces but they are the most cost effective teeth straighten options. Tooth coloured braces are preferred by males and females who want their braces to be less noticeable but still want to enjoy a set of straight teeth. The price of tooth coloured braces in India varies with many factors such as your location, the dental surgeon’s fees, and severity of the problem. You can also opt for braces of other colours if you are feeling a little adventurous.

Whatever your reason for choosing ceramic braces, surely you will get the great result. 

Why choose Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai for Tooth Coloured Braces?

We at The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai use the approach of putting the patient first always. Our aim is to make sure that the tooth coloured braces treatment that you take with us give you a safe, comfortable, painless, and highly effective results. We have a team of highly experienced dental specialist who will ensure that right from your first assessment to the removal of retainers, regular check-up are scheduled to make sure that the result is confident and beautiful smile.

Our Processes of Pre & Post-procedure care is our speciality & USP. To add to that we at The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai have made it our mission to provide outstanding dental care with a commitment of honesty, compassion, quality, and integrity.








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