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Temporomandibular Joint Problems Surgery

Best Temporomandibular Joint Problems Surgery in India

TMJ problems are the complication that can affect the muscles controlling jaw and its functions. The jaw is a complex part of the facial structure. In most cases, it becomes challenging to diagnose the problem associated with the area. Because of the severity of the complex structure of the jaw, TMJ problems treatment requires special expertise in the field. 

What Is TMJ?

TMJ mean temporomandibular joint. The temporomandibular joint or the TMJ is the most complex in the human body’s bone structure. TMJ has horizontal as well as vertical movement functions of the jaw. These two movements are responsible for the chewing and talking movement of the jaw. The joint gets its name from its connecting function of two bones mandible and temporal of the skull. The mandible is the lower jaw of the skull and the temporalis on the skull’s side. 

The temporomandibular joint is the joint that allows chewing and talking movement of the jaw. Up and down to simultaneously allowing side to side movement makes it a complex part of the skull structure. TMJ problems happen because of the complications arising from the range of motions of the joint. 

What are TMJ problems?

TMJ problems in India account for all the complications and disorders affecting this joint of the skull. There are innumerable complications that can arise because of any disbalance of the joint or between both the mandible and temporal parts of the jaw. Such TMJ problems need treatment as soon as possible to avoid any permanent loss in the joint. Patients with any difficulty or restriction in their jaw movement should consult our dentist or specialist at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai.

Since the TMJ functions include a broad range of movement, there can be a variety of TMJ problems. Many possibilities of problems can have a various number of symptoms associated with the problem as well. A variety of symptoms give way to a variety of TMJ problems treatment options. Persistent difficulty or pain in the jaw can be the simplest symptom along with others denoting the TMJ problems in India.  

Our expert dentists or orthodontists would be able to make a diagnosis of TMJ problems in India based on the related symptoms. Based on the severity, patients can choose their line of treatment after discussing it with their doctor. However, in many cases, difficulties sometimes resolve on their own in some while. Recurring or severe cases would require intervention though.

TM Joint Pain

TM Joint pain or commonly referred to as TMJ problems can be of varying degrees based on the severity of the condition. The pain sometimes can escalate to an extreme level and present a consistent ringing sensation inside the jaw of the skull. The pain worsens when there is a delay in TMJ problems diagnosis in India. It is critical to consult our experts at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai to get the diagnosis and treatment in time. 

TM Joint Ankylosis

TM Joint Ankylosis or Temporomandibular joint ankylosis is the medical name for stiffness of any joint. Stiffness in the TMJ can be possible because of a variety of possibilities. However, prompt diagnosis and treatment can allow a patient to get rid of such TMJ ankylosis. There can be various possibilities in TMJ ankylosis based on the condition of the damage to TMJ. TM Joint ankylosis is when two bones of the joint fuse together or has bone’s joint-ends glued together. 

TMJ ankylosis results in the fusion or immobility of the temporomandibular joint. This condition is most commonly a result of injury or trauma to the joint. However, in some cases, there can be other reasons for the condition as well. TM Joint ankylosis can cause irreversible damage if not treated well in time. In most cases, TM joint ankylosis in India can result in asymmetry of the facial features of the patient.

TM Joint Dislocation

TMJ structure is a complex mix of the parts of the skull. Maxillofacial surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai are well versed with the technicalities of TMJ dislocation. As the name suggests, this TMJ problem results in the dislocation of the ligaments and surrounding muscles of the TMJ. TM joint dislocation in India can have a variety of symptoms such as facial swelling and pain, stiffness, numbness, extreme discomfort, etc. Most commonly any injury or trauma can cause the joint to dislocate from its place. 

TM joint dislocation can be either acute or partial. Based on the severity of the dislocation of the TMJ, our top cosmetic surgeon or dentist would make sure to treat the TM joint dislocation. Our best hands in the field would use their technique of reduction of the mandible bone to fix the dislocation. TM joint dislocation treatment would need the patient to be under anesthesia. This procedure might require the patient to stay overnight at the hospital after the treatment.

What Are The TMJ Problems Causes?

The reason behind the problem happening in the TMJ can be one or more from the various possible causes. Based on the diagnosis, an expert dentist or cosmetic surgeon would be able to define the exact cause behind a particular case. These can be any from the following TMJ problems causes:

  • Trauma or any physical injury to the joint.
  • Arthrities
  • Genetic or hormonal disbalance.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Bacterial infections of the mouth.
  • Dental works or surgery.
  • Grinding movement or clenching movement of the teeth.

There can be various causes behind problems of the temporomandibular joint of a patient’s skull. This problem can be a result of behavioral or environmental disorders as well. Violinists, for example, are more prone to having TMJ problems in India because of their regular need to hold the violin below their jaw. The motion which needs them to put strain on the jaw while holding a violin can lead to TMJ problems in a person. Furthermore, women are more susceptible to experience TMJ problems than their male counterparts. The reason is unknown, however, experts and researchers are studying the correlation. 

TMJ Problems Symptoms

There can be a range of TMJ problem-related symptoms. Here are the most common TMJ problems symptoms in India:

  • Ache

The consistent and lingering pain in the jaw is the most obvious but significantly important symptom of the TMJ problems. An aching jaw or the movement responsible for eating-chewing can have significant pain. Patients with TMJ can also have shooting pain in the joints of the jaw. Pain ranging from a simple headache to sharp pain from the nape to the cheeks of the patient, can all be because of TMJ problems.

In some cases, the aching site is not close to the jaw or sometimes has various other symptoms indicating the TMJ in those patients.

  • Sounds

Any abnormal sound from the jaw or mouth is a cause of concern. Henceforth, requiring due diagnosis to treat such sounds. Sometimes, TMJ problems are associated with painless noises or sounds coming from the teeth or the joint of the jaw. These sounds vary from being a clicking sound to being a grinding sound from the joint. These sounds can be a result of the restricted movement of TMJ. Patients with TMJ pain might also have a ringing sound in their eyes along with numbness or tinging sounds. 

  • Movement

Restriction in the movement of the jaw can be a prominent symptom of TMJ problems in India. Movement restriction can cause series of problems in the normal functioning of the chewing and talking function of the jaw. 

TMJ Treatment Options

There are various TMJ treatment options available at our clinics in India. Following are the prominent care option:

Lifestyle Change

  • TMJ problems might be successfully treated with some alterations in the routine or lifestyle of the patient at home. By changing some behavioral habits and being careful can help diminish the symptoms of the TMJ problems to a great extent. Some self-care tips are as follows:
  • Patients with TMJ problems should avoid chewing gums or similar eatables.
  • Soft and easily digestible diet.
  • Soft meals on the TMJ.
  • The patient should be avoiding any strenuous activity that would make their jaw clench.
  • Massaging the TMJ and surrounding area mildly.
  • Ice packs or cold compress on the affected area can help reduce the severity of the symptoms.
  • Getting rid of any pre-existing health problems related to the TMJ. 
  • OTC painkillers to get relief from the pain.

Surgical Treatment

TMJ problems require mild to moderate intervention depending on the severity of the condition of the patient. Surgical treatments at our clinics in Mumbai can help patients get the most efficient TMJ treatment. Surgical treatments can help significantly in severe cases.

What To Expect From The Doctor?

Most of the TMJ problems are not very alarming. However, like every health concern, a patient must consult our experts at The Esthetic Clinics to get a complete evaluation and diagnosis. Dr. Debraj Shome of the Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai has done extensive work in TMJ rehabilitation and related surgeries. He has years of expertise in maxillofacial surgeries. Professional advice like his is going to help identify and treat TMJ problems in the best way possible.

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