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Cosmetic Smile Designing Treatment OR Smile Correction

Cosmetic Smile Designing Treatment OR Smile Correction in Mumbai

A smile speaks were the words fail. All living beings are attracted towards a smiling face and it is one of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments. A good smile enhances our self-confidence and also inspires a feeling of trust in the viewer. Cosmetic smile designing is one the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in India. Cosmetic dentistry in India a branch of dental science and cosmetic surgery that works on improving the dental aesthetics in terms of colour, position, shapes, size, alignment, and overall smile appearance.


What is cosmetic smile designing?


An attractive smile will give a boost to your personality and confidence Cosmetic smile designing in India works on correcting the facial appearance by working on the teeth, gums, and lips. Smile designing in Mumbai is a part of aesthetic makeover of a person. Cosmetic smile designing experts emphasize on harmonising the facial the dental composition. Facial composition includes soft and hard tissues of the face and dental composition involve specifically teeth and their surrounding tissues i.e. gingival tissues.

To plan a smile designing the cosmetic dentist in India will consider all the factors including medical condition of the patient, complexity of case and the aesthetic desire of the patient. For designing the flawless smile the cosmetologist will take photographs and x rays of the current teeth positions and jaw arch to make a study model and them plan a treatment for the desired smile and discuss the options with the patient.


Cosmetic smile designing procedures in Mumbai  includes combination of basic cosmetic dental treatments like restorations, cleaning, whitening of teeth, enamel shaping, orthodontic treatment, implants, root canal treatments to extraction of tooth, and some surgical procedure like gum surgery, lip reshaping etc. Top dentists in Mumbai use the digital software to give you an overview of the treatment and the changes it will bring to your face. With the expert cosmetic dentistry options at The Esthetic Clinics in India you will not only get the flawless smile but it will also help improve the oral hygiene and improves teeth and jaw functionality.



Who can get cosmetic smile designing done?


Anyone who wants a beautiful smile can go for cosmetic smile design procedure; they can be of any field of profession and a particular age group. It is not limited to a gender either; men or women both have right to be look good. Sometime there are deformities of lip or in dental arrangement, and it may cause functional interferences and these can be corrected before the cosmetic smile designing procedure in India. There is no age bar for cosmetic treatment; you can go for it at any point of time. Number of celebrities and youngsters are going for cosmetic smile designing to boost their social media and digital presence. There is either little or no disadvantage of smile designing procedure in India.


Is the perfect smile Long-lasting?


Cosmetic smile designing in Mumbai is an individualize procedure and with the availability of the various digital mediums cosmetologists can uniquely devise a smile that will suit your facial contours the best. There are minimal or no post treatment discomfort experience by the patient. With minimal care, you can secure your smile lifelong.


The cosmetic smile designing results are permanent and with little cosmetic care and regular appointment with your cosmetic dentist you will be easily able to maintain the results.




Which dental treatments are performed for Cosmetic Smile Designing?


The cosmetic procedure involves the analysis and correction of the facial and dental components.

  • Facial composition: It involves analysis of face profile and lips. The corrections are done with the help of either orthodontic treatment or maxillofacial surgery if required.
  • Dental composition: It involves the tooth structure and the surrounding soft tissues. Commonly used dental procedure for cosmetic smile designing in Mumbai are:


  1. Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening are also called as teeth bleaching. It is one of the most common procedures for cosmetic dental treatment. It is a safe procedure. Nowadays there are multiple options are available which can be done in-office as well as at home treatment. Laser whitening is also available, in which the laser is used to activate the whitening chemical and lighten the teeth. If your teeth are discoloured. The teeth whitening procedure helps the smile shine through.
  2. Reshaping: Reshaping of the tooth and enamel is the procedure to remove part of enamel to improve appearance of the smile line. It is used to alter the shape, size, and position of the tooth. It is also known as enameloplasty, recontouring, cosmetic contouring, and stripping.
  3. Bonding: In this process, a tooth coloured enamel like dental material is applied on the tooth surface, and then shaped into proper tooth contour, and hardened by using a light cure and then finally polished to present and even smile line. It is used to repair the chipped and cracked teeth. It is done in the form of inlay or onlay.
  4. Bridge: Dental Bridge is used for one or more missing teeth. For bridge, both side of the teeth of the missing teeth used as abutment for the bridge.
  5. Veneers: Veneers are custom-made porcelain laminates. Ultra-thin layer of it is applied on the tooth surface. These are bonded directly to the tooth. These are used for closing the gap between teeth; enhance the shape and colour of the teeth.
  6. Implants: These are the prosthetic replacements of the missing teeth. It has three parts; implant device (made of titanium), which inserted in the bone, second is abutment, for bridging and third is a dental crown or a denture, whichever is needed.
  7. Gum surgery: Just like the teeth, gums are also an important part of cosmetic smile designing in India. Raising and sculpting of the gum line is called ‘gum lift”. This procedure involves reshaping of the tissues and underline bone, which creates the symmetric appearance of smile. The gum correction also corrects the discoloration and hyperpigmentation of the gums. The minor laser surgery can also be done for the same, which is painless or bloodless procedure
  8. Orthodontic treatment: If your teeth are crowded and misaligned, so orthodontic treatments are there for you. These procedures are done as a part of cosmetic smile designing in India to correct the teeth alignments. Invisalign or lingual braces are used for this purpose.


Is cosmetic smile designing painful?

The cosmetic smile designing is painless procedure, until you require any minor surgery, implant, or extraction, and even then there is a chances of little pain or discomfort for few days. But with advancement of technology, it doesn’t have to hurt. Your cosmetic dentist will prepare you for the same beforehand.

How long does a smile makeover take?

Duration of cosmetic smile design procedure may differ, depending upon the complexity of the case. This will include the pre-treatment planning, counselling of patient, treatment and post treatment healing. The whole procedure might take anywhere between two week to four months.


How do I make sure that I get the best results from cosmetic smile designing?

At The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai, every procedure done by the expert cosmetologist or top smile designing dentist in India. If you follow the treatment plan and instructions of the dentist, you will get the brilliant and prolonged result. Post treatment care plays an important role in maintenance of outcome of the cosmetic smile design.

Why choose The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai?

As our name suggests we are The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai, we are the best smile-designing centre in the cosmopolitan! Our techniques and the hundreds of our patient testimonials are a proof of our eminent team of skilled and well-trained dentists who are committed to provide the best cosmetic dental services to you. With the best-trained staff and latest technology, warm and welcoming ambiance, advanced equipment, you can trust us to give you the perfect dazzling smile that you desire.

How much does a cosmetic smile designing cost?

The cost of cosmetic smile designing in Mumbai varies from case to case as every person needs different treatment procedures and combinations. While some cases only need some basic cosmetic procedures like teeth, whitening and bleaching so might need an extensive treatment such as teeth reshaping or orthodontic corrections and in some cases minor surgery too. The prices of cosmetic smile designing in India vary with the number of treatments needed for the complete results. The cosmetic smile-designing price in Mumbai also depends on material and technology used. Your cosmetic dentist will discuss the cost and the duration of the treatment with you during the consultation.

If you want to know the cost for individual requirement, then book your appointment with cosmetic dental officer near you. He will guide you the correct plan and procedure foe perfect smile.

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