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Becker’s Melanosis

Becker’s Melanosis

- Becker’s Nevus – Laser Birthmark Removal

- What is Becker’s Nevus?

It is a late-onset birthmark occurring mostly in males. It originates at the time of childhood or adolescence, generally on the upper trunk or shoulders.

- What can be the probable causative factor?

It is thought to be due to a defect in the gene, which may be triggered by circulating androgens which is why it appears in males at puberty.

- How does a Becker’s Nevus look like?

A Becker’s nevus is a large unilateral brown patch, over half of the chest or upper back. After puberty it often becomes darker and quite hairy.

- How is it treated?

No definitely effective treatment is available for most of the becker’s nevi cases.

The extra hair can be eliminated by repetitive treatments with a hair removal laser. To reduce the pigmentation, a pigment laser may be useful, but not necessary that it would be effective always

Acne associated with Becker’s nevus can be treated with conventional acne treatments, including in severe cases, oral isotretinoin.

- What is the prognosis?

Becker’s nevus is a benign (non-cancerous) condition and does not require treatment except for cosmetic reasons.

- What would be the treatment cost?

In general, a consultation with Dr. Rinky Kapoor, would cost about INR 1000/-. However the treatment depends upon the type of modality.

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