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Dr. Anita Babtiwale

Dr. Anita Babtiwale

Dr Anita Babtiwale is an ENT Surgeon and Allergy Specialist with 18 years of experience based in Andheri West, Mumbai. She is associated with Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Chembur, and Raheja Fortis Hospitals, Mahim

She has 10 years' experience of working in The Sultanate of Oman as an ENT Specialist.

She has been working with Dr Madan Kapre, Renowned Head and neck cancer surgeon and thyroid surgeon, NEETI clinics, Nagpur, and has worked as an associate consultant at Dr A B R Desai clinic, Renowned Otologist, Charni Road.

She has a post graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration and Medical Tourism from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.

She has a keen interest in Allergic disorders and is doing extensive research work in Allergy for the past six years. She has successfully treated patients with allergic rhinitis with sublingual immunotherapy. Her aim is to help more and more patients with allergic disorders. She has acquired certification as an allergy specialist from Sri J S S medical college, Bengaluru in 2015, and has online certification from the American Academy of Allergy and Applied Immunology.

She has been the Medical Director of Evexia Lifesciences, and has help pioneer in setting up their allergy related services.

She has conducted lectures and workshops for awareness of allergy skin prick testing and sublingual immunotherapy all over India. She has presented in Major national conferences.

- Key Areas Of Speciality

  • Endaural tympanoplasty: In this particular surgery only 2 stitches inside the ear canal are reqiured. It is Minimal Invasive Tympanoplasty in which a huge unsightly scar behind the ear is avoided.
  • Coblater assisted adenoid and tonsil surgery: Bloodless surgery using the coblator, a cold plasma wand which avoids the complication of excess bleeding and heat injury.
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS). Operation of the sinuses for sinusitis, polyps, etc done by endoscope avoiding any scars or incision on the face.
  • Allergy Skin prick testing and Sublingual Immunotherapy: Patients having sneezing, rashes, stomach upset, itching of eyes and other symptoms can undergo this test. It involves placing various allergens in serial order on the forearm and light pricking is done. In case of allergies a bump appears within 20 minutes at the site of pricking-bigger the bump, more the allergy. On the basis of this test customised sublingual immunotherapy is prescribed for the patient.
  • Sleep disorders and Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA).

- Positions Held

  • ENT Specialist Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Health from 2002-2009.
  • Associate Consultant, ENT, NEETI Clinics and Nursing home, Nagpur from 2009 to 2011.
  • Associate Consultant, Dr A B R Desai ENT Clinic, from 2012 to 2018.
  • Medical Director, Evexia Lifesciences from 2015 to 2018.
  • Consultant ENT Surgeon and Allergy Specialist, Mumbai of date.

- Educational Qualification


  • MBBS from B J Medical College, Ahmedabad in 1998
  • Diploma in Otolaryngology from Sheth V S Hospital, Ahmedabad in 2000
  • MS ENT from Sheth V S Hospital in 2001

- Professional

  • Online PG Diploma in hospital Administration, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad in 2012
  • Diploma in Medical Tourism
  • Certified Course in Applied Allergy, Asthma and Immunotherapy from JSS Medical College, Mysuru in 2015 and from Bengaluru in 2016

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