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Best BB Glow Treatment in Mumbai, India

Maintaining an admirable skin texture is now easier than ever before. Thanks to the discoveries that have been made in the cosmetic industry. One of such is the BB glow therapy which helps to improve the appearance of the skin, imparting appreciable vibrancy thereon. BB glow is a therapy that promotes the production of collagen, leading to skin rejuvenation. It also corrects the uneven tone & texture of your skin.
BB glow therapy has been adopted in the treatment and management of skin defects like wrinkles, freckles, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. The Esthetic Clinics, with its facility and expertise, avails individuals the opportunity to have a BB glow treatment in India. So, you do not have to keep putting up with those irritating spots on your skin when you can conveniently get them addressed at The Esthetic Clinics.

What does BB Glow entail?

To start with, the dermatologist will thoroughly cleanse your skin to get rid of accumulated debris. This deep cleansing also degreases the skin thus preparing it for subsequent treatments. Exfoliation then follows with the specialist using a dermaplaning tool to remove dead skin cells. All these ultimately make it easy for the skin to absorb the products that will be applied to it.

A serum is then applied with the overarching objective of re-establishing the pH of your skin which had been previously altered due to the deep cleansing and dermaplaning. This serum also functions to hydrate the skin. Another round of serum & pigment depending on your skin tone, one containing a good dose of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and other antioxidants application is carried out, but it is done using a micro-needling technique this time. The adoption of micro-needling here is to guarantee that the serum penetrates deeply into the skin. You should have it at the back of your mind that micro-needling causes some tingling sensation as the skin is wounded. This process is, however, an important phase of the therapy as it stimulates the (increased) production of elastin and collagen which accelerates the skin’s healing.A special mask is then placed over the skin to lock the products in thus promoting better absorption. The dermatologist will thereafter apply a moisturizer on the skin; this helps to calm the skin and further keeps it hydrated.

How long does BB glow treatment take?

A single session of BB glow treatment should be done in under one hour in the dermatologist’s office. You might, however, require up to 4 repeat therapies done over 2 months to arrive at an outcome that would be sustained for a long period.

Post-treatment considerations

BB glow therapy is quite safe, with the incidence of complications being minimal at best. This means you should be able to get back to your regular work activities almost immediately after having a BB glow in India. Notwithstanding, you should keep the following dos and don’ts close to heart for optimal outcome:

Do's Don'ts
Use sunscreen No face wash until after 24 hours
Apply moisturizer No swimming or deep-water bath for the next 7 days
Stay hydrated regularly No makeup for the next 3 days
  No topical retinol product for the next 2 months
  No direct exposure to sunlight

Cost of BB glow treatment in India

The cost of BB glow treatment in India will be determined by a host of factors. Notable among these are the extent of your skin condition, the number of sessions required, and prescriptions among other variables.


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