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Vascular Malformations Treatment

Best Vascular Malformations Treatment in India

What Is Vascular Malformation?

Vascular malformations are common abnormalities that are some localized defects of the developing vascular system. These defects usually affect vessels in restricted body parts. These lesion-type birthmarks are often confused with intravenous tumors too. Vascular malformations are different in shape and size for every individual. Vascular anomalies occur due to defects in the arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymphatics. The benign or lesions of the malformations can occur on the surface or beneath the surface of the skin. Vascular malformations can affect a patient’s blood vessels and organs.

Vascular malformations are often considered cancerous, but mostly they are benign. Be it for cosmetic concern or anomalies affecting other functions of the body as these should require treatment. Some of these anomalies can get in the way of vision, speaking, breathing, or eating. The Esthetic Clinics are well equipped with expertise and experience in the treatment of vascular malformations. Our team and staff will ensure that every patient gets the best vascular malformations treatment in Mumbai.

What Are The Various Types Of Vascular Malformations?

Most of the patients with vascular malformations have a combination of different types of abnormally forming the vascular network. One of these forms is the combined vascular malformation, also known as Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. This syndrome involves vascular malformations of the capillaries, lymphatics, and veins in the patient’s body. Patients with the syndrome might experience a mix of symptoms depending on the severity of the anomalies, including other factors.

Vascular malformations are of various types, broadly categorized in the following malformations:

  • Venous malformations
  • Lymphatic malformations
  • Arteriovenous malformations
  • Capillary malformations
  • Telangiectasias
  • AV malformation
  • Mixed Malformations or Syndrome

In the more general classification, Vascular malformation is further classified according to flow inside the lumen in two types.

High Flow Vascular Malformation:

If flow inside the lumen is high, then it is high flow vascular malformation. Arteriovenous malformations have very high-velocity flow in the lesion of vascular malformation.

Slow Flow Vascular Malformation:

If the flow is slow inside the lesion, it is a slow flow vascular malformation. Here are the three types of slow flow malformations of the anomalies-

  • Venous malformation.
  • Lymphatic malformation.
  • Capillary malformation.

Symptoms And Diagnosis

Most people with vascular malformations would experience few, if at all, symptoms. These vascular malformations would be present at birth, but symptoms would not show until the patient is 20 or older. Many people diagnosed with vascular malformation do not know they have abnormal formations or birth deformities. It means the vascular malformations are usually congenital. Vascular malformations symptoms can vary based on the location and condition of the lesion.

Most of the venous malformations will cause significant pain wherever the lesion or malformations are on the body. Vascular malformation sometimes could result in fluid leaking skin lesions as well. Venous and lymphatic malformations might cause a lump to form under the skin with an overlying birthmark on the skin. Lymphatic malformations in people often lead to becoming infected or might require repeated antibiotic treatments.

What Causes Vascular Malformations?

Vascular malformations are the result of vascular development disorders in the development period of a baby. During the phase of development of the embryo, various blood vessels get complicated and become vascular malformations. Vascular malformations or birth defects can vary in shape and size. Most of the malformations at birth can become more complex with time. The vascular malformation growth cycle is extremely slow depending on the type, making them difficult to diagnose.

These abnormalities are often related to hereditary or genetic disorders, there is more research work needed on relativity. Our team of experts works on every aspect of vascular anomalies to make an effective treatment plan for the patient. All the vascular anomalies must be treated at the right time in the very beginning. These anomalies can become dangerous with time affecting other critical functions of the body. More reason for a prompt diagnosis as soon as possible.

Our clinics have state-of-the-art pieces of equipment for the diagnosis of vascular malformations in India. Dr. Debraj Shome ensures the diagnosis is based on comprehensive testing, including ultrasounds, ECHO, ECG, genetic testing, etc. The proper diagnosis of the malformations will allow experts to devise a treatment plan fit for the patient. Sooner the better, without giving any chance to anomalies to grow.

What Is Vascular Malformations Treatment?

Vascular anomalies can be simple and complex at the same time depending on person to person individually. Our experts hence take a comprehensive diagnostic as a base for treating vascular anomalies. Based on individual diagnosis and type of malformation the treatment plan is discussed with the patient. Here are the most common treatments for vascular abnormalities:

Embolization Treatment

Embolization is a minimally invasive treatment procedure to tend to the abnormal blood vessels of the patient from the inside using particles. These particles work as glue to attach and shrink the malformations. There might be a need to surgically remove a malformation, do radiosurgery, a type of radiation in some cases. In such conditions, the doctor will start with embolization, shrink the anomalies and reduce the risk and chances of bleeding.

Laser Treatment

Our experts at The Esthetic Clinics use lasers to treat the lymphatic malformations in patients, primarily blisters smaller in size on the tongue and the lining of the mouth. The treatment happens under general anesthesia and typically require session every few years. Most or sometimes all of the blisters disappear after the patient heals and recover. However, the lymphatic vascular malformation can involve the entire tongue thickness, and lasers might not cure the malformation. Laser treatment can significantly improve the patient life by eliminating bloodstains, fluid leaks and allowing the patient to eat a wider range of foods.


Sclerotherapy is a treatment that helps treat venous malformations and lymphatic vascular malformations. Doctors inject a particle or substance through the patient’s skin into the vascular malformation. They use a particle designed to affect the walls of the vessel. This way blood vessel produces a blood clot, to effectively stop the blood flow in the area. The inner wall inflammation then can destroy the vascular malformations, and the body replaces it with scar tissue or sclerosis. This treatment eliminates the large disfiguring scars of the vascular malformation that might come with the surgery.


Vascular malformation surgery can be an appropriate treatment approach alone or in combination with embolization therapy or sclerotherapy treatment. If the condition is much complex, our doctors would take only enough vascular tissue to prevent recurrence of vascular malformation but avoid any disfigurement. Sometimes the doctors and experts under Dr. Debraj Shome will follow up the surgery with the angiography scanning as well. This is to see if the current condition would need to perform embolization treatment for long-term effect and stability.

The results of combined treatment for vascular malformation treatment have been extraordinary and able to remove lesions that previously were inoperable. In addition, a two-step approach will decrease the recurrence rate of vascular malformation and the number of repeat procedures necessary to treat these lesions.

How To Prepare For The Treatment?

Our experts and team maintain excellent patient-doctor coordination to discuss and plan treatment in due time. Most cases of vascular malformation will require a series of tests and diagnostics to get started with the treatment options. Patients would require to visit clinics for vascular malformation treatments in Mumbai. Doctors will then discuss the possible treatment options as soon as the patient is diagnosed with the type and severity of the condition. The patient then can discuss and understand the treatment plan and step-by-step procedure.


Most of the patients will stay in the hospital for one to five days, depending upon their conditions. Major advancements in imaging equipment for diagnostics have led to some great improvements and new possibilities in the field of vascular malformation treatment or surgery. Our doctor at The Esthetic Clinics will determine what additional tests they would need and explain your treatment options accordingly. Make sure to ask for the pre-treatment tests and process for the vascular malformation treatment.

What To Expect From The Doctors?

Vascular abnormalities might not always be the reason to cause problems but they would need due attention. It is better to always have a birthmark or birth stain checked. Not to get confused with moles or skin tags etc. A simpler approach is to distinguish the birthmarks in two groups, as one group that looks like is not causing problems as non-alarming and another group that might be causing problems or is alarming.

In the case they are diagnosed with vascular malformations, the family doctor would refer them right away to a specialist. Our experts such as (children’s) dermatologists or child surgeons for non-alarming abnormalities will be able to get the correct diagnosis for such birth defects and marks. For alarming defects, patients might be referred to a special multidisciplinary team of specialists. The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai are well versed with the required expertise for diagnostics related to vascular malformations in India. Our best cosmetic surgeons and specialists are the best hands to do vascular malformations treatment.

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