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Orbital Lymphoma Surgery

Best Orbital Lymphoma Surgery in India

Lymphoma is known as a type of cancer affecting eyes or orbital contents. Orbital lymphoma refers to specific cancer developing in the retina or the vitreous contents of the orbit. Visiting a clinic nearby or our clinics in Mumbai can help diagnose cancer. There may be chances of it affecting the optic nerves in the backside of the eyes. Most of the patients get orbital lymphoma in both eyes. Some might get lymphoma spreading to their brain as well. Such orbital lymphoma affecting the eyes and brain is known as nervous system lymphoma.

Orbital lymphoma can often result in various symptoms like eyeball redness, aching, protruding eyeballs, etc. Almost all of these cases are found to be non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma type. Orbital lymphoma is primarily associated with elderly people getting affected by cancer the most. Most of the cases are found to be suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Orbital lymphoma is a type of cancer that can cause a soft palpable mass that is mostly painless. These lesions can cause swelling and irritation in the eyes of the patient. Most cases at our clinics The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai are also seen with ptosis and excessive tearing. Elderly people mainly in their 60s and 70s are found to be at the most risk of getting orbital lymphoma. According to experts, older people are more prominently at risk with the disease.

People At More Risk With Orbital Lymphoma

Most elderly people who are already been diagnosed with some or the other underlying disease are more at risk. However, most of the people who are at risk of orbital lymphoma may include the following:

  • People who have an auto-immune disease like rheumatoid arthritis.
  • People with medical history or health conditions may affect their body’s immune system.
  • AIDS patients.
  • People on some specific medication like medication given after organ transplant to make the body not reject the organ.
  • However, anyone can develop orbital lymphoma but these people are found to be at more risk.


Orbital lymphoma symptoms can vary based on the severity and other factors of an individual patient. Sometimes these symptoms can have a non-specific clinical presentation. Most of the experts at our clinics would be able to help patients understand their symptoms. However, correlation with orbital lymphoma symptoms can only be verified with diagnostic tests done at our clinics in India.

Here are the symptoms that are found most commonly in orbital lymphoma patients:

  • Blurry or patchy vision.
  • Significant reduction in eyesight or complete loss of it.
  • Dotted vision or vision floaters, the occurrence of small lines or dots in vision.
  • Swelling or prominent redness of the orbital content especially eyeballs.
  • Extreme sensitivity to lights.
  • A rare occurrence can be seen of consistent pain in the orbital area.

Orbital lymphoma can occur inside the eye on both eyelids or in the back of the eyeballs. These onsets often form without bones and would have soft to firm types of lesions. These can be the involvement of the surrounding muscles, lacrimal sac, etc. Some cases can have more orbital lymphoma symptoms than others. These symptoms would change according to the severity of the case and other factors related to the patient.


Orbital lymphoma can have all too limited symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose and identify the problem early. The patient would have to consult an ophthalmologist at our clinics in Mumbai to get started with the diagnosis of orbital lymphoma. Consulting an expert is advisable once the patient has the above-mentioned orbital lymphoma symptoms or any small or big difficulty in their vision.

The best doctor at our clinics would confirm these symptoms over consultation with them. They might be using an ophthalmoscope to get a clear look at the problem. Most expert ophthalmologists would do a simple physical examination to check eyesight and movement of the eyeballs. Certain series of imaging testing would be able to help a doctor in diagnosis. Also, imaging would describe the exact extent of the cancer spread in the orbital cavity of a patient.

Sometimes our doctors at The Esthetic Clinics can ask for a biopsy as well. The biopsy is a process where the doctor would pick up the vitreous type of orbital content using the vitrectomy technique. The doctor would do this in a tiny procedure by using even smaller instruments to take out the jelly-like samples from the eyes.

Along with imaging tests like MRI and CT scans, the doctors at our clinics in Mumbai might ask patients for supporting lab work and testing. These tests can help correlate with other findings to get a more clear diagnosis of orbital lymphoma. Here is the list of the common lab tests done along with imaging:

  • CBC or complete blood count of the patient.
  • Rheumatoid Factor Test.
  • Rapid plasma screening or RPR test.
  • ESR or Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate.
  • Taxoplasma
  • Serum and immunoprotein test.

Of all the tests done to diagnose orbital lymphoma, CT scan and MRI imaging can give the most accurate representation of the diagnosis of the condition. Both imaging tests are considered a more reliable form of diagnostics than using ultrasonography for diagnosis.

Orbital Lymphoma Treatment

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the most common orbital lymphoma treatments in India. Depending on the severity of the disease and the criticalness of the patient’s symptoms, these techniques are used alone or in combination. In chemotherapy, a patient is given cancer-killing medication through direct injection in the eyes or through injecting in the vein. Sometimes these medications are directly given in the spine’s fluid.

Radiation therapy is an external treatment technique that revolves around using high-energy beams like a laser to put on the lesions or tumors. These high-intensity beams can shrink these tumors by killing the cancer cells in the orbital cavity of a patient's eye. Radiation therapy is sometimes used alone or in a combination of chemotherapy sessions. However, it also depends on the location of the cancer tumors or lesions for using radiation therapy in the eyes. Depending on the location of the orbital tumor, a doctor would do radiation therapy on one eye or both having cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is also used for targeting the cancer cells that are hidden inside the brain or spine of a patient. The process might help to prevent the orbital lymphoma to infect more cells and spread in these areas. Our doctors at The Esthetic Clinics are experienced ophthalmologists and top cosmetic surgeons in orbital lymphoma treatment procedures.

Aftercare & Recovery

Like most other treatments and surgeries, there is the significant importance of proper aftercare and recovery from orbital lymphoma. Despite being a strong and successful course of treatments, patients might see an onset of recurrence of the cancerous cells. Mostly these growths are seen in the bone marrow, lungs, or the parotid glands of a patient. Keeping track of the therapies along with regular evaluation of the site can help avoid a new-onset and orbital lymphoma complications.

Imaging tests like MRI and CT scans at regular intervals after the treatment is complete, can help avoid complications. These tests can become substantial tools in diagnosing and detecting residual content or recurring cancer cell spread. Our experts at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai say that patients should follow the consultation routine as set by their doctor after the treatment is complete. Generally, the patients are required to visit their clinic at every six months interval for two years after the treatment is complete. Thereafter, patients are asked to visit annually for a systematic and thorough evaluation.

Risks & Complication

Eye disease can have serious effects on the eyesight of a patient. Especially, orbital cancer or orbital lymphoma can cause serious damage to the eyesight of the patient. Orbital lymphoma complications may be responsible for causing permanent blindness if the cancer is left untreated or the case is severe. Radiation and chemo are also known for causing reversible but significant blindness. Sometimes these can also cause permanent damage to the eyesight of the patient. Damage to the internal orbital contents and its structures can cause corneal complications. 

What To Expect From The Doctor?

While in most cases, the diagnosis takes time as there are no common indicators, and people in their older age are more prone. Orbital lymphoma can become critical if not diagnosed and treated in time. Visiting our top plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist can help patients to make a timely diagnosis, treatment, and proptosis. Dr. Debraj Shome of the Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai is a well-known name for performing orbital lymphoma treatment and surgery. His expertise and advanced work speak volumes of the success of his medical journey.


The Esthetic Clinics in India are well equipped and have everything necessary for performing chemotherapy or radiation therapy on orbital lymphoma patients. Cancer and its spread around the orbital cavity might have a critical impact on the vision of the patient. Therefore, consulting the doctors at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai would allow the patient to understand more about the serious orbital lymphoma eye condition

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