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Asian Blepharoplasty-Double Eyelid Surgery

Best Asian Blepharoplasty-Double Eyelid Surgery in India

What Is Asian Blepharoplasty?

Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery procedure is a well-known surgical procedure in India for adding a crease on the fold of the existing eyelid of the eyes of Asian patients. Sometimes also referred to as Asian eyelid surgery or simply double eyelid surgery. Such correction procedure works on the skills and training of expert cosmetic surgeons in India who can create a natural-looking eyelid fold giving the appearance of a more naturally open eye.


According to various studies, many people are born without a crease in their eyelids. In fact, he or she might be the only one without the crease in their family. They might want to overcome this condition and choose surgery so they could look similar. Other such patients might just want to improve their physical appearance by changing the way their eyes look. They might want an easier way to apply eye makeup or widening the appearance of their eyes. The majority of patients in India, who have the procedure are interested in enhancing and retaining their Asian appearance.


How Is Asian Blepharoplasty Surgery Performed?

The type of procedure used at our clinics in India would vary depending on the cosmetic surgeon’s skills and the specific condition of the eyelid of the patient. Because Asian eyes structure is different than those having Western eyes, double eyelid surgery can be challenging. Adding a crease fold on the eyelid can be a complex procedure and a good outcome means finding a top celebrity surgeon in India who is well-versed and does many such surgeries every year.


Asian blepharoplasty commonly is an outpatient surgery in India that will only take a couple of hours. Patients can generally return home after the double eyelid surgery at our clinics in Mumbai.


The most common incisions for the surgery include:

  • One long incision, made across the entire eyelid of the patient.
  • A series of short, incisions across the eye in dotted formation.
  • Using sutures to draw up the eyelid and create a crease without making any cuts to the crease. 
  • Each of such surgical techniques has some unique benefits. 
  • The use of these surgical use will vary based on what our experienced plastic surgeons and patient decide is best for them.


The double eyelid surgery is done using any one of the following two techniques in India:

  1. Suture Ligation 
  2. External Incision


These techniques are effective for double eyelid surgery procedures at our clinics in India. However, the specific needs of a patient would be the deciding factor of which procedure the top cosmetic surgeon chooses. 


  • Suture Ligation Procedure

With suture ligation surgery procedures, the eyelid tissues of a patient will be tied and compressed. This is done after the skin of the eyelid is crimped and altered to create a more appropriately positioned new eyelid crease. 


Furthermore, once the eyelid is positioned in place, the new sutures will be tied to be buried below the skin of the eye. This technique of surgery creates a more static crease. This means that the crease will not soften or move in a motion as the patient would look up and down. But, the results of the static eyelid might go away over time as the eyelid sutures heal.


  • External Incision Procedure

The external incision type of technique makes the crease look more dynamically moving with motion after surgery. A dynamic crease would move and adjust as the patient looks down and up. It is prominently helpful for a patient with heavier eyelids because this type of procedure involves removing the skin around the crease including excess fat and muscle. The plastic surgeon performing the Asian blepharoplasty incision would mark the eyelid with the expected height and proper shape of the crease. As soon as the incision and excision are over the flap muscles of the eye are repositioned to get the desired crease shape and closed with sutures. The healing and recovery process begins after the closure.



What Is The Need For Double Eyelid Surgery?

Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery is used by surgeons to construct a better shaped and natural-looking eyelid crease of the patient’s eye. Most of the people looking for double eyelid surgery are the ones with concern about their looks and appearance of eyes. Asian Blepharoplasty surgery can address symptoms and concerns like the following:

  • Sagging skin of the upper eyelid crease.
  • Eyelid deformities or unnatural positioning.
  • Fold in the upper skin of the eyelid.


What To Expect From The Treatment?

Asian blepharoplasty surgery or double-eyelid surgery can create a crease over the eyelid that is more in shape and natural-looking. The surgery is performed with the above-stated two techniques by our top cosmetic surgeons. To ensure the patient is aware and informed about the procedure, follow the quick guide to know more about what happens before and after as well as during the surgical procedure:


  1. Before The Surgery

A patient who wants to get double eyelid surgery needs to take care of several aspects before surgery. The foremost thing before deciding on the type of surgery is to start early with the consultation at our clinics in Mumbai. Here some of the common things to take care of before Asian blepharoplasty surgery:

  • Start regular consultation at a clinic nearby.
  • Stop consuming blood-thinning medicines.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for weeks before the surgery.
  • Keep the stomach empty for at least six hours before the procedure.


  1. During Treatment

The patient should make sure to know what should be done during the treatment. Keeping a check on the procedure details can help to have a successful procedure. Here some of the things to be done during the surgical procedure for both types of treatment done at The Esthetic Clinics in India:

  • Eyelid tissue is indented in suture ligation after compressing to form eyelid crease by the plastic surgeon. 
  • The suture should be tied under the skin to create a new crease in suture ligation.
  • The external incision should start by marking the eyelid skin with the best cosmetic surgeon at our clinics in Mumbai.
  • The dynamic crease is made after the skin of the eyelid is excised and repositioned over the eyelid of the patient.


  1. Aftercare Of The Surgery

The patient would require to be extra cautious after their double eyelid surgical treatment. Moreover, the surgery can have some after-effects varying in degrees as well. Our team at The Esthetic Clinics would make sure to discuss the possible after-effects of the double eyelid surgical treatment. Things to keep in mind after an Asian blepharoplasty-double eyelid surgery in India:

  • Eyes can have swelling and bluish tinted bruising for few weeks. 
  • Discoloration of the white part and bruising in the eyes are common after-effects for patients recovering from double eyelid surgery.
  • Our plastic surgeon can review the state and ask the patient to resume public activities after two weeks of the surgery. 
  • Most of the patients recover fully over four weeks after the surgery. However, many patients can experience swelling for up to six months too. 
  • Patients with Asian blepharoplasty-double eyelid surgery should be avoiding any exposure to the sun for the next 6 weeks.



Recovery and aftercare start right away after the discharge from the clinic or hospital following the surgery. The double eyelid surgery patients at The Esthetic Clinics are advised to take the remaining day after surgery to relax keeping the head in elevated condition to avoid significant swelling. Our clinics are well equipped to have the patients stay overnight or head home to rest keeping the head elevated as suggested by a plastic surgeon. Cold compresses and ophthalmic ointment should be used over the eyelid repeatedly to the surgery site for faster healing. 


Our expert cosmetic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics are famous for their expertise in the field of cosmetic surgical procedures. The patient will have to endure minimal pain and can generally be managed with over-the-counter medication suggested by the doctor. Patients are advised not to watch any screen or read or put excess strain on the eyes for the following 24 hours.


Side effects of Asian blepharoplasty 

Side effects generally might include various conditions and symptoms like closing difficulty, blurry vision, bruising, bleeding, scarring around the crease, etc. Several conditions such as excessive bleeding and recurring dry eyes are unfavorable conditions for the surgery. Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery is not suitable for those patients who have prominently bulging eyes. 


How To Decide On An Asian Blepharoplasty Surgeon?

Doctors who specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eye work in osteoplastic fields are the ones suitable for such treatments. If possible, the patient should be looking for an expert with double eyelid surgery specialization in India. Make sure to interview your doctor well before deciding on the treatment. Ask how many Asian blepharoplasty surgeries they complete each year at their facility. 


The doctor should be able to provide plenty of before and after photographs of the double eyelid surgery treatment. Ensure the patient gets all the answers necessary before moving forward with the procedure. Dr. Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics makes sure their patient is comfortable and educated about any treatment done at their facility. He welcomes new and existing patients to his practice in various locations in Mumbai.

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