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Intraoral and Extraoral Hemangioma treatment

Best Intraoral and Extraoral Hemangioma treatment in India

Oral hemangiomas or benign tumors can develop inside and surrounding the surface area of the oral cavity because of the endothelial proliferation of cells. Intraoral and extraoral hemangiomas are the lesions and tumors of the oral cavity. Mainly oral hemangiomas would vanish on their own over time for some patients without the need for hemangioma treatment. 

Medical treatment and surgical intervention are available if these benign tumors grow with time or would interfere in functions like swallowing or speech. Our healthcare team at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai is best known for impeccable treatment care for hemangioma patients. Oral hemangiomas are relatively rare and most frequently happen around the lips and tongue in the mouth.


What Are The Types Of Oral Hemangioma?

An oral hemangioma can be of various types depending on the location of the lesion and depth. Oral hemangioma is so rare that it creates confusion due to its similarity to vascular malformations. Oral hemangiomas can broadly be discussed in the following categories:

  1. Intra-oral Hemangiomas
  2. Extra-oral Hemangiomas

Intra-Oral Hemangiomas

Hemangioma and the term vascular malformations are often used interchangeably. The similarity can induce confusion in clinical diagnostics of the condition. Intraoral hemangiomas are benign vascular tumors that occur inside the oral cavity of the patient. These tumors often affect the surrounding skin followed by bone and muscles of the oral cavity. These hemangiomas are present from birth but often are not diagnosed in time. Oral hemangiomas are the non-cancerous growths of blood vessels of the oral cavity.

Extra-Oral Hemangiomas

Extra-oral Hemangiomas are the lesion or tumors that are present on the surface of the oral cavity skin. Infants born to older mothers or prematurely with a birth weight of less than 1 kilogram are more likely to develop oral hemangiomas. Medical and surgical therapy can help treat such oral hemangiomas if these tumors persist through the adult age. Treatment is necessary in case the hemangiomas cause interference in speech, swallowing, and breathing.


What Causes Oral Hemangiomas?

Symptoms for intraoral and extraoral hemangioma can vary depending on the size and location of the tumor but most hemangiomas will cause no symptoms at all. The genetic mutations of a patient and hormones might play a significant role in oral hemangiomas occurrence. 

Oral hemangiomas can have significant effects on newborns or infants. However, there are only limited studies at present to determine for adults age groups. Most of the oral hemangiomas are painless and asymptomatic benign. Oral hemangioma of both types intraoral or extraoral diagnosis can be done on routine physical examination. 


How To Diagnose Intraoral And Extraoral Hemangioma?

The doctors at our clinics would usually look in the mouth’s inside and surrounding skin and tell if there is an oral hemangioma. If the diagnosis of oral hemangiomas is not apparent, an ultrasound, MRI test, or CT scan may be needed. When diagnosing oral hemangiomas, the following related conditions should also be given attention:

  • Vascular malformation
  • Vascular ectasia
  • Pyogenic granuloma
  • Granular cell
  • Angiomyolipoma
  • Angiosarcoma
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma
  • Lymphangioma


Symptoms Of Oral Hemangioma?

Oral hemangioma is compressible soft masses that could appear with significant color variations depending on its depth and location. Extraoral lesions or the one on the surface surrounding the mouth may show some strong red-tinted hue. It is much difficult to diagnose and visualize lesions that are deeper and may only appear as violet or bluish tinted discoloration that differs in color from the surrounding area. Prominent and darker shades of the lesions when the patient lowers their head can help diagnose oral hemangiomas. 


When Is Treatment Needed?

More often, oral hemangioma is more of cosmetic concern for patients than a medical one. This is why it is critical to talk to our specialists at The Esthetic Clinics if you have any concerns regarding the treatment or to discuss removal. The oral hemangioma may need to be treated in the following scenario:

  • The skin or the lesion breaks down and an open sore or wound forms.
  • It gets infected
  • It causes problems with breathing or eating.
  • It is very large or becomes a cosmetic concern, being on the face.


What Are The Treatment And Management Options?

Most intraoral and extraoral hemangioma would not need any treatment or significant attention because of their benign presence inside the mouth and surrounding skin. Moreover, oral hemangiomas have a higher rate of vanishing on their own. Following is the line of treatment for oral hemangiomas mainly categorized under two parts:

  • Medicinal
  • Surgical

Here is the list of intraoral and extraoral hemangioma treatment approaches:

  • Observation

The patient can keep observation on the lesion which can be a sufficient treatment option for most cases.

  • Timolol

In some cases, smaller hemangiomas can be treated by applying timolol gel to manage the surface or the extraoral hemangiomas effectively.

  • Propranolol

The oral medicine propranolol is significantly effective for treating several types of hemangiomas. Propranolol administration can help stop the growth of the oral hemangiomas and shrink the size in some cases. The majority of patients including children can tolerate the oral medication propranolol. However, propranolol is not a suitable medicine for patients with asthma.

If our oral hemangioma specialists at The Esthetic Clinics in India prescribe propranolol, doctors would be watching for any possible side effects on the patients. These side effects may include disturbance in sleep along with dipping blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate.

  • Intralesional Steroids

Steroid injections into an oral hemangioma can be an effective approach for stopping the growth and shrinking. These steroid injections usually would require sedation as there might be a need for multiple steroid injections on the same site.

  • Systemic Steroids

Oral steroids or intravenous administration of steroids might be required for patients who have a poor response to propranolol medicine, or those experiencing any side effects from the same. Steroids in any case are only put to use if necessary because steroids might reverse the benign growth delay. Dr. Debraj Shome has years of experience and high expertise in the administration of steroids to patients worldwide.

  • Surgery

When excess tissue inside the mouth or skin is left after the oral hemangioma resurfaces, surgical intervention might become necessary. Surgical interventions offer some definitive treatment plans for oral hemangiomas and are perfect for lip lesions. Larger lesions on the inside of the cheeks or tongue call for the removal of hemangioma tissue. Failure to do so can affect speech function or swallowing impairment and thus require the best cosmetic surgeon in the field.

  • Laser

Laser treatment could help with excess skin’s redness persisting after oral hemangioma treatment. Laser surgery can also help in preventing any damage to the surrounding skin tissues. The laser also lightens the marks of the wound after oral hemangioma surgery. Laser treatment removes oral hemangiomas from the top layers of the surface. In some cases, cosmetic surgeons use laser treatment to reduce the redness of the lesion and improve the appearance.


When To Give The Doctor A Call?

Call the doctor right away if the treatment area looks infected or has pus, redness, pain, open or broken skin, and fever. Certain conditions like patients being drowsy, not eating well, or having difficulty breathing should also require reporting to the doctors. The patient should make sure to inform our specialist in case of the following:

  • Running out of the prescribed oral medicine.
  • The patient refuses to take the medicine.
  • To confirm and verify the side effects of any medication.

If the patient is on oral steroids, the steroids/medicine must never be discontinued abruptly. Be sure to get the prescription filled every time before taking the last dose. The doctor will give you exact instructions on how to gradually withdraw the medication.


Recovery And Aftercare

After the oral hemangioma’s treatment or surgery, they might leave the following conditions:

  • Somewhat lighter skin
  • Smaller blood vessels
  • Stretched skin or wrinkling skin
  • Slight malformation of the skin

Cosmetic surgery in such a scenario can often improve any undesired effects. Dr. Debraj Shome is world-renowned to perform exceptional cosmetic surgery for intra-oral and extra-oral hemangiomas. Usually, oral hemangiomas do not require consultation with the doctor. Interventional surgery for the intraoral and extraoral hemangiomas is needed for extended treatment or severe cases. 


Complications & Risks

Complications linked to oral hemangiomas depends on the size and location of the lesion and might include the following after-effects:

  • Ulceration (the most common complication)
  • Haemorrhage
  • Dysphagia and failure to thrive
  • Speech impairment
  • Airway compromise


What To Expect From The Doctor?

Clinics and doctors have a significant role in patient reassurance about the benign presence of their intraoral and extraoral hemangiomas. Our team at The Esthetic Clinics maintains track of appointments of the intra-oral and extra-oral hemangiomas recovery period. Our surgeons and the team of specialists would discuss and educate the patients for any possible side effects as well as discussion about the cost of the intra-oral and extra-oral hemangiomas treatment.

Our clinics in Mumbai are well equipped if sclerotherapy or surgical resection is required. Interventional radiologists or oral and maxillofacial surgeons, respectively, will be involved to assess patients for intra-oral and extra-oral hemangiomas treatment. Our consultants will provide complete information about the risks and benefits of intra-oral and extra-oral hemangiomas procedures, and provide post-procedural monitoring and education.

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