Oculoplastic surgery in Visakhapatnam

Oculoplastic surgery in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is a well-known city and a port meaning enhanced connectivity with their waterways. People living in and around Visakhapatnam now have access to the best oculoplastic surgery hospital in Visakhapatnam with the launch of The Esthetic Clinics. Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the best oculoplastic surgery doctors in Visakhapatnam with his years of training and expertise in the field. The cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of eyes are one of his specialties. Choose the best doctor of oculoplastic surgery in Visakhapatnam at The Esthetic Clinics.


What Is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery in Visakhapatnam is a branch of plastic surgery that involves surgical procedures related to the eyes of a patient. The eye is such a sensitive organ that can have a varying degree of defect and damage for an individual based on their distinct age and other factors. Therefore, a person must make sure to get a prompt diagnosis at The Esthetic Clinics to get a thorough investigation on the damage of the eyes. Eyes are called the mirrors of the soul and it is true to some extent as eyes account for the attractive appearance of a person.


Oculoplastic surgery in Visakhapatnam includes various procedures that are effective in treating several defects, deformities, and injuries of the eyes. These problems can be caused by various factors such as trauma, injury, disease, aging, infection, underlying disease, tumor removal or excision, etcetera.


Oculoplastic Surgery Procedures

The best oculoplastic surgeon in Visakhapatnam would ensure the patient is well aware of the surgical procedure and its possible side effects if any. In addition, a patient should ask questions and solve their queries regarding surgery beforehand as the results are permanent. Following are the various treatments that can help a person regain structural and functional eyes using these surgical procedures:


  • Ptosis

Ptosis of the eyes is a condition in which sagging skin can cover the cornea of the eyes, obstructing the visual field of the eyes. The condition is a critical one as the side effects can become severe with time if not treated early. Dr. Debraj Shome of The Esthetic Clinics is a famous doctor for eye surgical procedures. Ptosis surgery is one of the popular reconstructive procedures involving tightening of the eyelid muscles for restoring the functionality of the eyes.


  • Ectropion Surgery

Ectropion is a condition in which either eyelid of the eye rolls over towards the outside causing the eyes to not be shut properly. The loose skin of the eyelid rolling outwards can cause serious infection and sometimes vision loss in a particular patient. Aesthetic appearance is also ruined with the rollover of the eyelids. Oculoplastic surgeons in Visakhapatnam would perform the treatment at the clinics to treat the condition in a very short time.


  • Entropion Surgery

Similar to Ectropion, Entropion surgery involves rollover of the eyelids towards inwards of the eyelid. The condition can become severe with time, giving way to debris and fluid to stay entrapped inside the eyelid pocket. Dr. Debraj Shome has handled hundreds of such surgeries and is known for being the best oculoplastic surgeon in Visakhapatnam.


  • Tear Duct Surgery

Tear ducts surgery of the eyes at The Esthetic Clinics are responsible for continuous moisturizing of the eyeballs of a patient. Whenever the eyes are blinking, the fluid from the ducts present on the edge of the eyelid secretes the fluid to spread around the eye. In some cases, the ducts start pumping excess tear fluid, causing the eyes to become consistently watery. The watery eyes can become a nuance in the everyday routine life of the patient. In some cases, the problem can cause the patient to witness obstruction in their vision because of the excess liquid inside the eyes.


Tear duct surgery in oculoplastic surgery in Visakhapatnam involves fixing the problem by creating the passage between the tear ducts to the nasal cavity to get rid of the excess fluid production. In some other cases, there might be an obstruction in the tear ducts that might be inhibiting the production of enough fluid to moisturize the eyeballs of the patient. In that case, the oculoplastic surgery doctor in Visakhapatnam would perform the required surgical procedure to fix the lacrimal sac and tear ducts of the eyes of the patient.


  • Blepharoplasty & Blepharospasm

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure used to tighten the muscle of the eyelids by the best oculoplastic surgeon in Visakhapatnam. People living in surrounding cities such as Guntur, Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, etcetera can easily access the best oculoplastic surgery in Visakhapatnam at The Esthetic Clinics. Blepharoplasty surgery is used to remove the fat deposits over the sagging eyelids of the patient. The procedure allows the eyelids to get back in shape looking a lot younger and creating a clear path of vision for the patient.


Blepharospasm is a condition where the neurological control of the eyes is shaken due to some factors. This eyelid surgery, on the other hand, is done to control the naturally uncontrollable blinking of the eyes of the patient. The best oculoplastic surgery hospital in Visakhapatnam has surgical and non-surgical treatment available for such problems.


Oculoplastic Surgery Cost

Oculoplastic surgery involves one of the most sensitive organs of the body, the eyes. Patients with defects and deformities can have various problems related to vision loss if not treated in time. Therefore, making oculoplastic surgeries crucial for a person. Oculoplastic surgery cost in Visakhapatnam is generally dependent on the severity of the damage that requires restoration. However, people with an elective choice of surgery would also need to get an assessment done at The Esthetic Clinics by the best oculoplastic surgeon to get approximate oculoplastic surgery cost in Visakhapatnam.


What To Expect From Your Doctor?

Oculoplastic surgery includes elective and reconstructive procedures aiming at restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the eye of the patient. The best doctor for oculoplastic surgery in Visakhapatnam would perform these procedures to restore the condition to as close to natural eyes as possible. Dr. Debraj Shome is an expert in cosmetic surgery as well as reconstructive surgical procedures involving the eyes. Visit the best oculoplastic surgeon in Visakhapatnam at The Esthetic Clinics to get the best treatment for your eyes.



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