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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

In the past, hair loss and a noticeably bald scalp bought forward the images of embarrassing toupees and wigs and hair plugs that made the head look like doll’s head. Modern advancements in hair replacements and the glowing testimonials from people have undergone hair transplantation have made the surgery an attractive option to regain the lost hair.  If you are one the millions of people who suffer from hair loss and have probably tried homemade remedies, pills and potions recommended by friends, gadgets and what not and have come to realize that they didn’t work or have temporary results than they are not worth the investment of time and money. But don’t give up yet,  permanent hair transplantation remedies like the Follicular Unit Transplant can bring you a lot of relief.

Many men and women have to deal with the premature hair loss at some point in their lives and before they go into the despair  it is important to know that the hair transplant gives them the opportunity to get the hair back and look and feel good again. Hair transplantation can be used to treat all kinds of alopecia and the receding hairlines.

What is follicular hair transplantation FUT?

Follicular hair transplant procedure in India  is a simple procedure that allows the surgeon to use  a small recipient site. Follicular units are removed from the donor site. Hair transplant surgeons then  minutely separate the units using  stereomicroscopic dissection to produce  the absolute number of follicular units ready for transplantation.

The follicular hair transplantation procedure uses the DHT (Androgen hormone)resistant hair roots  and implants them into the DHT sensitive zone where the hair loss or baldness occurs. The goal of the hair transplant expert in India  is to cover the balding area in such an aesthetically natural way that the patient gets a head full of hair as they had before.

What is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Hair transplantation technique?

Follicular unit transplant technique for hair transplant in India involves strip harvesting hair follicles from the back and sides of healthy part of the scalp. The strip harvesting is a single incision procedure and the hair surgeon is able to obtain thousands of follicular units in the single graft and use them to cover the large part of the scalp. The FUT technique gives permanent results because of the extraction of healthy DHT resistant roots.

Understanding the terms of Follicular Unit Transplantation technique:

You will hear the following common terms when talking to your hair expert about FUT hair treatment process in India:

  • Donor strip: This is the small strip of hair that is taken from one part of the body and transplanted to the bald region. The strip is removed in one piece and the surgeon ensures that the follicular units do not get damaged.
  • Donor strip extraction: This is the single step harvesting process done from the permanent hair zone at the back of the scalp.
  • Follicular units: A follicular unit is a basic hair bearing structure of the skin. Each follicular unit is a bundle of hair growing together. Each unit has one to four hairs and is surrounded by fine vellus hair, muscle, and collagen. Extraction of follicular unit gives FUT an edge over the traditional methods such as micro-grafting and plugs. By using the follicular units the top hair specialist are able to transplant as much as four hair strands in a tiny recipient site on the scalp.

Are you eligible for FUT hair transplantation technique?

FUT works very well for men suffering from androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness). In men the pattern hair loss, baldness appears in an M shaped hairline and in women this appears in a Ludwig pattern i.e. the hair loss starts at hair part.

You are a good candidate for follicular unit transplantation if:

  • Your age is above 25
  • You are a person of healthy disposition
  • You have been diagnosed with pattern baldness
  • You have high hair follicle density

FUT works very well for treating hair loss at the front of the head and for people with a hair colour similar to their skin colour and makes them the best candidates for FUT.

Other factors to consider:

  • Healthy donor supply: Your donor area should be healthy. This helps to fulfil the cosmetic goal of hair transplant surgery. A healthy donor area has a significant role in hair transplant surgery and it is not advisable to get the transplantation surgery unless the donor area is stable.
  • The scalp should not have an autoimmune disorder: Disorders that affect the entire scalp like the spot baldness problem makes it difficult for the hair surgeon to perform FUT.
  • Skin laxity: The more lose your scalp is the easier it is for the hair surgeon to implant the graft at the recipient site. If the scalp is too tight then the hair transplant surgery will become impossible.
  • Medical conditions such as thyroid disorder or diabetes or blood thinning disorders do not make you eligible for FUT treatment.

FUT technique procedure:

FUT is also sometimes known as follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) in India. After testing your suitability for follicular unit transplantation for hair the hair surgeon will fix up an appointment on the day of the surgery. On the day of the surgery:

  • The scalp will be cleaned and anaesthesia administered so that you do not feel any pain.
  • The hair surgeon will then cut a small longitudinal graft of skin from the back fringe of the scalp. The strip is about 6-10 inches long.
  • The surgeon will then close the incision using smart stiches.
  • In the third step the strip is taken to the cutting room and using a high magnification microscope the surgeon will clean and separate the graft. A single strip can be cut into up to thousands of small segments some containing only one hair each.
  • The harvest grafts are then inserted in the small slits made in the bald area.
  • The surgical sites are covered with bandages and gauzes.

FUT is a very safe and reliable hair transplant technique but the key to its success is that the follicular units should be preserved carefully and the unit should not be broken or combined with large ones. Selecting the best hair transplant expert in India will ensure that you get the best results in the first session itself.  An experienced hair transplantation expert will plant the hair single or in twos or threes and not in clusters. Top hair surgeons in India make use of this ground breaking technique to painstakingly harvest the healthy hair so that the results at the transplanted site is as natural as expected.

Advantage of FUT hair restoration technique:

The follicular unit transplantation procedure is widely used by top hair surgeons in Inditechnique:

  • It involves minimal distraction in the patient’s daily lifestyle
  • It is a painless procedure
  • Does not leave scars. Top hair transplantation surgeons use advanced closure techniques so that the scar is barely visible or noticeable.
  • A large number of grafts can be taken and transplanted per session
  • Only one or two incision are needed per session
  • The availability of large number of hair grafts makes it possible for the best hair specialists in Mumbai to flexibly create a soft frontal hairline and a fuller look by using 1-2 grafts or 3-4 grafts as per requirement.
  • Tiny incisions for punch grafting ensure that there is no damage to the scalp’s connective tissue and blood supply.
  • FUT does not cause depressions or elevations of the grafts and the shiny look to the scalp.
  • FUT preserves the elasticity of the scalp
  • FUT is a maintenance free technique for hair restoration

Side effects of FUT hair procedure:

There are No side effects of this procedure if it is done by  one of the best hair surgeons in India. Hair experts do a proper scalp evaluation before commencing the hair transplant procedure. Post the FUT hair restoration you will feel some pain, redness, itching and swelling in the treated are. But these can be easily managed with some pain medication and antibiotics.

FUT hair transplant must be done by the expert hair transplant surgeon in order to get the best and permanent results in terms of natural looking denser results without any major discomfort and damage to the scalp. FUT does not require any messy follow up but the only thing you need to remember that the transplanted hair might fall off 2-3 weeks after the surgery (Telogen effluvium) but it is absolutely normal and indicates the implanted follicular units have been adopted.

The Results of FUT:

You will notice new hair growth in few months after the transplantation procedure in India but for the full results you will have to wait about 10-12 months .

Follicular hair transplantation cost in India:

The cost of FUT surgery in India varies from clinic to clinic and it depends on

  • The amount of hair being transplanted
  • Type and thickness of the hair
  • Hair colour
  • The expertise and experience of the hair transplant surgeon
  • Travel costs if you are traveling from other cities or internationally

The FUT surgery price in India is less than the traditional hair transplant surgeries. FUT is a modest cost option offered by best hair transplant clinics in India.

FUT procedure at The Esthetic  Clinics

FUT at The Esthetic Clinics, India is performed by trained hair transplant experts in India aided with innovative and advanced equipment . The Esthetic Clinics, India has a team of dedicated specialist to each procedure unlike other clinics where all procedures are done by one consultant. At The Esthetic Clinics, we have one trained and experienced consultant leading a skilled team of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons for every speciality.  Our team believes in treating each patient with problem specific and customized treatment. For example you might think that an intrusive surgery can only solve your hair and skin problem but in reality the modern treatments used by our consultants can help get rid of the problem in a non-surgical and easy manner.  If you too have been suffering from the crippling problem of uncontrollable hair fall the expert hair specialist at The Esthetic Clinics, India can help you solve this problem in a simple and effective manner.  You too can now enjoy a healthy mane of hair with our holistic hair restoration treatments done by expert hair transplant surgeons.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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