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Epicanthoplasty Surgery

Best Epicanthoplasty Surgery in India

Epicanthoplasty is, more or less, a surgical procedure intended to create cosmetic significance to the person it is performed on – the part of the body involved in this procedure is the eye. The procedure ensures that epicanthic fold, also known as Mongolian fold, is gotten rid of. By the way, epicanthic fold covers the inner corner of the eye and is usually present at birth as it is majorly genetic. The epicanthic folds are common among Asians and are one of the factors responsible for the cross-eyed appearance among the group. The formation of the outfold eyelid crease may be prevented as a result of the emergence of epicanthal fold.

In carrying out epicanthoplasty, the objective of the surgeon is to reposition or reset the tissues of the inner eye and lower eyelid in order to make the medial canthus (that is, the inner corner of the eye where the margins of the lower and upper eyelids converge) and arch around the eyelid more profound. In essence, the space between the medial and lateral canthi becomes broader thus impressing a distinctive and aesthetic outlook. The distance between the eyes is ultimately reduced, even as more of the eye’s white portion is exposed, after an epicanthoplasty surgery. Epicanthoplasty may, however, be performed with double eyelid surgery to achieve improved aesthetic outcomes.  

Types of Epicanthoplasty

The two types of epicanthoplasty that may be performed in a single procedure are medial epicanthoplasty and lateral epicanthoplasty. The goal of the former is to reveal the inner corner of the eye (that is, the medial canthus), and this gives the eyes a larger appearance. Lateral epicanthoplasty is, however, directed at the outer corner of the eye (that is, the lateral canthus), and it is intended to minimize or eliminate the weary appearance that has been impacted by the epicanthal folds.

Do I Need Epicanthoplasty?

The need for epicanthoplasty may not readily register in your mind since it is not a procedure meant to correct a medical condition – as it is an elective surgery. However, if you are an individual that is concerned about your cosmetic appeal, an epicanthoplasty procedure will be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Presence of pronounced epicanthic folds that alter the shape and appearance of your eyes
  • Desire to possess larger eyes without giving away distinctive ethnic/racial features
  • Need for double eyelid surgery for enhanced cosmetics

Preparation for Epicanthoplasty in India

The activities surrounding the preparation of an individual for this procedure are crucial to its success, and it is, as expected, incumbent on both the patient and the surgeon. Hence, it is essential that the surgeon examines you to have a detailed insight into your health status. He/she may have to go through your past medical reports and asking specific questions that pertain to your health.

The surgeon will then move to assess how severe the ep fold is as he/she attempts to properly draw out plans for the surgery. The next port of call will be calculating the width of your inner eyelid to determine how much of it will be excised during operation.

On your part; as you prepare to enter the operating for epicanthoplasty, you are expected to desist from smoking and alcohol intake three weeks before the day of the surgery. There are other salient preparatory tips that you will be given by the surgeon.

As part of the standard routine in this sort of surgical procedure, the surgeon will sensitize you about the benefits and the steps involved in epicanthoplasty. You will also be briefed about the potential risks that may be associated with this procedure. The idea behind this is not to put any fear in you but to help you further see the need to adhere to the instructions that you will be given as you prepare for the operation. More so, with the best oculoplastic surgeons, working with the right resources under a sterile condition in a top medical facility, the probability of developing complications is significantly minimal.

Possible Complications Associated with Epicanthoplasty

Epicanthoplasty is a straightforward and simple procedure that has returned many positive outcomes. Nonetheless, there are certain side effects that may evolve after the procedure; some of these include:

  • This may be obvious for a couple of months after the procedure has been completed. However, the use of specific types of incision may prevent this (scarring) issue
  • Infections, after epicanthoplasty, are not so common by the way – but it is vital to take heed to curtail incidences that might trigger them
  • Allergic reactions. These may be due to the patient’s body system’s response to the anaesthesia or suture used

Epicanthoplasty: The Procedure

Epicanthoplasty can be performed in the surgeon’s office and can be completed under one hour. Before proceeding with the procedure, the surgeon will mark the area around the patient’s eyelid to give him/her the path to track while carrying out the operation. Local anaesthesia is administered to the patient by an anaesthesiologist, and the oculoplastic surgeon then makes an incision around the medial canthus after the anaesthesia has taken effect – this is for medial epicanthoplasty. It should be noted that the incision will be made on the lateral canthus for lateral epicanthoplasty. Thereafter, the surgeon will excise the excess skin and fat through the small flaps created from the incision while the underlying tissues are reorganized to make the corner of the eye more open. This eventually reshapes the eyes as the epicanthal folds are obliterated. The surgeon will then apply stitches to close up the incision. You should understand that while the procedure may take less than an hour to complete, you may spend between 2 – 3 hours to exit the clinic. This is because you will need to sit in and rest your eyes before setting out again.

Post-Procedural Steps/Considerations

After having an epicanthoplasty, you may have mild to moderate swelling and/or pain around the surgical site. This is a normal occurrence, and it should subside after a couple of days. That aside, you will be expected to visit the clinic in about 7 days [after the operation] to have the stitches removed – or probably when the surgery deems fit based on the rate of your recovery.

Your recovery will be determined by how well you take to certain instructions – aside from the medications that will be prescribed for you by the surgeon. Your prescriptions will include ointment, eye drops, and oral antibiotics. The ointment is to be applied to the wound after you must have cleaned the surface with saline solution – the surgeon will guide you on how to care for the wound after surgery. The following tips will aid your recovery in no mean measure:

  • You should apply cold packs to the surgical area to minimize swelling. Using an extra pillow while sleeping at night can also be helpful in this respect
  • You should avoid rubbing your eyes or straining them – be mindful of the frail state of the eyes at this point
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption should remain barred for at least three weeks after your epicanthoplasty surgery
  • Hot and/or spicy foods should also be avoided as they slow down the healing process
  • You should avoid direct exposure of your face to the sun for the next 2 – 3 weeks after the operation. Even at that, you should use a pair of sunglasses when going out of your home or a sheltered area after the aforesaid period. Contact lenses should not be used until two weeks after the operation
  • You should also avoid wearing makeup for the next two weeks. This is to minimize or prevent infection
  • Do not allow water or the cleansing substance [you use] to come close to the wound whenever you are washing your face. Plus, a deep water bath or swimming in a pool should be shelved for some weeks.
  • Drink water moderately at bedtime – you should not drink fluids in excess at such times. This is to prevent the issue that can evolve from moisture accumulating in the eyes which are more delicate post-operation
  • You should not engage in any laborious/strenuous exercises, particularly the ones that would make you bend your neck

Quality Epicanthoplasty in India

Finding a top epicanthoplasty clinic nearby should not stress you any further. The Esthetic Clinics have brought together vastly experienced oculoplastic and cosmetic surgeons who will ensure high-quality epicanthoplasty – without any notable complications. We also have, in-house, Dr. Debraj Shome, a widely travelled and highly revered oculoplastic surgeon with multiple excellence rewards to his name. Our facility and surgeons are ready to give you a medical/surgical service that will leave you satisfied as per your eye enlargement needs.

Cost of Epicanthoplasty in India

You will agree with us that the epicanthoplasty procedure to address your very situation is unique. It is on this basis that it becomes nearly illogical to present you the price of epicanthoplasty without evaluating your case. Moreover, since there exists a possibility of running the procedure along with other surgeries, giving a cost will only create the wrong impression. So, while you look ahead to having a satisfactorily done epicanthoplasty, you can contact us to run you through the (epicanthoplasty) cost breakdown – specially designed for you.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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