Squamous Carcinoma Eyelid Surgery

Squamous Carcinoma Eyelid Surgery

  • Do you have scaly reddish patches on or close to your eyelid or on other parts of your face or body?
  • Do these skin sores not heal,but continue to grow?
  • Do you feel the abnormality as extremely troublesome?
  • Do you want to remove this lesion, make your skin aesthetically pleasing again and save your facial skinfrom the damage?

This condition you are suffering from is called squamous carcinoma of the face and can be cured by surgical methods.

- What Is Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma are a major group of skin cancer and grow in the epithelial cells of the skin- squamous cells. Epithelial cells comprise a major part of the skin epidermis. Squamous cells also inhabit digestive tract lining, lungs and some other parts of the body. This cancer can grow in a number of body organs, including mouth, lips, urinary bladder, vagina, lungs, prostate and esophagus. Although the cancer in these organs occur in the same kind of cells, various body sites differ in the exhibited symptoms, prognosis and treatment response to squamous cell carcinoma.

- Squamous Cell Carcinoma Surgery

For squamous cell carcinoma surgery, excision with frozen section or Mohs reconstructive technique is used. The former procedure involves removing the cancer tissue by excision (this is then sent to histo-pathology for analysis) and subsequent freezing of the section for further processing and examination.The excised tissue is mounted on a metal disc and is rapidly frozen to -20 to -30 °C. Frozen sections require much less time to prepare than normal method of pathology staining in non-freezing conditions. The specimen is fixed in a gel like medium which freezes to the same density as the frozen tissue. After freezing, very thin sections of the tissue can be produced. A section is picked and placed on a glass slide and stained with suitable stains (e.g. the H&E stain) and is then examined under a microscope. A small fraction of tumor cells may be left out in the skin, so this procedure may require further treatment.

Mohs surgery, although requiring more time, is a more efficient method in that it gives a better analysis while ensuring minimal removal of the normal tissue. Mohs surgery is based on removal of the cancerous cells layer by layer and examination of each layer under microscope before removing next layer. The process of removal and examination is repeated until no more cancerous cells can be found. This surgery has the highest success rate and minimal chances of cancer recurrence. After the squamous cell carcinoma surgery, either the wounds are allowed to recover naturally (secondary intention wound healing) or reconstructive plastic surgery (healing by primary intent) can be performed.

- Recovery After Surgery

Recovery time is determined by the size of skin part removed (wound), and the method of recovery. Natural wound recovery or plastic surgery needs several days to a few weeks before the wound has been fully recovered.

- FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

Diagnosis involves questioning the patient regarding exposure to the sun, history of skin cancer or abnormalities in the patient’s family and about the growth of marks on the skin. The doctor performs a skin examination by checking the mass and also checks for the enlarged local lymph nodes. Confirmation is done using the biopsy to remove the growth and its examination under a microscope.
Symptoms corresponding to squamous carcinoma of eyelid include occurrence of any lesion flat reddish sore or flaky abrasion on the skin of the eyelid or face or a thickened reddish area of the skin (well-differentiated and having or not having scales on its surface).
Various factors like age, health, and medical history of the patient are taken into account while deciding on a suitable method of treatment. Treatment options include curettage and electrodesiccation, Mohs surgery, radiation therapy, laser surgery, cryotherapy (freezing the tumor cells using ice formation), photodynamic therapy and chemotherapy.
Contrary to basal cell carcinoma, squamous carcinoma of the eyelid has a greater risk of being metastasized to affect other tissues, e.g. ear, nose, mouth, lips, anus, genitals and the lining of internal organs.

- Squamous Carcinoma Surgery Before After Photos, See The Patient Result-

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- What Is The Cost Of Squamous Carcinoma Surgery?

Squamous cell carcinoma is a subtype of skin cancer which affects the lower layers of the skin. This may result in painful lesions on the skin. Cosmetic surgery can be a tool to remove these lesions and excise the cancerous tissue, thereby treating the cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma surgery involves the removal of the cancerous lesion and reconstruction of the skin, if necessary

Any surgical procedure to treat cancer is an life-changing and important decision. If you have decided to undergo squamous carcinoma treatment, you must want to know about procedure costs. The cost of squamous cell carcinoma treatment depends upon the location of the lesion, and the type of surgery that is performed to excise the affected skin. You should make a decision regarding your surgery weighing in all factors, and not cost alone.

The Esthetic Clinic is a one of a kind, specialised medical facility that for skin care treatments, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The medical head, Dr.Debraj Shome is one of the leading oculoplastic surgeons in the country, specialising in all kinds of facial cosmetic surgery. The specialised and well-trained staff, high-tech equipment and latest techniques used at The Esthetic Clinic make it possible for us to provide you high quality care from the beginning to the end of your treatment.

The Esthetic Clinic has been instituted to treat a range of abnormalities related to skin caused by different conditions like cancer, birth and fractures. Being a top-notch center, it excels in skin cancer treatment via the latest laser equipment and highly specialised staff. Dr. Debraj Shome is a world leader in squamous cell carcinoma surgery and can conduct the surgery by excision with frozen section control or the Mohs method, as dictated by your specific surgical need. If squamous carcinoma of the eyelid extends into the orbit and sinuses, then it will typically require more extensive surgery subsequently followed by radiation therapy. Metastasis of this cancer is rare, yet it can grow from the eye into the orbit, sinuses and brain. Thus, it should be early diagnosed and completely treated.

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