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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Big breasts have been long since considered a mark of an attractive woman and most women envy the women who have large breasts. However, the down side is that larger breast bring with them their own set of problems.  Unusual proportion of breasts lead to several complications and health concerns such as :

  • Constant neck and back pain that does not go away with medications
  • Rashes on the underside of the breast skin
  • Thin white lines on the skin
  • Breast pain
  • Spinal problems
  • Increased risk of arthritis
  • Deep groves in the shoulder from bra straps

The size of the breast depends on many factors such as genetics, body weight, menopause, and hormonal activity. Most women also face the psychological embarrassment of large breasts and have to often deal with turned glances and sexual innuendoes from other men and women. They feel uncomfortable in doing strenuous physical activity and find it difficult in finding the right bra and clothes especially during the summer months.  Women tend to feel awkward with the breasts and tend to slouch to ease the discomfort and as a result, their posture appears sad and dejected.

The solution to all these problems is a simple breast reduction surgery in India. Breast reduction surgery is also known as Reduction Mammaplasty. Breast reduction surgery in India will take the weight off your chest in both literal and figurative sense, you will be able to walk better, find better fitting clothes and gain confidence in your appearance.

Breast reduction surgery India removes the excess fat, glandular tissues and the skin around the breast area to give a smaller and more proportionate size to the breasts. Reduction mammoplasty in Mumbai gives a firmer appearance to the breasts and gives a permanent relief from the chronic pain and discomfort. 

Is breast reduction surgery for you?

Top plastic and cosmetic surgeons in India recommends breast reduction surgery for women who

  • Have larger proportions of breasts.
  • Are suffering from breast ptosis.
  • Have chronic backache because of heavy beasts.
  • Suffer from frequent Headaches, shoulder pain and neck pain because of heavy breasts.
  • Are not able to reduce breast size through diet and exercise.
  • Have high BMI.
  • Have one breast larger than the other.
  • Have skin alteration in the sub mammary area.
  • Have stretch marks on the skin because of breast weight.
  • Are suffering from nerve problems because of poor posture.

Breast reduction surgery in India ranks in the top cosmetic surgeries in patient satisfaction surveys in India. Most women who have had breast reduction surgery are satisfied with their new shape and enjoy various activities with confidence such as dancing, walking, running and active sports. After Breast reduction surgery in India:

  • Your breast will get a lifted, firmer and youthful contour.
  • You will be able to wear bras more comfortably.
  • You will get a balanced silhouette.
  • You will be able to wear form-fitting clothes with ease.

What should I know about breast reduction surgery in India?

  • Breast reduction surgery in India is a surgical procedure that will last for about 2-5 hours.
  • The procedure is done under general anaesthesia.
  • You will need somebody to drive you home after the surgery.
  • Breast reduction surgery in Mumbai is suitable for women above the age of 20. Breast development continues up to the age of 20 and if you get breast reduction surgery before the age of 20 there might be a need to repeat the surgery later.
  • There will be some scarring.

Breast reduction surgery procedure:

Top cosmetic surgeon in India for breast reduction surgery will first determine your suitability for the surgery. The will do a breast examination, mammogram to check your breast health and the existing shape. They will then discuss the options with you and show the before and after photos of the difference breast reduction surgery will make in your body using imaging techniques.

Once you and your plastic surgeon has decided on the option and the amount of reduction that you want, the cosmetic surgeon will then review your medical history and run blood and other tests  to check your health. You will need to give up smoking and alcohol for weeks leading up to and after the breast reduction surgery in Mumbai.

Best plastic surgeons in India perform breast reduction surgery by removing the tissue and fat from the breast gland and some of the overlying skin. Top cosmetic surgeons for breast reduction surgery in India aim to preserve the nipple in such a way that it stays on the bridge of tissue and is translocated to a new higher positon and the areola is much smaller. Then the cosmetic surgeon in India will re-stitch your breast in the new shape.

Types of Breast reduction surgery:

There are different types of breast reduction in Mumbai and the size of your breast and how much reduction you want will help the top cosmetic surgeon to deice what type of breast reduction will be suitable for you. Top plastic surgeons in India will ensure that scars are minimal and not visible in normal clothing.

Anchor type or inverted T reduction:

In this type of reduction incisions are made around the nipple and then down the crease of the breast and along the crease under the breast. This is the most common type of incision method used by top plastic surgeons in Mumbai for breast reduction. In this type of breast reduction surgery in India, the cosmetic surgeon have the greatest freedom of manipulating tissue removal.  Through this type of breast reduction, surgery top cosmetic surgeons in India can achieve notable breast reduction and even correct asymmetry and sagging.

Vertical pattern or ‘Lollipop’ breast reduction:

In this type of reduction, the incision is made around the nipple and travels straight to the breast crease. This type of breast reductions surgery is suitable if your breasts are moderately heavy but the amount of sagging is very visible.

The circumareolar breast reduction or the periareolar reduction:

In type of breast reductions surgery in Mumbai the scar is only made on the areola. This type of procedure is suitable when only a small amount of tissue needs to be removed. This type of breast reduction surgery is also suitable when the size of only one breast needs to be reduced to match with the other one.

Liposuction Brest Reduction Surgery:

Modern techniques for breast reductions surgery in India use liposuction methods because they facilitate a faster recovery and have fewer post-surgery complications.  Liposuction breast surgery is less invasive, requires shorter time, and leaves behind undetectable scars.

Liposuction breast reduction surgery in India is suitable for women who need only moderate amount of reduction, have good skin quality and there is no sagging to correct. Incisions are placed under the skin and a thin tube is inserted in the breast to suck the fact and fluid from the breast.

Our expert plastic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics will discuss in detail about the most suitable technique that will give you the breast reduction to match your goal.

Steps of Breast reduction surgery in Mumbai

  • You will need to stop taking medications that are not prescribed by the doctor.
  • On the day of the surgery, the doctor will use a marker on your breast to mark the areas of incisions depending on the discussion with you and other considerations such as size of the breasts and the position of the nipples.
  • The cosmetic surgeon will then make the incisions.
  • The next steps of breast reductions surgeries in Mumbai is removal of the excess of breast tissue and fat and reshaping the breast and removal of the excess skin from the side of the breast.
  • The next step is repositioning of nipple and areola.
  • Depending on the type for breast reductions surgery technique used, top plastic surgeons will place gauges and mechanical tubes to ensure drainage of fluids from the breasts.
  • Next, the plastic surgeon will close the skin using sutures and surgical tape to make sure the scarring is minimal.
  • The gauge and surgical clothing will be removed after a few weeks while your recover.

Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery:

It is important that you follow the instructions of the surgical team post your breast reduction surgery so that you recover fast and are able to enjoy your new life as quickly as possible. Here are some basic things to keep in mind:

  • Temporary loss of sensation in the nipple area is common and it returns to normal slowly with time.
  • Avoid showering until the drainage tubes are removed.
  • If you have been advised to wear a surgical bra then make sure you get the right size as recommended. A surgical bra will be needed for six weeks after breast reduction surgery.
  • Do not apply ice or head on the operated area. It can lead to complications in the recovery
  • Take the pain medications regularly.
  • You can return to normal activity about 10 days after reduction mammoplasty but avoid exercising for six weeks after the surgery.
  • After six weeks of breast reduction surgery continue wearing surgical bra every time you exercise.
  • Any unusual symptom like fever, unbearable pain should be reported to the surgeon immediately.

Breast reduction surgery in India is a very safe surgery and you will see the results immediately after the swelling has gone down. The breast shape will continue to improve after 1.5 months after breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction cost in India:

The cost of breast reductions surgery can range from Rs.40000 to Rs. 3, 00,000. This is the average price and does not include the cost of other expenses related to breast reduction surgery. The plastic surgeon’ office will give you the details of the cost of breast reduction surgery in your city. The total beast reduction cost in Mumbai may include:

  • Operating room facilities fees
  • Anaesthesia charges
  • Medical test
  • Post-surgery garments and dressing
  • Prescription medications
  • Surgeon’s fees

Top cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai’s fees for breast reduction surgery will be based on his or her’s experience, the type of procedure and the location of the clinic. 

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for breast reduction surgery:

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for breast reduction is the most important decision in the entire process. Since breast reduction surgery is done for aesthetic improvement it is important that you chose a plastic surgeon who can reduce the breast size and reduce the discomfort caused by large breast. The primary goal of breast reductions surgery in India is to create beautiful breast shape that suit the natural contours of the body.

You can ask the plastic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics about how many total procedures they have performed and even view the before and after photos that match the patient’s that have a similar built like you .

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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