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Children Dentistry - Pediatric Treatment

Pediatric Treatment - Children Dentistry in Mumbai

 “There is nothing more pure then the innocent smile of a child.”

Children’s smiles are the cutest. Aren’t they? We all feel a matter of pride when we can make a child smile. There is something very soothing about seeing the carefree smile of a child as they grow up. We want to give them the best always including physical and mental health and this includes the teeth too. We at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai value your concern and are with you on your child’s journey of healthy bones and teeth.

Children’s teeth require different care and attention than an adult’s teeth and a special branch of dentistry i.e. pediatric dentistry focuses on finding the right teeth related solutions for children. This is also commonly known as children dentistry.  A child starts teething from the age of six months and onwards and develops their ‘milk teeth’.  The milk teeth eventually fall off and give way to full set of permanent teeth.

Many a times parents tend to ignore the oral health of the milk teeth thinking that they are not important but the proper care given at early stages of oral development will show its benefits for the entire lifetime. Recent years have seen a manifold increase in kid’s dentistry practices in Mumbai. Children are not adults and their oral needs are different and have their own specific demands. The teeth also have stages of development, oral disease and behavioral needs and top pediatric dentists or pedodontist in Mumbai are the one that can help you develop an oral care routine for your child.

The branch children dentistry covers promotion and maintenance of a child’s oral health. It does more than just correct how the teeth grow. It takes care of the child’s dental healthy from childhood to adolescence.


Who is a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist specializes in children’s teeth specifically and it includes oral health prevention and preparation. They are also called as pedodontist. They have additional education and experience for children’s oral health. They have special skill to treat oral diseases of infants, children and teenagers up to age of 18.  Best pediatric dentist in Mumbai provide preventive restorative care and carries oral surgery if needed. Pediatric dentist in Mumbai proved care for children that general dental practitioners are unable to treat.


What conditions do pediatric dentist take care of?

Pediatric dentist or pedodontist in Mumbai are concerned with the oral health of children, from infancy to teen years. They deal with the following oral issues:

  • Infant oral care: Small children that is infants have different types of teeth decay like; infant bottle caries, rampant caries etc., it needs proper treatment to avoid further spread. Preventive care is necessary at this phase.
  • Teething problem: Time of eruption of the teeth is important for developmental milestone. If there is any delay of teeth eruption of baby, you should consult the top pedodontist in Mumbai. It helps in development of jaws and prevents other oral tissues.
  • Misaligned teeth or malocclusion: When the upper and lower jaws do not meet correctly when the mouth is closed fully, the condition is called as malocclusion. Unattended and untreated this will lead to the injury of the gums, tongue and mouth. It may cause speech problem or chewing problem.
  • Dental decay and caries: It is important to do proper care of the milk teeth, because they will be replaced by permanent teeth. Milk teeth will give the space to the permanent tooth to erupt and guide them with the rout. Milk teeth are more susceptible to decay and dental plaque, because of sticky, sugary food eaten by children and they don’t often properly clean their teeth.
  • Loss of tooth at early stage: Because of tooth decay, injury or lack of space in jaw it may cause premature loss of the teeth. It will lead to shifting of the adjacent tooth eventually, and the permanent tooth does not get the space to erupt. This is often followed by other orthodontic problems and even a loss of self-esteem in the child.
  • Preventive tooth care: It includes cleaning and fluoride treatment so that teeth troubles can be avoided at the later statement. This also includes nutritional and diet guides and education for stronger bones and teeth.
  • Fluoride treatment: It helps to make the teeth more resistance to the decay and acid attack.
  • Dental sealant: Application of dental sealants will protect teeth from cavity.


Most children respond well to the imbibing basic dental care and routine primary care. Top pediatric dentist in Mumbai are experienced enough to deal the even the most anxious of children who are unable to accept treatment. A pedodontist is expert in dealing with children who suffer from behavioral disorders ADHD and such conditions. Best pediatric dentists at The Esthetic Clinics have training and specialization in behavioral management techniques. They can treat and provide dental care to children with cerebral palsy, cleft lip and palate, bleeding disorders etc. and other dental developmental problems that may require complex restorative or orthodontic treatment.


Why is it important to care for milk teeth?

As we all know, milk teeth are temporary, but they play a vital role in eruption of permanent dentition, oral health and children’s development. Milk teeth hold the space for their counterpart. They play an important role in development of milestone, jawbone and other oral structure. It promotes to speak, chew and smile.

Why should I take my toddler to the dentist when the baby teeth will fall out anyway?

Though baby teeth will fall out, it fulfills several important roles in child development like development of jawbone and holding space for the permanent tooth. They will help the baby to learn to speak, eat properly and smile. Top Pedodontist in Mumbai can show and teach your child the correct brushing and cleaning methods for children, apart from regular checkup. They will handle the oral health problems like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting habits etc.

 When should we take our child to the dentist for the first time?

The right time to visit the dentist, very first time is age around one year or within six month after first tooth erupts.

How to care for your child’s teeth?

There are some recommendation from the best pediatric dentist in Mumbai, for taking care of children teeth and gums:

  • For infants, wipe the gums gently with soft, clean and wet cloth, every time after feeding.
  • Brushing the teeth twice a day (morning and night) to prevent from plaque and bacteria.
  • Use the fluoridated toothpaste to prevent from cavity.
  • Ask them to rinse their mouth after every meal.
  • Watch the kid’s nutrition and diet.
  • Regular dental check-ups.

Who are more prone to cavities?

Cavity and children are to Cs that often goes hand in hand. Cavity and tooth decay is the destruction of the enamel, and it spread to healthy tooth. Following are the risk factors for the cavity:

  • It is hereditary in some of the cases.
  • If the children have compromised oral hygiene.
  • The child who eats or drinks sugary food, is more prone to caries.
  • If they wear braces or orthodontic appliances.
  • Water supply that has no fluoride in it.

Diagnosing Cavities in children

Dental caries or cavity is the most common oral problem in the children. It is easy to identify during regular check-up. Early detection will save the tooth. Cavities are often diagnosed by:

  • Examination of teeth clinically.
  • The dental x-ray.
  • Probing the teeth with dental prob.


Symptoms of cavities in children

Most common type of caries found in children are, nursing battle caries, rampant caries etc. the symptom you may find during the dental examinations are:

  • White patch or chalk like spot formation on the affected teeth, that means enamel has started to breakdown.
  • After that white spot, early cavity appears in the form of light brown color.
  • As the cavity spreads into the tooth, color changes into dark brown.

Most of the time cavity can go unnoticed for a long time; it is  detected by during the visit to dentist or due to sensitivity to hot and cold, pain and discomfort.

How is tooth decay treated in a child?

If you noticed the discoloration on the tooth surface of your child, take them to the top pedodontist in Mumbai as soon as possible. He will do thorough examination of oral cavity and then decide the line of treatment depending upon severity of the case and age of the child.

Preventive care is the best dental treatment for children, but if decay involves the enamel, dentine and pulp chamber then the restorative treatment will be there for the rescue. Basically dental fillings are of two kinds:

  • Direct restoration: This can either be amalgam (silver) filling, glass isomer or GiC filling, acrylic or resin etc. They are put directly into the prepared hole.
  • Indirect restoration: These require two or more sittings. They include inlays, veneers, crowns and bridges; they are constructed with gold, silver, composite, and base metal alloys.
  • Pulpotomy: When the decay progress toward the pulp chamber, pulpotomy will be needed. It is slightly different from the root canal treatment, but performed in the similar way. It is done only on children’s tooth. It involves removal of the small portion of the pulp and then put some medicated packing material to it.
  • Tooth extraction: In case of severe tooth decay, some dentist recommend for extraction, if there is no option left.


How much does Pediatric Treatment Cost in Mumbai?

Since pediatric treatment in Mumbai is a combination of different treatments specifically performed for treating children’s dental issues, cost of children dentistry treatment in Mumbai  will vary according to the dental problem and procedure (s) prescribed. You will be happy to know, that The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai is a pocket friendly dental center, and we offer plans that will save your pocket from the burn!


Why choose The Esthetic Clinics for Pediatric Treatment in Mumbai?

Whether it is a broken tooth, toothache or any other dental emergency, we at, The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai provide specialized dental treatments for your young one’s teeth. We love children and it shows in the state of the art equipment that we use along with warm and child friend environment that we provide. When children walk in our facility they can’t help but feel safe and relaxed because they trust our approach and the easy way that we teach and consul them.

The Esthetic Clinics ensures that your child receives comprehensive preventive dental services along with therapeutic oral health care.  We use the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology available. Our specialty at our Mumbai pediatric dental clinic is to provide personalized service to all our patients.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now for pediatric appointment!

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