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Retinoblastoma Treatment in India

Retinoblastoma Treatment in India

  • Does your child have a white reflex in his eyes?
  • Has your child suddenly developed a squint in his eyes?
  • Have you taken your childforan eye examination, post his birth?
  • Did you ever notice anything wrong with their eyes?
  • Have you checked if your children have retinoblastoma?

The retinoblastoma is a retinal tumor & the commonest eye cancer, hard to treat. A retinoblastoma can affect the eye, leading to loss of the eye, loss of sight and loss even of life.

-What Is The Retinoblastoma?

The retinoblastoma is a type of retinal cancer. It is malignant, and it is found in young children. There are approximately 5000 to 8000 new cases of retinoblastoma detected in children, every year, although the cure rate is about 95-98%. This kind of cancer is mostly found amongstchildren. Usually, a child is discovered to have retinoblastoma within the first 3 years of age; in the most developed countries, it takes only from 14 to 16 months. There are very rare cases of children being found with this disease after the age of 6 years, but it is still possible. The later the retinoblastoma is detected, the more advanced it is likely to be.

This disease can be heritable and non-heritable, although more children have the non-heritable form of the disease. Depending on how this tumor is inherited, the child could have anunilateral retinoblastoma, the form in which one eye is affected, orthe bilateral retinoblastoma, where both eyes are affected.

-How Can The Retinoblastoma Eye Cancer Treatment Be Treated?

The retinoblastoma can be treated in different ways. One of the ways to treat it is the enucleation of the eye, operation through which, the affected eye is removed, and later replaced with an artificial one. With the removal of the eye, the tumor will be removed as well, provided the cancer has not already spread beyond the eye. There is a high success rate when it comes to this way of treating; although it is difficult to bear for parents that their child's eye is being removed, but the rate of success is of 95%. Another way of treating this disease, especially when it comes to bilateral retinoblastoma is the External Beam Radiotherapy or EBRT, whichis useful as well. However, when it comes to this therapy, there are a few risks of another cancer developing later in life, either in the brain or the skin of the eyelids or even the eye socket. The brachytherapy, thermotherapy, and the laser photocoagulations are used mostly when it comes to small tumors. The brachytherapy uses a radioactive implant, placed around the base of the tumor, while the thermotherapy uses heat, appliedto the tumor directly. The cryotherapy, which can even destroy cells by freezing them is also used sometimes.

-Recovery After Treatment

The recovery depends highly on the procedure used to treat the tumor. If the therapy has been successful, it takes from a few weeks to a few months for the patient to recover, with the help of a specialist. When it comes to more complicated procedures, such as the removal of the eye, the recovery may last longer, because the child & his parents will also need a lot of strength to overcome the changes in his life. They generally feel low in self esteem and confidence, so they need special care during the recovery time. Generally, after any kind of treatment, there is a follow up; the doctor will prescribe additional medicines. Also, you will have to go for regular checkups, even after being released from the hospital, because your condition will need to be kept under observation.

- FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

There are different signs through which this disease makes itself show, however the most common one is the leukocoria, or the white pupil – When you look carefully at your child’s eye, you may see a shining, white reflex, within the eye. Other symptoms are red eyes, infections, partial loss of sight, blurry vision or strabismus (crossed eyes or squint). Also, the eye may become larger or smaller in size or develop ptosis (droopy eyes).

The heritable form of the eye cancer retinoblastoma is caused by a mutation on the chromosome 13. The chromosomes contain all the genetic codes our body needs in order to develop itself normally, therefore, if one of those chromosomes does not contain the information, or if that information is altered, there appears a mutation and there is highly possibility for a cancer to develop.

- What Is The Cost Of Retinoblastoma Eye Cancer Treatment?

It can be life-altering to learn that your young child or someone close to you has a rare form of eye cancer. Early diagnosis of the cancer dramatically improves the chances of treatment. Retinoblastoma cancer treatment is a treatment and reconstructive surgery option for patients suffering from retinoblastoma.

Among your other concerns about this treatment, cost of the procedure must be among your foremost worries. You can take heart in the fact that medical centres in India provide high quality medical care at much lower costs than other countries such as USA and UK. The cost of retinoblastoma treatment depends on the mode of treatment used, chemotherapy or surgery, and whether any further reconstructive surgery is needed.

The Esthetic Clinic is a highly specialised medical centre focusing on skin care treatment, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. We have the highest quality equipment and excellent staff to assist you from the start to the end of your treatment.

At The Esthetic Clinic, our leading oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome explain all the relevant treatment options to you, so that your loved ones with retinoblastoma can retain their vision and eye. With the help of the clinic's resources and the other highly skilled specialists such as pediatric specialists, oncologists and radiologists, the doctor will devise a highly effective treatment plan for you.

At The Esthetic Clinic, Dr. Debraj Shome will give all his best for you or the ones around you who have retinoblastoma, for them to keep their vision& retain their eye. With the help of the clinic’s resources and the other highly skilled specialists such as pediatric oncologists, ophthalmic, radiation oncologist, Oculoplastic surgeon & medical oncologists; the doctor will look very carefully into the problem, advising you of the best way of treatment for the disease.

- The Right Doctor For Retinoblastoma Treatment In India

Finding the right professional for retinoblastoma treatment in India is superlatively important. In India, it is for children mostly, that people look for the best retinoblastoma treatment in India. This is because in India, this cancer afflicts young children mostly. So if you are looking for retinoblastoma treatment in India, make sure you find the right doctor, like Dr. Debraj Shome.

India is a land of some really good doctors. In India, medical tourism is increasing. People from all over the world are coming to India for treatment. So if you need retinoblastoma treatment in India, don't worry. In India, there is no dearth of good doctors. In India, finding the top doctor for retinoblastoma treatment in India is possible.

Retinoblastoma Treatment, Retinoblastoma Cancer Surgery before after photos in mumbai india (1)
Retinoblastoma Treatment, Retinoblastoma Cancer Surgery before after photos in mumbai india (1

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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