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Cavernous Hemangioma Surgery

Best Cavernous Hemangioma Surgery in India

Cavernous is the name of the hollow sinus situated beside the eyeballs in the orbit. Eyes and orbital contents are a complex set of body parts with varying degrees of function. Cavernous hemangioma is a term used to define the formation of non-cancerous lesions or masses in the capillaries connecting the arteries and veins. These small blood vessels are responsible to carry blood to the brain.


Most of these lesions are not going to cause any harm. Therefore, in most cases, surgical intervention is not often required. Cavernous hemangioma in the orbital area is generally a common kind of occurrence of all benign formations in patients. Several conditions affect the severity of the lesion in orbital contents. In most cases, these are harmless. However, when they become significant in size, these lesions can cause a variety of symptoms and problems to the orbit area.


The most common effect of the problem is the fact that increased muscle mass in the orbital cavity might cause the eyeball to protrude towards the outside. This condition can cause aesthetic as well as functional distort for a patient. Mostly these vascular malformations are found in the middle ages of the patients. Also, majorly women are known to get more affected by cavernous hemangioma in India.



Cavernous hemangioma symptoms might include various kinds of symptoms based on age and other factors. An increase in the muscle mass inside the orbit might cause a volume increase of the contents of the orbit area. Here are the symptoms including cavernous hemangioma signs:


  • Presence of a benign tumor that is growing very slowly inside the orbit causing the eye to bulge.


  • Painless growth of muscle mass kind of structure inside the orbital cavity of the patient.


  • Double vision as a result of the mismatching orbital axis of both eyes.


  • Visual weakness, body pain, pain in legs and arms, or difficulty in having an accurate visual function of the orbit.


  • Significant difficulty or issues with brain functions or memory-related works.


  • Headache and consistent pain in the surrounding functions.


  • Seizures or overall weakness in the body including the legs and arms specifically.



Vascular malformation like cavernous hemangiomas requires specific imaging for its diagnosis. Cavernous lesions are not properly visible on the imaging process called an angiogram. These lesions grow at a very slow rate, and an angiogram requires blood flow to be optimum to diagnose a cavernous malformation or hemangioma. Our expert cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai would make sure to connect with the patient to get the diagnosis done in time.


Our top plastic surgeons would ensure a thorough review of the detailed history of the patient is done when diagnosing a patient for cavernous hemangioma. Defects in the eye or vision can be a significant aftereffect of the lesion in the orbital contents. Therefore, vision evaluation including near-far sight, color identification, etc is done for the assessment. These tests might be a primary indicator of compression inside the orbital contents. After the physical examination of the orbital defects, a doctor at The Esthetic Clinics would ensure the clinical testing confirms their findings.


MRIs and CT scans along with ultrasonography are the tools used for diagnosis of the cavernous hemangioma in patients. Orbit echo is an ultrasound imaging procedure that studies the blood vessels of the orbital area. Magnetic imaging or MRI is considered the most accurate approach to make cavernous hemangioma diagnosis in India because of the echo sequence of the test. Tonometry or the orbital fluid pressure measuring device can diagnose the eye pressure of a patient.


When To Seek Intervention?

Patients are advised to visit a clinic nearby or consult with The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai if they experience sudden and prominent seizures and headaches. Sudden onset of any symptoms often means there is a medical emergency related to the tumor formation of the orbital cavity. In some cases, there can be further complications along with the orbit lesion such as cerebral cavernous lesions or malformations. In such cases, it is crucial to consult a neurosurgeon as well.



Till the time these lesions are not impacting the health and wellbeing of the orbital contents, having an eye lesion can impact the overall functioning of the orbit. Our expert cosmetic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics are well experienced in suggesting the best solution for the problem. The lesion may be causing significant symptoms and altercation when growing behind the eyeball. The slow growth might make the symptoms appear ignorable. However, timely diagnosis and treatment can help patients reduce chances of decreasing eyesight. Following is the process of the possible cavernous hemangioma treatments based on the various factors and lesion types:


  • Asymptomatic Tumor

Asymptomatic occurrence of a lesion in the orbital content should be checked for clinical approach. MRI should be checked annually, especially for the first two years for an MRI test-scan. Followed by getting one every 5 years to identify the condition of the lesion. A timely diagnosis can help the patient to start the anticonvulsant medication to guard against the possible case of haemorrhage or blood clotting. Our top cosmetic surgeon would ensure the testing is done thoroughly at our clinics in Mumbai.


  • Symptomatic Tumor

Tumors or lesions with symptoms can cause serious problems along with being a  health hazard to the orbital contents and vision of a patient. Our top plastic surgeon would ask the patient to discuss the possible risks and complications of the cavernous hemangiomas. Doctors at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai might suggest a surgical route to fix the condition in the following cases:


  • When the associated side-effects like seizures, extreme headaches, etc. are not subsiding following the oral intake of cavernous hemangioma medications. If the medication are not effective, surgical intervention becomes critically important.


  • When our expert cosmetic surgeon rules out after the diagnosis that the lesion and related factors suggest it is safe to remove the lesion. Following the diagnosis, if the lesion site is easily accessible and the surgical route seems more achievable.


  • The cause of seizures is found out to be the lesion in the orbital cavity only. Furthermore, in the event of poor control of the headaches and fear of haemorrhage, the surgeon might see surgical intervention to be the best possible cavernous hemangioma treatment plan for a patient. Surgery in such complex parts has another risk of additional impact on the brain or related organs attached to them in the event of surgical intervention. However, clotting or haemorrhage might seem even worse condition to be in.


  • Deciding the surgical or non-surgical route for treating orbital lesions, depends on several related aspects. The risk of the surgical advancement depends on the fact, whether the cavernous hemangioma lesion is causing serious effects on the eye resulting in pain, vision loss, etc.



  • The procedure for surgical intervention for cavernous hemangioma depends on various factors, including size and the location of the tumor. Our expert cosmetic surgeon at The Esthetic Clinics in India would perform a surgical procedure on the patient by discussing with them the possible complication and expectations of the cavernous hemangioma surgery or craniotomy.


  • After putting the patient under a local anaesthetic, the surgeon would use a cryoprobe or use the circumcision technique to remove the orbital tumor. This technique involves minimal complications and risk as the surrounding blood vessels are safe from the risk of rupturing.


  • Gamma knife and related new advancements in the surgical approach and procedure would require related expertise in the field. Our experts suggest Gamma knife surgery has seen successful results in surgical intervention.


  • Cavernous hemangioma prognosis after complete removal of the lesion from the orbital cavity offers extraordinary results. However, incomplete lesion excision may give way to recurring growths inside the orbit, which may further bring eye loss as the side-effects of the surgical treatment.



What To Expect From The Doctor?

The patient should know what are their options before deciding to go through the surgical procedure. Cavernous hemangioma often does not require intervention, therefore due diligence and open consultation with the doctors is a must before cavernous hemangioma surgery in India. There may be cases where the impact of the orbital lesion spread towards the face and surrounding orbital content.


Neurosurgical consultation at clinics in Mumbai can help patients discuss the possible impact of the lesion in such conditions. Cavernous hemangioma is often a painless tumor that may occur inside the orbital cavity of a patient. These lesions vary based on their size and other deciding factors like, what is the size, their location, their impact on the functioning of the eye, etc. Our expert cosmetic surgeons are well trained and have expertise in the field of cavernous hemangioma in India.


Dr. Debraj Shome and his team have a keen interest in the field of orbital surgeries and procedures. Therefore, their extensive research and list of cavernous hemangioma patients are significantly longer. Dr. Debraj Shome has an excellent track record of performing successful orbital surgical works at The Esthetic Clinics in India.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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