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Best Hair Transplant Treatment / Hair Transplantation Surgery in Mumbai, India

Best Hair Transplant Treatment in Mumbai, India

Losing hair is a trouble that nobody wants to go through their lifetime but sometimes it becomes inevitable for many of us. Some people experience hair loss in the later stages of their lives and for some this depressing process starts in the 20s itself. Hair loss and hair fall should be addressed immediately, the more you delay the treatment the more difficult, time consuming, and costly the hair loss treatment procedure becomes.

Best hair Transplant Treatment in Mumbai, Hair Treatment at Affordable Price Cost India by Dr Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics

Before you give up and start thinking about living with baldness, think about your dream of having a healthy head of normal, natural hair. Visit a hair treatment expert to know about the latest hair treatment methods i.e. hair transplant. Gone are the days when hair loss treatments such as hair transplants were looked down upon and considered to be a painful process. Modern innovations in hair transplantation methods have made it possible for you too to also get back the hair that you want so badly.  Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the new hair is transplanted where the old hair has begun to fall out.  This treatment can be used for anyone at any age.

Hair transplant is one of the most reliable means of dealing with alopecia today. Why wear wigs, scarves and think of painful hair plugs when can have real hair growing back on your head?  Innovative hair transplant methods in India can treat almost all kinds of hair loss such as hair loss caused because of

  • Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Triangular alopecia
  • Diffuse alopecia
  • Trauma induced Alopecia
  • Medical conditions

Hair transplant can be done for cosmetic as well as reconstructive reasons.

Hair Transplant Candidates:

Hair transplant can be done on both men and women suffering from hair loss but are otherwise in good health.  But before you begin the process of looking for a good hair transplant surgeon in India and start exploring the treatment options you should consider:

  • Your expectations: Latest hair transplantation techniques used in India give the most natural looking results but the results are not instantaneous.
  • Age
  • Hair texture
  • Contrast between hair colour and skin
  • Availability of healthy hair for transplant

Selecting the right surgeon for Hair transplant procedure:

The first and the most important step to any hair treatment procedure is to have the right information by the right doctor so that there are no potential problems in the future.  You will have to see an expert hair specialist in India who has experience in working with Indian hair types and has the qualifications to perform all types of hair restoration surgeries.  The outcome of hair transplantation surgery depends largely on the surgeon that you select. Top dermatologist in India specialize in conditions effecting skin, hair and nail and therefore have the knowledge about factors affecting hair loss and hair loss treatment and perform hair transplants regularly.  

A knowledgeable hair specialist will work in way so that there is minimal scarring and your normal routine does not get disturbed. Insist on a hair specialist who at the time of the consultation lets you ask all questions and is willing to show before and after photos of his work and live time reviews from the patients, they have worked with. If you chose a hair specialist who does not have enough experience, you will might not be satisfied post the Surgery. Top hair transplant surgeons in India have does thousands of surgeries and will be able to answer all your queries in a patient manner and easy language.

Expert hair transplant surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics are skilled and experienced enough to perform frontal hair line transplant operation in such a way that the new hairline looks natural. Frontal hair transplant is a very delicate procedure and requires grafting finer hair than the hair that would be used for any other part of the scalp. Skilled doctors and Surgeons specializing in hair restorations surgeries at The Esthetic Clinics, India have the state of the art technology to perform hair transplant surgeries in safe, effective, and reliable manner every day. 

Preparing for Hair Transplant Surgery in India:

Before the hair transplant surgery the hair transplant surgeon will:

  • Examine your scalp to understand the extent of hair loss and determine suitability of transplant.
  • Blood test to find out the cause of hair fall
  • Scalp biopsy for further investigation

You must let the hair transplant specialist know if

  • You have suddenly started experience hair loss in large number
  • You have pain and itching on the scalp
  • Your scalp is inflamed and scaly
  • You are noticing a pattern loss in hair
  • Hair loss has affected your eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, moustache, and other parts of body.

The dermatologist will also check for the progression of hair hall. The more aggressive the baldness his the more time consuming and lengthy the hair transplant surgery becomes. For the hair transplant surgery to be successful, it is important that you be honest with the dermatologist about your expectations. Make sure that you share your daily hair care and styling routine. A good dermatologist will also ask you about the medications that you are taking and if you have any chronic disease and a habit of pulling your hair. 

If the exams and tests show that you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery in India then your dermatologist will discuss about the results that you can except and schedule an appointment for surgery.

Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai : Procedure

Hair transplantation surgery in India is generally an easy and painless process. Under the able hands of best hair surgeons in India, you will face no complications to have to deal with when getting a hair transplant done. No one will ever know that you have even had a hair transplantation and your hair will grow as natural as your original hair did. 

Before starting the hair transplant procedure, top hair specialist in Mumbai will begin by identifying the donor site (from where the hair can be taken). The donor site is generally at the back of the head but the hair for transplantation can also be harvested from the arms and legs.  The hair transplant specialist will thoroughly clean the scalp and administer anaesthesia before beginning the hair transplant procedure. The procedure is usually completed under local anesthesia.

Best hair Transplant Treatment in Mumbai, Hair Treatment at Affordable Price Cost India by Dr Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics

There are two main types of Hair transplant procedures that are used by top hair surgeons in India for hair restoration:

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT): The follicular unit transplant for hair growth is considered to be the most effective hair restoration method in India. Best hair transplant surgeon prefer this method to transplant hair from the back of the scalp to the treatment area.

In this type of hair transplant surgery in India the surgeon will make an incision at the back of the scalp to cut out the strip of donor skin. The incision is closed with stiches. This step ensures that the follicular units at the back of the scalp are not damaged and no damage is caused to the individual hair follicles.  Hair transplant surgeon then uses stereo-microscopic dissection at harvested donor site to extract the follicular units and implant these in the treatment site.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In this type of hair transplant procedure, hair transplant surgeon removes the hair follicles directly from the donor site using punch incisions. This type of transplant method is more effective because the surgeon can precisely remove the hair without any need of incision. In the single session of FUE, thousands of hair are harvested and transplanted.  FUE hair transplant is a manual process and needs several sessions for full results.

Hair transplantation at The Esthetic Clinics is done using the most modern hair restoration techniques. We use microscopic follicular unit transplantation so that the hair roots at the donor site is not damaged and the regrown hair do not look “plugged.”

The total process of hair transplant surgery in India takes about four to six hours to complete. After the surgery:

  • The hair transplant surgeon will place some gauzes and bandages on the donor site and treated site.
  • The stiches (for FUT) are removed about after 10 days of the surgery. If you need multiple sessions of hair transplant then the first session has to heal completely before the hair surgeon starts the next session.
  • The doctor will give you some medication to manage the pain and swelling and avoid infection.
  • It takes about two to three weeks to start seeing the results of hair transplant surgery.
  • You might have to take some medication to provide nutrition to the hair follicles and promote hair regrowth. Hair transplant surgery in Mumbai does not affect the hormones or the cells that trigger natural hair growth. Therefore when supplemented with medical therapy hair transplant gives better results.
  • You can return to normal activities within a few days but avoid any strenuous activity until your doctor gives a green signal to do so.

There are several conditions that affect the results of the hair transplantation. The condition and thickness of your hair is one such important factor. The thick, and coarser the hair the easier it is for the surgeon to cover the scalp. If your hair is too fine then you will need multiple hair transplant sessions to cover the bald area.

However hair transplant procedures do not work for everybody. Hair transplant will not be a suitable option for you if:

    Preparing for hair transplant surgery:
  • You have no hair from birth
  • You have tendency to develop scars and are prone to poor wound healing
  • You have unrealistic expectations about the results
  • You are under 24 years of age
  • You have medical conditions such as heart disease, kidney or liver failure, diabetes etc.
  • you have medical conditions that do not allow you to receive anaesthesia
  • you have blood borne illness or suffer from hemophilia

When will you see the results of Hair Transplant?

Thanks to the advances in hair transplantation surgery in India the results will look so natural that even your hair stylist will not be able to make out the difference.  It is normal for the transplanted hair to fall after two to three weeks of the surgery but you need not worry. Post the hair transplant surgery the hair follicles will slowly start to grow new hair and by the end of 10-12 months you will see a complete natural growth.

Best hair Transplant Treatment in Mumbai, Hair Treatment at Affordable Price Cost India by Dr Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics

The roots of new hair will remain healthy for the lifetime and you will not have to worry about baldness are the new follicles are taken from the part of the scalp that is resistant to hair loss. However it is important to remember that hair may continue to fall from the non-treated areas.

The surgeon will then evaluate your hair growth and recommend a second session if necessary. With one of the top hair transplant surgeons in India performing the hair transplant surgery you will not require more than two sessions.

Cost of hair transplant surgery in India:

The recent development and adaption of new techniques has considerably reduced the cost of hair transplantation and it is now a reasonable option for both male and female patients who have not been able to benefit from other non-surgical treatments. The price of hair transplant surgery in India will be much less than what you will spend on a lifetime of local hair treatments. The hair transplant surgery price in India will include the surgeon’s fees, cost of anaesthesia and the dressing and hospital fees. The hair transplant surgery cost also varies with the location of the clinic.

Why chose Top Hair Clinics in Mumbai- The Esthetic Clinics for Hair Transplant OR Transplantation?

The Esthetic Clinics, India has a team of dedicated specialist to each procedure unlike other clinics where all procedures are done by one consultant. At The Esthetic Clinics, we have one trained and experienced consultant leading a skilled team of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons for every speciality.  Our team believes in treating each patient with problem specific and customized treatment. For example you might think that an intrusive surgery can only solve your hair and skin problem but in reality the modern treatments used by our consultants can help get rid of the problem in a non-surgical and easy manner.  If you too have been suffering from the crippling problem of uncontrollable hair fall the expert hair specialist at The Esthetic Clinics, India can help you solve this problem in a simple and effective manner.  You too can now enjoy a healthy mane of hair with our holistic hair restoration treatments done by expert hair transplant surgeons.

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